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Love IT!


Jun 21, 2006 by desisay

I think this phone is great! I was looking for a basic phone that looks nice and this one fits! It is super easy to use, like the older LG 1300 nothing fancy in the operation department. It does have a speaker option that works great. It looks great! The clock and call detail on the cover of the phone is super! Most of the reviews I read were negative so I wanted to add some positive feedback from a different perspective. If you are looking for a sleek phone that is really easy to use, this is the one!

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It's a phone


Apr 7, 2006 by it-geek

Overall, not a bad little phone. I agree that it's shortcomings have more to do with Cingular GSM than the hardware. Most of the time the call quality is great, but every now and again I find areas that the quality goes down, even if I appear to have decent signal strength.

My main phone for now is a Nextel i205 - which is rock solid and the call quality is always excellent. I carry this LG1500 on my wife's plan mostly so we can call each other for free.

The phone feels relatively solid (I have yet to hold a flip phone that doesn't feel a little flimsy), even with the flip open.

My only real complaint with the phone is the software. The menu structure is a pain, although there are shortcuts if you take the time to figure them out. It just feels like to have to go through 2 or more menus to get to simple options, like storing a number that you have dialed.

The one tip I find useful is that when you are looking at a listof menu options, the number of the option to get there quickly. After a while you will find yourself memorizing number sequences.

The display is bright and clear, and the small keys have a beveled front edge, and a raised separator on the middle row, which make dialing and typing without looking relatively easy. I'm not much of an IM user from my phone, but imagine that after some use you would either love or hate this keypad.

Overall, for being a phone and for the price, it's not a bad package. If you are a heavey TXT/SMS/MMS/IM user, you might look for something a little larger.

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A great little phone, opinion from a experienced seller of phones


Mar 26, 2007 by Robert S.

I am cellular retailer and i sell this phone because it is a very nice phone. It is unfair to compare this to anyting like a razr or rokr. Because they are different tiers of phones.
This phone is a starting level phone and most only be compared to itself and similar. For buyers i would strongly suggest not listening to any of these people complaining about disfunctional phones. These are flukes and no phone is perfect, those people just dont know what to do when they come past one of those mistakes, also they are saying what is good for them not what is good about the phone. Now to the phone

Nice screen
Nice Size small but the buttons arent to small
Ringers are average, could be a little louder to accomadate those who work in busy cities
Nice price, i sell mine for about $50 looks like new
Speaker is helpful but again could be a little louder. I suppose when compared to a NEXTEL phone it is week, but LG's are Nextel phones.
Reception is very nice, Tri-band so it will work in other countries as well

I guess the only con i can really tell you is the color, the color doesnt suit me, but thats just me. I suppose if you have big hands or have a hard time seeing or dealing with little screens this phone is not for you, other then that it is a very nice phone.

I would suggest this phone to most people, especially if your phone breaks in the middle of a contract and you dont feel like givin up your hard earned money, this phone is a hard little worker, and suits most very well.Thank you for reading a honest review from a honest seller!

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Feb 2, 2006 by Chakacool

For me this phone is used only to contact my mom. I went down there while she was buying herself a cell phone and I decided to jump on her family plan, so I can talk to her more.

This phone is essentially for calls only really. Now I make maybe 6 calls a week on this, each lasting about 15 minutes each.

This is a phone to get if you want a cell to make calls. It seems to have excessive features when you want something basic. I mean I paid $10 for it. Half the stuff I'll never use...because I have a verizon phone to do all the fancy stuff with.

This is the phone for you, if you want something that will keep you from being stranded in the middle of the road. It's not for all the fun.

I have no comment on the battery situation because I don't use it all that much, so I charge it like every two days and it's fine!

I have had no problems ever making a call, it's loud and clear. And the only problems I've had with it not getting a signal is because I was in the sticks on the wrong side of the tower (according to Cingular).

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Not too bad


Dec 12, 2005 by NOFREEPHONES

This phone is an obvious choice for an entry level clamshell on cingular.

easy to use
decent features (for an entry level handset)
light weight
Very loud ringer and earpeice volume
Plays MP3 and voice ring tones

kinda ugly.
side volume keys are not raised enough and it is hard to tell that you are hitting them without looking at the phone.
battery life is short (i charge it every day).
its very easy to cover the mike since it is in the very bottom right below the keypad (the little hole in the cushion) it is in the same place on the samsung x497.

My particular handset has had a problem with the outside display being constantly faded out. if i press down right below it it comes back into view. I have seen this on one other 1500.

Overall good, But Samsung X497 is better.

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Stay away from this phone


Feb 6, 2006 by Kayman

I just had my third LG 1500 replaced by my cellular phone company in less than a month. They eventually gave me another brand even though I have had the LG for less than six months.

It is a very handy phone to keep in your pocket or purse but I found it to be unreliable in daily use.

It is just too flimsy and fragile so stay away from this phone if you do not want to get an ulcer!


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Good phone for me


Jan 10, 2006 by mlinville521

I am overall happy with this phone. I've had it for about 2 months. I get good reception, although I'm sure that has a lot to do with Cingular and being in NE Ohio.

Pros: Loud ringer
easy access to volume controls
easy phone "killer" when you forget to turn off ringer (just push side volume buttons)
clear, bright screen
easy access menus
comfortable shape and size
tough outer case has resisted ANY scratching so far
small enough to carry in my pocket w/o being noticeable (good when I'm at work)
vibrate mode doesn't vibrate so hard and loud that everyone around you knows that your phone is ringing even though it's on vibrate (I see this all the time)
easy to set and change ringer mode (push and hold * key)

Cons: very lame ringtones included
very lame wallpapers included
hard to find the side volume buttons while talking
low battery life -- although, I don't really mind having to charge it. I just put it on the charger every night
internet access for shopping ringtones and such is very slow

Overall I'm very happy with this phone. I don't live by it -- I talk between 300 and 550 minutes per month. But it's great for me. I don't need all the special stuff. I have a digital camera and I don't need games on my phone. Perfect basic phone.


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It's OK . . .


Jan 8, 2006 by cjg

Got the phone a few days ago, and I like it fine for a free phone.


Reception is excellent.
Call quality great.
Price (free) is right.
Display bright and easy to see.
Side volume keys--hard to find on low-end phones but IMO ought to be on any phone.
Hot key for setting ring tone/volume.
Compact and easy to carry in purse or pocket.


Battery life, as others have mentioned. It needs charging every couple of days.
Ringers not very loud.
Ringtones included are lame. Thank heavens for downloads.
That annoying LG ding-ding after you set a menu option.

Bottom line--It's a great basic phone with a few annyances. LG, you're improving, but lose the ding-ding and the LAME ringtones!!

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LG 1500


Dec 23, 2005 by needtotalk

My daughter has the LG1500 and for her use it will probably work adequately and she seems to like it. For anyone who uses a cell phone regularly, this is not the phone to have.

Pros - small size, clam-shell shape, lighted display.

Cons- "garbled" sound and poor reception, dropped calls in some areas and very hard to hear with ANY background noise. The battery is very poor. We try to keep it charged whenever we are home as even with little use, the battery seems to run low.

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Small but powerful


Nov 28, 2006 by Eiffel 65

This is one of the best cellphones I've owned in my life. Although it is small in size, it packs a mean punch and the pros outweigh the cons, in my opinion. Great for someone who is trying to get a basic phone with a few bells and whistles.

-VERY lightweight
-Crystal clear display
-VERY easy-to-use menu
-Easy to flip open/closed
-Loud and clear calls (has also to do with dependable signal strength of Cingular in my area)
-Long battery life (I've went 3 days with off and on usage without charging and still held half power!)
-VERY tough and sturdy (only one scratch on the outer casing in the year and a half I've owned it.. and contrary to what jess8705 said before me in her review, she said she stepped on her phone. Of course the phone will break if you step on it!)
-Perfect "fits-in-pocket" shape
-Never have had any technical issues with it.
-EXCELLENT Internet browsing software for a phone so small (I can even access my MySpace page and check for new messages, comments, etc)
-You can save content from the Internet!!! (i.e. pictures, small-sized MP3's, animated GIF's, etc..)
-MP3 ringtones I download play loud and crystal clear, as if you were listening to a small stereo.

-Sometimes the menu navigation gets me lost. Simple tasks sometimes get confusing.
-Although caller groups can have their own custom ringtone and icon (i.e. "Friends", "Family", etc..) you cannot let a specific contact have a custom ringtone/icon. You have to place the contact in a caller group for that to happen.
-The AIM/MSN/Yahoo! clients are basically text messaging software and also require Internet service on your plan (more a problem with Cingular than the phone) because each IM/message sent counts as ONE text message. Although I had the unlimited Internet plan with Cingular, I was only allowed 1,000 texts a month.
-Sometimes, on rare instances, the phone freezes up like a computer.
-The games included are NOT full versions and you have to purchase the full version.

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