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Both Sides Now


Oct 18, 2006 by GravityFails

It's not easy to objectively review a phone, or anything else, for that matter. It seems that most people are incapable of setting aside personal likes and dislikes in favor of simply reviewing what's there and how well (or not well) it works. Listing the color of the phone as one of its cons isn't going to earn your opinion much credibility.

Fortunately, the LG C2000 has made things easy for me.

If taking photos is important to you, stay away from this phone. The memory that's been allocated for pictures will allow you to store perhaps 15 of them, and the photo quality is average at best.

Those of you who actually use your phone for, you know, making calls, will be glad to hear that the C2000 has a clear, loud earpiece along with solid reception. I get a clear connection even in my isolated neighborhood, which is nine miles from a Cingular tower, over forested terrain. (For you kids, that means lots of trees.)


+ Loud earpiece
+ Fine reception
+ Crisp STN screen, vibrant colors
+ Solid construction, no creaks or rattles
+ Clouds are cool


- Limited customization
- Not enough space for photos

I've heard a lot of complaints about this phone, and certainly some of them must be valid, but I've had no problems with it at all. I tend to only review phones that I like, and the C2000 has surprised me with its fine call quality, good reception, and dashing demeanor. Get hold of one, if you can.

This thing has outlasted anything I've ever seen


Sep 13, 2006 by afblue

I've dropped it countless times and I broke the flip screen but it still works! I've put 2245 HOURS on the phone in the last year! LCD screen has black goop on the edges now, so it's hard to see the sides of the screen, paint has worn off the buttons but it's still functional.

It's given me a hell of a lot of talk time. It's been surprisingly durable, surviving drops, splashes, extreme Arizona heat and daily exposure to a 2 year old. I get a MINIMUM of 5 hours talk time, but typically I get 7 hours of talk time on one charge-I swear by it. It holds 130 text messages, has a good external display and the speaker phone has been quite good. Signal strength is as expected. Backlight timer is changeable, has a great call log and call timer.

It doesn't hold many pictures, about 10 or 12. The MMS is slow and unreliable. Internet use is terribly slow and ends up costing you an arm and a leg because of that. Accessories (car chargers, headsets, external antenna, data cables/software) are hard to find...ones that actually work anyways. There aren't customizable shortcuts or buttons. I've had mine freeze up, shut off and re-boot on me without cause especially while using text messaging or Yahoo Messenger. Cingular says it's a phone issue and they've sent me out replacements-four times. Thing about that is each of the four replacements had something wrong with them. First one did the same thing. Second one had a broken LCD, third one sucked the battery down; I only got 2 hours from it and it was on standby the whole time. And number four could not hold onto a signal for anything. So I stuck with my original one and it's still kicking. Somehow.

Overall I've been happy with it-like I said it's been beat to hell and still works, so that has to count for something. I'm going to switch now though. Probably to a Sony W300i, Motorola V3i or Motorola V635. I now need a Quad Band phone. If there's better Quad Bands out there with good speaker phones, let me know!

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Great Little Phone!


Nov 9, 2005 by midstika

I've had my phone for about a month and a half and I love it! It's not perfect but it's close. Nice unexpensive phone for someone who just wants the basics!


Great Reception!

Has Camera; pictures turn out nice-I've sent a couple to my email

Nice outside caller ID; in color!

Nice and loud when it rings

User friendly menu

Nice light wieght design; fits anywhere

Speakerphone comes in handy while driving

When the phone is closed and you accidently hit the volume buttons, it doesn't mute the phone like the new samsung x497 does; it only shows the date

Has plenty of nice accessories for it

Downloaded ringtones sound pretty good

I love the voice-activated dialing!


The alarm clock can only hold one alarm at a time; no big deal though

The ringtones it comes with are not worth listening to-sounds like they belong in a music box...but I like to download my own anyway

I don't really have any complaints, I love the phone-it's simple and it's exactly what I wanted

LG an't for me


Dec 22, 2005 by cvgsucks

I am a consumer who strongly believes in the old saying, "you get what you pay for". I feel if you are looking for a cell phone that will stand the test of time LG is not the way to go. I understand that a lot of people see this phone as a good priced camera/flip phone, but it really is a camera/flip paper-weight.
The volume on this phone is so quiet. I found my self pushing the phone so tight on my ear it hurt and still could not hear. On that same note, it is hard to feel the phone when it vibrates on silent mode.
I will give LG some credit. They did not do to bad on the camera. All though it would be better with a flash. LG also made this phone look pleasant to the eyes, unlike some of there more early models.
Weather you want this phone or not. Heck not just this phone but anything really. Remember this "you get what you pay for". Buy what you want you are going to have what ever you chose for 2 years.

Nice Phone


Oct 1, 2005 by ChieflandFL

I have had this phone for a couple of days and I LOVE IT! although it has some pretty sucky graphics and ringtones it will do.


2nd Screen
Large text and easy to understand menu
BIG inside screen

Non -changable faceplates
2nd Outside screen backround will not change.




Sep 8, 2005 by thedon3582

I've had this phone for about 2 weeks now. I'll start out with the pro's.

-EXCELENT battery life.

-crystal clear SPEAKERPHONE, other people hear you just as clear as well. Great for use while driving.

-takes AWSOME pictures. your able to change the size of the picture. at the highest setting which is 640x480, pictures are very impressive. I've emailed them to myself and printed them out.

-nice loud RINGER, and able to download ringtones.

-able to use the internet, instant messenger, email, etc.

-nice and clear outer display.

-GREAT reception just about ANYWHERE. i've used it in the staircase, and the elevator at my apartment building.

-nice small, and very lightweight design.

The list goes on, it is overall a GREAT phone.

so here's just a few cons.
-no photo id on the outer display. just some clouds, but the clear numbers and symbols are just as important to me.

-can only assign ringtones to groups, not individual contacts. not that big of a deal to me either.

-no infared or bluetooth. not like i really need that anyway.

-no flash. just a tiny mirror to see yourself, does not use the outer display as a video monitor. but still able to take good pictures of myself using the mirror.

-doesn't come with a holster. i'm having trouble finding accesories for this phone, maybe because its so new.

Other than that this phone deserves a good rating. Its well worth the money, and its VERY affordable. [...]

Ed. note: removed commercial message

Moto lover crossing over!!!


Sep 22, 2005 by Kharma217

I have always had Motorolas and was afraid to switch brands. Luckily, I have been pleasantly surprised by this li'l cutie!
I had the moto v551, which I loved and my husband had, too and he hated it. So far we both love this phone. If you are crossing over from Moto, one thing I noticed that is different (not worse or better, just different) and is taking time to get used to is the way it feels when I talk into the phone. It feels like my voice isn't going through the phone, but it is. Just takes a little getting used to. And, by the way, I read that this phone doesn't have a "back" key. For the first 3 days I used it, it was very annoying to have to exit the menu totally and start over. BUT, I "accidentally" found the "back" key! It is the "C" key inbetween the green and red phone keys!!

Also, I migrated over to the "Orange" side and the first few text messages I sent didn't go through. I later found out that with Cingular you HAVE to dial area code for text mess. even to local #s!!

Battery life is about the same, 2-3 days between charges. I don't really have any bad things to say about it. The phone has really made me an LG fan. Hope you have good luck with it, too!

Not a half bad phone!


Mar 29, 2006 by NavyRyn

This phone is really nice. Feels VERY sturdy in my hand, not a bad outside display, shows everything you need to know.

The outside display is kinda hard to read in the light and its hard to hear the other person when on a call. Speaker phone could be louder but its not bad. Ringer is super loud on 3! The camera isn't too good, but its a phone! Ü Nice displays, good for a beginner or someone who just wants a phone with a simple camera!

amazing entry level camera phone


Oct 13, 2005 by eugoogaliz0r

i got this phone to replace my samsung x427m which was amazing for about 5 months until it started fading out. the lg c2000 is an amazing phone for people who want functionality without the high price. it is simple to use and i am just in love with it.

Great phone


Oct 8, 2005 by smuncky

I got this phone 2 weeks ago and im loving it. it is my first phone and im very happy with it.

the menu is easy to use. good handle to the phone meaning its not to small and not to big. love the T9 setting for text messages. reception is great everywhere, even sometimes in the subway.

the camera is ok. nothing to great, but i didnt buy this phone for the accessories so its just a bonus for me. the outside screen has a permanent pic of the sky but that doesnt bother me cuz i dont look at it all day.

the bad thing is that the memory for the camera is low. u can only take 3-4 high quality shots. not a lot of space for the voice recording option either. i got 3 full audio clips of 30 sec each. comes with 1 game, and not a lot of good ringtones. since there is no cable for this phone yet, u have to d/l all the stuff from your provider which is a downside

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