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good phone....low memory.


Oct 1, 2005 by dirtysunshine

ive had this phone for a little over a week and its a good phone, with a few exceptions.


~excellent battery life
~cute and small
~great reception
~takes excellent pictures
~the speakerphone is great, as is the earpiece. very easy to hear.
~the menus are farely easy to use once u get used to them


~LOW MEMORY. i could only download 5 ringtones and i could only take about 10 pictures before it wouldnt let me take anymore.
~the backround on the outside screen cant be changed (but that doesnt really bother me)

other than that the phones pretty good. if you dont mind the low memory problem, then i would highly suggest this phone. but 5 ringtones and 10 pictures isnt nearly enough for me.
im exchanging it for the nokia 6102.
ill leave a review on that once i get it.

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Horrible little POS


Dec 20, 2007 by JoannaF

Pros; They were given to me with a rebate
Cons; Fall Apart

I was pretty much given 3 of these phones free with a rebate that takes 2 years to get to then arrives in the form of a credit card you can't use. Everyone of them fell apart. From the hinges breaking off to the most common problem in all the phones, the power adapter plug in pulling all the way out so you couldn't charge it. Bad Phone!

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Aug 10, 2007 by haterofc2000

i dont like this phone
it has a flimsy screen
you can only save 12 photos
you can have 3 music ringtones
it dont have good tower connections
picture is bad
some of the keys stoped working
if your thinking about getting this phone don't
im getting a Motorola razor now
i Had the phone for 2 years and it sucks
if u drop it it still works but the camara will be messed up
im run over it when i get a razor

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This phone is indestructible (kind of)


Jul 8, 2007 by cammx245

I have had my phone for two years, went swimming with it, dropped it in a dog dish, threw it into a wall because I was mad, and it still lived to tell the tale. This phone is beastly.

This phone is sweet before it gets broken.

Screens break easily
Camera quality sucks
Looks weird
Buttons stopped working
Call volume is horrific

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it`s ohkkk..


Jun 4, 2007 by x3__SAMMi__x3

this phone was quite good to mee...
i`ve dropped it A LOT! and it still worked...
the camera was good...it dosn`t get that great of reciption...espicialy in basements...i dodn`t lyke how the speaker workedd...i was at my friends talking to a few of our friends and we could barely hear them...it didn`t work that goodd..i`ve had this phone for about 3 or 4 months and it has been acting up lately so now i`m convising my parents to get me a RAZR YAY!now the camera isn`t working right and earlier this week it said no service or something...and before that it would let me call someone but when they would pick up i couldn`t hear them

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great phone if you thrive on anger


May 4, 2007 by Lila25

I've managed to keep this phone alive for a year and half even though I thought it might die within the first two months of me owning it. To start with, I ordered it off of Cingular's website. That was stupid. If I had gone to a Cingular store, which we didn't have within a 100 mile radius of where I live (we now have 4), I would've never bought this piece of junk to begin with. For starters, the hinge became loose making me thing this thing was going to split into at any moment. This happened just as the 30 day warranty was up. Convenient. The call quality while driving is horrible. The slightest background noise makes it very difficult to hear anything and the speaker phone is no better when driving. Ok, it's probably not safe, but we all do it. The next set of "features" I discovered was the prolonged time it took for a call to connect, if it ever did. Sometimes I have to dial 5 times or power it off and then on for a call to go through. What a pain. One fine day, the display decided to turn itself upside down. Everything that used to be on the bottom of the outside display made its way to the top and looked like mirror image of itself. None of the buttons were functional. I finally pulled the battery out to shut it off and when I put it back in, chinese-ish writing appeared for everything you can imagine from all of my contacts to the menu. Nice. I don't know chinese or any other language besides english so this was a problem. I was finally able to make the writing go away by repeated powering off and on. Like I said, I've been hanging on to this piece for a year and half. Recently, it has been dropping calls like crazy, won't recognize the battery charger, and the hinge is incredibly loose by now so I'm getting a new phone today and celebrating by backing over this one with a tractor, putting the bucket down, driving forward, scooping it up, and placing it in the dumpster.

Pros-the speaker phone is ok.

Cons-so many I can't list them.

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Great phone, for 30 days


Mar 30, 2007 by ryan_975

-Great sound quality
-Speaker phone worked well
-Great screen, although small

-dropped calls randonly
-poor signal quality everywhere
-people could not call me most of the time
-took up to 30 seconds to place a call after hitting send
-charger connector bent several pins inside the phone's connector, causing it to not charge properly half the time.

I had this phone for 30 days when it started giving me problems. Cingular would not replace it since they could not duplicate the problem after a "reset" was performed. After the first reset was performed I had to have them do another one three days later, and they still wouldn't replace it. It did fine for three more days and acted up again. I said forget about it and informed all my contacts that my phone sucked and to leave a message and I'd call them back.

The phone finally died at the beginning of March (2007) and I am now more than happy to replace it.

I definitely got what I paid for with this phone, which was nothing.

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Life Sucks when you have LG


Mar 3, 2007 by wesleyowns

The First time i had this phone, the speaker broke randomly while i was sorting through ringtones. The phone was never abused, or dropped. I got it replaced for free and then the 2nd one stopped receiving calls!!!! It also would not show text messages or voice-mails unless I restarted it!! Horrible!

Holds like 6 Photos!
Only good things are:
-okay camera

By the way, After that phone broke, I switched models to the LG C225. Did the same thing once, then stopped texting correctly. DO NOT get an LG phone that you pay less than $50 for.

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LG C2000 = grrr.


Feb 17, 2007 by polkadotsandstripes

I've had this phone since May 2006. Lately I've had nothing but trouble out of it and it's more bothersome than anything else.

Nice camera.
AIM/Yahoo! accessible.

It doesn't hold a charge. one call will drop it from three bars to none.

It doesn't hold a lot of pictures.
pictures come out pixelated or blurry.

It resets itself while I'm in the middle of conversations or online.

Lately it hasn't been vibrating and ringing when I set my alarm clock.

I'm pretty desperate to get a new phone because I'm tired of messing with this one. I'm constantly having to charge it and make sure I have at least 2 bars of battery or I'll be without a phone.

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what was I thinking?


Dec 19, 2006 by tsap10

Well I got this phone about 7 months ago and I must say that I wish that I never got it.

*is kind of cute

*i am able to lock up my phone

*has a so/so reception quality

*is really cheap (I got the phone itself for only $30.00 at Wal-Mart)

*holds a great amount of numbers in my phone

*is really bulky

*speaker phone is TERRIBLE

*I am only able to hold about 9 pictures because there is so little memory. I know its not a digital camera, but come on, LG can do better

*i get a LOT of dropped calls, even though I live in main part of Fayetteville

*most people on the other end cannot hear me

*i cannot hear most people on my line

*i don't get half of my text messages

*i HAVE to charge my phone at least every 2 days

*whenever I get a voice mail, I never know, I have to call my voice mail every now and then to see if I had any

*i almost never see my missed calls if I get a call when my phone is charging or off.

Basically I thought it was an awesome phone that was cute and at a cheap, low price, but after about the first 3 months it started to go downhill. You can easily see every scratch from when you drop it and it is really big.

If you just want to talk on it and nothing else you should get this phone, but if you want something more stylish and thin, do NOT even think about getting this phone.

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