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Motorola i415


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Pretty nice phone


Jun 8, 2008 by killmeimbill

This was my first walkie-talke/direct-connect phone. I found the battery life good. I never had anymore than two "reception bars" but all my calls were very clear and I hardly ever dropped a call. The ringers were VERY loud and the phone itself was tough. Once again the phone would have been a lot better had it not been prepaid. It had a pretty good screen. The voice dial feature was very helpful. This is a great phone and it is a shame that it is still not sold in stores.

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My Experiance With The i415


Oct 25, 2007 by Matthew88

I bought this phone at Wal-Mart for around $40, and it included $10 of air time. The reason I bought it is because Nextel is the only carrier my small town has. I used to have a Nextel phone, but we canceled the service on it due to amount increases on the bill. With the prepaid it's a flat rate. I like this phone because it's construction is tougher than my old i265 phone. Also, it actually got better reception than my i265, and I like it because it has a built-in antenna that you don't have to pull out every time you make a call. As Bandu said, they do not seem to have too many local numbers, and they couldn't even give me a phone number in my area code. The area they gave me a number for is 60+ miles away from me, so that also meant that the long distance number did away with a local Direct Connect number either. In addition, I have a Nextel data cable, and I hooked it up to the phone, and it worked well, I was able to add ringtones, applications and wall papers using WebJAL (Now MyJAL MediaPAL). Another good thing about this phone is that it comes with a program called GPS Locate. With it, you can find your approximate location, and see how fast you are going, etc. It will also help you get back to where you saved markers at. In closing, if you are going to get this phone with Boost, make sure they have a local number for you, but other than that, I find this phone a great phone AND tool.

• Good Construction
• Easy To Use
• Good Reception
• GPS Enabled

• No Local Numbers for me

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Awesome phone really


Aug 1, 2007 by tisto12

This phone is really good. At first, I did not want this phone (I wanted the i455). But I ended up loving this phone after about a week. Everything is just as expected.

-Walkie talkie is great
-Never got a dropped call
-Good reeption
-Color creen is crisp
-Fast reaction (receiving calls, surfing web, navigating menu, sending texts)
-Never had any sort of problem what so ever
-All features are fully functional
-Rugged (very)
-Really affordable (not "cheap" because cheap is whack)

-Poor battery life (but thats what's always included in boost/nextel phones)

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The Hummer of Cell Phones


Jul 8, 2007 by lotsophones

The i415 is a heavy, LOUD, phone that just screams out Motorola 1995. It has a tiny display, a web browser that can't even save bookmarks, and must be charged daily.

The text input procedure is different for every program, I still can't find punctuation with confidence, and the manual says very little on the subject. The instructions also say to extend the antenna, but unless someone glued mine down, it is not extendable.

Fortunately, its Java system works well, but some of the best programs, such as Opera Mini, are not officially available and must be loaded through a data cable using a hacked version of an internal use only, Motorola program.

It can be tethered to a laptop and used as a USB modem giving a usable speed of around 22 Kbps, though on both of my computers, I have to reload the drivers almost every time I use it.

The internal GPS works well with programs such as Mologogo and Geocache Navigator, though it often responds very slowly and occasionally produces fixes that are miles off the mark.

I bought it at Wal-Mart for $30 intending to use it for data only but keeping an open mind to adopting Boost as my prepaid carrier, but now that I've had it for a while, I prefer to have 2 phones.

To summarize, if you want to know what would happen if a congressional committee designed a phone, look no further.

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Excellent for Prepaid


Jul 3, 2007 by recyclewireless

I have owned and operated on just about every Motorola for Nextel there is. This phone is has a legacy of less than desirable previous models leading up to its predecessor the i275. Finally, Motorola got it right in the i415.

The i265 was my all time favorite motorola phone, until now. The i415 is pretty much just an i265 with a new housing.

It MAY be slightly faster in the software department. Or maybe I think that because i have more recently been using the dirt slow Virgin oyster/slice/marble series.

I bought this for its new looped GPS feature that I plan to use for my business. Everything works fine except for that feature for which I bought it. But that seems to be an issue with LOOPED and not BOOST.

This is important: I can hold this phone and use it without fumbling it every time I pick it up! Try that with a Razr! Few phones are made to be ergonomic anymore.
This is a perfect marriage of functionality and form.

Screen is far smoother than the i710 lineage.

Cool look and feel.
Typical Nextel reception. (Questionable but not handset related)
A bit tougher than previous i265 making it ideal for business use.

Cons: Well, I cant think of any so I will stretch it. It would have been nice if this version of the i265 had the Moto-talk (Direct Talk) feature built in. But I must state that I'm not even sure BOOST enables that feature anyhow. It may be restricted.

PS. If your battery does not keep a GREAT charge. its not the phone. Its you who failed to read the directions and are now blaming your phone for your ignorance.

Turn off your extended apps.

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Why do all motorola phones have problem?


Sep 20, 2005 by SiDeKiCk 2

This phone is the worst phone probably created by the motorola company. All motorola phones have problems, but this particular phone has the most problems. I got to test this phone out at the place i work at which is Boost mobile/ Nextal. This phone is strong made phone so that it does not get damaged easily, the phone picks up reception good to, but the phone keys are to hard to press and all the keys don't light up the ringer is all that loud but better than a lot of motorola phone ringers.The phone doesn't contain a lot of features and the feature are useless as well. This motorola phone is bulit only to talk and nothing more then that.

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Nov 27, 2005 by schuldiner

*pros i didnt find any because i hardly got to use it

the phone died 48 hours after i bought it
carrier boostmobile with nextel
south east coast ( south carolina)
and horrible customer serice been on the phone for about an hour mostly on hold giving me the run-around

it might be some kind of glitch because all its doing is power cycles

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