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stay away


Nov 29, 2005 by vanissa 1234

The phone is small and has adequate features for the price, and my issues with reception have more to do with Cingular than LG, however, I relay feel like the battery is one of the worst on the market and you should save yourself the stress of all that recharging.


small and expensive
has decent features
sound quality is above normal for the price range


battery is very very lacking. We have two of these in our family plan, and neither one will make it 24 hours on a full charge with few or no calls. with only about 2 hours of actual usage time, this phone is virtually useless if you where in a situation when you really needed to be able to rely on the phone.

Slow internet response, and too many dedicated features for internet and im, considering the quality

Did I mention the really inadequate battery?

I know there are several inexpensive phones out there that are much better than this one.

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Not good, amazing features, but not durable


Nov 14, 2010 by narn3049

I had 3 replacements, all breaking off the top of the phone leaving 2 parts of the phone in my hand.

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Great phone for occasional use


Jan 25, 2010 by jeff1745

I've had my LG C1500 for about three years now, and have had very good luck with it. I live in a small town where cellular coverage is spotty in certain areas, but my C1500 works well just about anywhere I use it.

Pros: 1. As my subject line says, this is a great phone if all you want or need is a basic cellular phone without an overabundance of frills. The Internet access feature is good to have, but I haven't used it on my phone too much except for occasional free text messaging and to enter "yellowbook.com" -- AT&T's online white/yellow pages directory -- into my favorites menu. I also like the calendar, which I just began using tonight (just entered an upcoming appointment). I may never forget my appointments again with this, especially if I have the alarm enabled.

2. Reception quality is excellent, even in my small town. Call quality (tx/rx) is excellent as well, as well as the sound of the ringtones.

3. This phone is very nearly indestructible. I had it with me about five years ago when I had a serious fall in which I hit the ground face first, and the phone hit the ground when I did. I was expecting that the phone would be seriously damaged or even destroyed, but to my surprise and amazement, it wasn't -- not even a scratch! (I had it in a case on my belt, which is probably, even likely, what saved it.) The phone has worked flawlessly ever since, as if it had never been subjected to that jolt.

4. Battery life is excellent. I don't use my phone except for emergencies or if my landline goes down, so it doesn't get much use. The battery often goes weeks in this condition, and still holds a charge, even after five years (still the original battery pack).

I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for an entry-level cell phone with few bells and whistles. I have a digital camera, so don't need it in a cell phone. The Internet access is slow, but it does work if you're patient.

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Basic phone with MAJOR software issues...


Jun 3, 2009 by Cell phone lover_Hayden88

What can I say? This phone has got problems... I'll start with my pros...


>Good call quality
>small and lightweight, always a plus
>Basic interface that is easy to navigate around, a pro for some but a con for others who would like a more complex phone
>pretty much INDESTRUCTABLE! I threw it down a REALLY steep hill 1 time cause I was mad and it opened and hit the ground and didn't break


>The thing that REALLY bugged me about this phone was that sometimes when people called me my phone wouldn't ring and would go strait to voicemail and the only way to fix that is to restart the phone(which I hardly ever do), I could be unreachable for days at a time and have absolutely NO idea!
>keys are HORRIBLE for texting, they are almost completely unresponsive (t9 doesn't help at all if that's what you were thinking)
>ringtones that come with the phone are stupid and you can only download like 3 ringtones cause that's all the memory allows for (definately NOT a media phone)
>no camera
>cheap look and feel
>you cant download text message tones for text message alerts and all of the alerts that come with the phone are horrible
>small and low quality screen

Conclusion: basic phone with some major problems. If you want a cheap phone that can make/receive calls then this might be the phone for you, but don't put all your trust in it, have a backup phone and restart it every once in a while ;) hope this helped

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Lg wins


Jan 6, 2009 by smashme101

I rarely give a phone five, but this one deserves it.

Battery life
Ringtone Volume
Vibrant Color displays
Original Faceplate
Charge time
Crystal Clear Sound

Bad ringtones but I downloaded my own
Cramped keypad

Over this is your best bet, Its simple and flat out amusing

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Great phone cheap price


Jan 25, 2008 by allenater666

I like the features of this phone.
It has great sound .
great bang for the buck!

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This Phone


Mar 5, 2007 by ctl

At first I absolutely hated this phone. I thought it was the most pointless cell phone ever created. It had zero bells and whistles and wasn't attractive at all. However after a few months of fighting with the fact that I was stuck with this phone for the next year, I realized that I got what I payed for.

-Easy to use menu options
-Shortcuts to get to option(numerical keys)
-Internet capability
-Small design

-Slow internet
-Text Message Inbox Capacity(30)
-Bad Games

Overall, you get what you pay for with this phone. If you only payed $20 for it, then your not going to get a top of the line cell device. With some patience, this phone can become fun and even likable

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Stay Away!!!


Dec 8, 2006 by bug1985

This is the worst phone ever!

Strong Vibrate
Bright Backlight
Ability to set timer on backlight
Simple to use

Ringtones aren't very loud
LAME ringtones
Lame wallpaper
You have to have an engineering degree to put new faceplates on
No ability to set primary number on contacts
Inability to change outer screen
No camera
Cheap feel
Center button is Internet-Very easy to push accidentally
Lame games-Tetris and Downtown Texas Poker!
Internet is VERY slow
Cuts out on calls ALL the time
No screensaver
Apointments go off even if the phone is off
Call isn't very loud
Hard to hear other person

I could just go on, and on, and on, but I only have 2000 spaces.

If you want a cheap phone, with bad reception, then this is the phone for you, but if not, then I suggest that you look somewhere else. (The V325i is a GREAT phone by Motorola)

Conclusion: This phone IS Bad Stay away far far away!!

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Awful audio quality


Nov 11, 2006 by txinsp

When we got these phones from Cingular, we thought they were a little ugly but seemed to be well-made. My wife loved the available ringtones and the external display was nice. We went through two sets of these phones because of the awful sound quality during a call. It's hard to describe the "effects" these phones can add to a voice, but suffice it to say that this is one of the absolute worst phones I have ever used in this regard. The replacement phones offered no improvement. We bought a couple of Nokia 6010 bar phones and got rid of them since we could not convince our carrier to replace them with something else. No matter what bells and whistles a manufacturer may add to a cell phone, if it doesn't deliver on making basic voice calls it is worthless.

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Bad phone.


Jun 9, 2006 by zc2

This phone is just a junk.
After a while it'd just became unusable.
My phone company replaced broken phone for three times in less then a month. Now they promised to give me something else.

Pros: Small nice-looking shape. Nice-touching numeric keys. Front display.
Cons: Very poor reliability. Very slow. Ugly exterior design (glassy surface with a stupid-looking grid of L on it). Small navigation keys - an adults finger can easily touch two keys at a time. Menu only in pictures - try to remember them all. The navigation keys are not programmable.

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