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I guess its okay


Aug 17, 2007 by mmormino

I bought one of these on Ebay after my 850 decided to randomly turn off (and not in the "battery and sim card are bouncing loose" way) all the time. It was cheap, so I can't really complain.

Excellent call quality (Nextel's only redeeming trait if the call isn't echoing due to the network)
Very loud speaker
Very loud ringer
I've dropped it a bunch, it still sort of works, the frame looks good though- no visible marks

Flaky UI (really, Moto, if you can't make decent firmware in any of your phones, you should just give up)
would randomly turn off the same way my 850 would
Nextel's legendary text messaging

All in all, it worked fairly well as a phone.

Not too shabby


Feb 10, 2007 by pnonma

I've been a nextel subscriber for a few months, and I'm impressed. My phone, although it feels a bit outdated, has never let me down.

It's durability is nice, I've taken it in the rain and dropped it with no damage.

Nextel phones are kind of quirky. The menu key isn't where it usually is, and menus force you to hit "more" instead of just cycling through it. In addition, the spacebar is actually the right key on the D-pad, which confused me the first time I tried IM'ing. There's also no alarm clock. Being able to make calls without the flip open was cool though.

Nextel disables over-the-air downloads of content, but with a data cable, that's not a problem anymore. 4mb of space for ringers and wallpapers, 4mb for java. No mp3s, but it'll do low bitrate wav's fine (they sound the same as ringtone mp3s).

Network in Springfield MO is great, and I was the only person I know not to lose signal in that killer ice storm a few weeks back. That's what sealed the deal for me.

Excellent call quality - everything's crystal clear, albeit a bit buzzy with full-on speakerphone.
Incredible volume - You'll never forget your phone is ringing, no matter where it is...but it's kinda distorted at full blast.
All black, reminds me of Batman.
Signal Penetration - Dead center of a cinder-block building, in the basement, with fluorescent lights, 2 bars. 'Nuff said.

Not very stylish - kind of a brick.
Signal interferes with all computer monitors and speakers within 5 feet (like GSM on steroids) - I know I'm getting a call several seconds before it rings.
Awkward menus - not bad once you're used to them
Battery life - 1 1/2 days of normal use...bring a car charger.

Despite its quirks, I'm very happy with it, and it's a solid bet for anyone who needs a good, clear phone who isn't too concerned with advanced features. It has a nice air of odd geekyness to it, kind of like that crazy co-worker who's obsessed with linux.

Auto shutdown issue


Dec 21, 2006 by PKgtV8

I have a major issue with the Motorola i560. Even with a full battery it will shutdown by itself. I have read on-line that this is a common defect and can be repaired by the Nextel repair shop. The rubber that covers the charger opening is ahhh not good to put it mildly. I detached it from my phone. It took a beating from me when I did this surgery so I feel the phone to be rather sturdy. It has an extendable antenna on it. It doesn't appear to help with reception, just make it look like a phone from the early 90's. The ring tones are bad. The reception is poor , not working where my cingular phone does. I assume it to be a Nextel issue. I like the fact its made by Motorola. It has a great speaker phone. The buttons can be reprogrammed to useful functions. It can show HUGE numbers while you input a phone number. Its difficult to drop it as it has lots of rubber ridges on it. I think it would be a good family phone as the kids could not hurt it much and the family could stay in touch with each other using the walkie talkie feature. This is a company phone. I would not buy this phone for my personal use. I use this phone in Southeastern Mass. with Nextel service.

this phone rocks


Dec 2, 2006 by vector150

i have had this phone for about 8 months i have dropped it i even ran it over with my 4x4 truck when it fell off my side it still works great and did not even hurt it i have never dropped a call and i have traveled all over at work i can call out inside when everyone else has to go out side.the wife and i have the same phone she thiks highly of it aswell we are thinking of getting the i580 after the first of the year and giving the kids the i560's when i have tried the i580 i will be sure to post on that phone

me & my i560


Nov 2, 2006 by mrjoevinson

Hi. I'm writing about this phone to warn you that if you have a job that requires alot of walking around tight spaces where a phone may be knocked off of your clip, get something else. I had an i530, and dropped it from over 20 feet easily, on several occasions, and it kept on going.(I'm using it now while my 560's in the shop). I dropped my i560 from my belt clip once, and the external speaker quit working, and the down volume, scroll down exterior button quit working. I dropped it again, and the speaker started working again, but, as fate might have it, I dropped it once again and no more speaker. Motorola does say that they stand behind their products for a year, I guess if they don't you'll probably see another letter of praise from me. The only reason I upgraded was for the features like voice dial,etc. as I am constantly doing tasks that don't allow me to hold the phone while talking. If I could only find a decent bluetooth adapter !!!!!!!!!!!!!

4th I560 in 10 months-many buggy phones


Oct 17, 2006 by EAGLE11877

I am sorry to say this but this is my 4th 560 in about 10 months. This weekend I've discovered that I need to get this one repaired or buy a new one.

The phone has had various defects from a keypad to a speaker going bad to now a headset jack not working.

This has been a very frustrating headset. I keep this in a secure case and still have had problems on 4 different sets.

I am trying to get out of this phone. I hate to say it but have lost confidence in this phone due to the number of times I have had to go back to a repair center. Other than that, this is a nice looking phone.

At this point, I am only hoping that Nextel will get me into something else reasonable.

Water proof


Jul 26, 2006 by wjljrwjl

I dropped my phone in a lake last week, it was on at the time and It took me two hours to reprieve it. Took the battery out and dried it in the sun for a few hours and it works fine.



Jul 1, 2006 by NEXTELDONE

This phone is pretty cool but not as rugged as i530 for sure good for work or personal but believe me not that rugged

external caller id
color screen on the inside
flip phone
speaker phone is great
love how u can make calls from outside
coll ring tones
loud speaker and ringtones
button layout good

no calculator and ALMOST impossible to get one
small internal screen
kind of bulky

That's my review on the nextel i560 and i highly reccomend this phone to anyone

*rating would be a five if it weren't for not being that rugged as advirtised.



Jun 17, 2006 by Jed

I own a construction company and just last week decided to make the switch to Nextel and the sales person recommended this phone. She said it was extremely rugged. I disagree! This phone is not going to last in my field as she assured me. I received two of these phones, one of which works okay, the other hasn't worked well at all. It jumps back and forth from no svc to a full signal. I highly doubt that I will keep the phones.....service and phones are too expensive for what I got! Battery life is marginal. Reception is also marginal. Phone seems to work well on direct connect and speaker phone, but mic must just be terrible for regular voice calls!

Better Than The i530


May 10, 2006 by bo67


1. Nice screen
2. Durable
3. Compact


1. Short battery life
2. Speaker could louder for outdoor environment
3. Reception about the same as i530 (not great)

Overall a good phone for the money.

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