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Motorola RAZR v3m


Oct 14, 2010 by narn3049

This phone is amazing. I love all of it. I got it because my Boulder that I previously owned had started to get damaged from dropping, and this was a good phone to choose as I'd always liked the V3M originally.

So this phone is amazing. All of the features are.

There is only two cons that are easily fixed, for some reason, every once and awhile, i cannot scroll up in the settings If i'm wanting to change my ringtone, or display pic.

The other con was when I received the phone (it was used) the battery wasn't that good, it'd run out of charge as soon as I'd use the phone, so i got a new battery.

I am not sure what software I have, but it's one of the first software releases I believe.

great phone


Nov 24, 2009 by rocket23

the razr is ausome i have beat the phone gotten it wet and thrown it and it works fine

pros great form factor nice and slim nice keypad good reception rugged cheap ok camera
good battery

cons doesnt have best camera and no flash

but ausome phone

ran it over with a semi and it still works fine

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What was I thinking?


Jan 13, 2009 by Kerplunq

Well I had the razr for 6 months, and in those few months, I found a few flaws with this device.

- Nice design, looks flashy
- Good sound quality
- Nice size display
- Outside display, is a great feature

- Camera sucks on it
- Phone liked to reboot itself.
- If I sent a text and closed the phone before it finishes, the front display would spaz-out and flash the courier name and the the regular screen.
- Dust got under the main screen and you cant get it out.
- The rubber between the number rows, left lines on my main display.
- After about 4 months the main display got weak, had to crank up the back light and cup my hand to read text's once in awhile.
- Phone stopped charging after about 1 month, had to send in for repairs.

I got the phone for free, and to be honest, I think I paid too much for it. I know theres bound to be a lemon, but most ppl I talk to, have a few of the same issues as I do. If your looking for something that looks great, thats about its only real feature.



Nov 16, 2008 by _wishx

I got this phone , and have had it for about a year.

Funny thing, as soon as the warranty expires, the phone is crap.

I have taken very good care of it, but the "1", pound, and star buttons do not work, resulting in not being able to text without sounding like a 2 year old with no punctuation.

I have many dropped calls with this phone,
and others complain that I send about 2-4 of the same texts.

Overall, a decent phone, but cheaply made.
Would not recommend this if you want to stand out in a crowd.

not even close to being as great as i thought


Jul 20, 2008 by erincopola

this phone pretty much stinks!
the camera is the worst!
the video only lasts 15 seconds (WOW!)
i cant wait to get my new LG Chocolate this christmas! getting rid of this phone = great!

overall, what im saying is....


Razr should be shaved off the market


Jul 20, 2008 by roxie_gurl7879

I'm sorry motorola but your phones are HORRIBLE. I've had had this phone for a year and a half and its been such a nuisance!!!! When i got the phone i thought it was the coolest phone verizon came out with. BIGGEST phone mistake ever!!!!

-Its super slow and my speed dials don't work.
-I have to erase my inbox everyday cause my auto erase NEVER worked even when i got my phone replaced for a 2nd time.
-It randomly freezes when i'm texting so i have to take the battery out.
-The picture quality is not very good.
-I can't have moving backgrounds for my wallpaper
-I got a DROP of water on it and the screen went completely black for 12 hours
-When i replaced it the paint started to melt off it?!?!!!?!
-I never get good signal
-Sometimes my # button stops working, along with the OK button and * button
-It has a weird iTAPEN entry mode for texting instead of WORD. When i want to change my word for texting i have to use the -> arrow to change it instead of using the button
-Ringtones aren't very good(the ones that come with the phone)
-I cant have song ringtones cause my phone saves them to the sounds(comepletely USELESS)
-Wow this list could go on FOREVER

-I dont think that there is anything good with this phone. MOTOROLA did a really bad job designing this phone

Still have it since the release


Jun 8, 2008 by edamon

I bought this phone when it was first released by VZW. It now serves as a back-up/2nd line to my Blackberry 8130 (have had a few phones in between).

The reception on the phone is excellent (I live in an area that can be spotty at times) and the voice quality is great.

Build quality is excellent. The fact it's still in one piece after all these years is a testament to that. It's been dropped quite a few times, but keeps on ticking. The metal body compared to the V3M that replaced it is far better.

End of the day, this is a great phone for when you "need" a phone -- and not something that does 10 other things and a phone is secondary.

I plan on keeping it as a 2nd line for as long as it stays in one piece. Having gone through countless phones over the years, it's the one I've kept the longest and would recommend the highest. You can pick one up on ebay these days for a decent price.

The 8130 (pearl) has seen better days and is going to get swapped for a curve. Before I got into the smartphones and need for email on the go, there isn't a phone out there I'd rather have than the V3C. It just works.

Good Flip Phone


Mar 5, 2008 by motoguy75

I really am not a flip phone person. But I do own one that I used for a while.

Service was originally T-Mobile then unlocked so I could use AT&T.

large display
decent camera
key configuration was good
speaker was actually quite loud
good ringers

as with most flip phones, hinge was a little weak
speakerphone was loud (pro), but seemed to sound a little scratchy

Personally, this would be a good backup phone for me, but i prefer bar style phones



Jan 5, 2008 by keller1359

I have the verizon wireless plan and I bought this phone when it first came out a few years ago. Last year I started looking to upgrade because my battery started going bad. The problem is I couldn't find a phone with a reasonable price with more features than this one. In the last year (since I've been looking), the only phones that are reasonable with added features are the LG EnV, Motorola Q, and the Blackberry Pearl. My friend has a Q and hates it. My daughter just got the EnV and loves it, but I think it's too fat to talk on comfortably. I don't know anyone with the Blackberry, so I can't really say. However, these phones seem too cumbersome. If anyone has a Blackberry Pearl, let me know what you think about it.

Verizon V3c in 2008


Jan 3, 2008 by Hakuryustar17

When I read reviews of this phone when it was first released in 2005 and compare it to the recent edition of it I swapped it in for with Verizon a couple weeks ago, I felt it would be interesting to come back and give a updated review for the RAZR V3c.

Updates on the more modern edition include:
Mp3 player and get it now options, improved performance from the new OS on this old favorite.

Sleek, stylish, I love the charcoal grey of this phone, just looks better, but I'm a fan of dark metallic coloration, so that may be part of it.
Great reception in the area I live in, I live in the mountains so I was thrilled when my old phone was able to reach out, but the clarity of the V3c cant be beat considering the hit or miss terrain.
Excellent price, $120 off eBay

Battery life, charging is a constant chore although I'm hopeful with the extended battery I purchased to cure that problem.
No ringtone while charging, I've missed calls like that

Overall, this a great phone, now and then, improvements have been made with the new OS system for this phone and if anyone has the time to have their system upgraded at Verizon, I strongly recommend it, vastly improves the performance of this phone a great deal and it keeps pace with the new generation of RAZR phones quite well with the new OS.

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