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Feb 6, 2007 by 2002vtec

Man what a disappointment!! Let me say this: I ONLY buy nokia phones, no matter the case,so I am a die hard fan and believer. HOWEVER.... God where do I start with this phone...
K for the Pros:
**Very very VERY cool packaging (the box is insane along with its contents)
**Charging base(stainless steel with glowing LED bottom) Insane Baller I love it!
**Extra battery-baller(you WILL need it)
**included accessories of the HIGHEST quality(Clean bag, headset)
**Stainless Steel design w/ REAL glass-BREATHTAKING Im serious...
**Slider quality Of the HIGHEST Build quality Hands down

**The Battery Life???!! What the F is that!!! Why TRY us consumers like that?! iTs like a smack in the face
**The Buttons??!! Come on texting is OUT OF THE QUESTION forget it.
** Reception??!! Come on NOKIA??!!
**The Microscopic "enter" Button???!! How am I supposed to press that?!
**The Camera- what camera? looks like a 1950's film. Forget that there is No camera basically.
**The Volume??!! Aren't we supposed to be able to use this thing MOST importantly as a PHONE to make PHONE calls?? Seriously Nokia, man.

This phone recieves a 2.0 ONLY BECAUSE OF ITS DESIGN AND QUALITY BUILD. thats it Im serious, besides that, one of the WORST phones I have had the Burden of using seriously. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS PHONE? LOOK AT IT AND SAY WOW HOW KOOL LOOKING? Im very upset w/ nokia. Where does the 500+ Dollars we paid for it take effect??

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Jan 4, 2006 by idreamoutloud

this is a stellar phone through and through.

pros- the display on this phone is to die for, is crisp clear and bright, almost like my laptop. The 3d graphics engine makes the Motorola v3's look like junk. the grapics never stall or slow down like a motorola. the menu will work as fast as you can key, something else motorola's can't do. the sound quality is excellent and the reception is great, as is with all nokia gsm phones. The speakerphone is quietier then some phones but still works great for when you are driving. The phone feels solid and the slid works smoothly and you feel confident that its going to last a long time. Its an eye catcher, everyone and their dog has the razr, almost no body in north america has this phone so everyone wants to know what it is. The phone comes with 2 batteries, a stainless steel desktop charger, a headset, and a soft pouch to carry and clean the phone. even the box looks cool.

cons, somewhat poor battery life but when you see the display you'll understand why. but hey, the phone comes with 2 batteries so you can't complain.... well i guess you could cause the battery door is a little tricky to get open at first. oh and The keys felt a little small at first but i adjusted quickly.

all in all i'm very happy with this phone and it reconfirms why I love nokia. the phone is a little heavier than others but its a good feeling, besides all those people who are complaining about the weight probably at one point owned a motorola v60, and lets face it that phone wasn't all that light either, but look how popular it was.

In the end you can read these reviews till you're blue in the face, until you hold and use the 8801 you'll never appreciate what it has to offer. I suggest you find one and try it out you'll be glad you did. Oh and if you live in the states and can't find one there, just come up to canada, we have a mobile company that has them in their line up.

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Stainless Steel Wonder


Sep 3, 2005 by ajs253

Bought the 8800 rather than the 8801. The difference is that the 8800 operates on 900/1800/1900 mhz, whereas the 8801 operates on the 850/1800/1900 mhz bands. This is a great little phone in the true Nokia Tradition. What I mean is if you are buying a candy bar mobile/cell phone, there is no one that knows how to build them better. This phone is built in stainless steel, crystal display and has 262k color/colour display. The slide on this phone is sturdy and solid. Again true quality. Now the phone is slightly over .5 inches thick, a little over 4 inches long with the slide closed and approx 4.5 inches with the slide open. The best part is when you are done and close the slide, the phone's keys are not exposed to accidental calling. The battery seems to hold a charge all day long. I usually make approximately 20-30 calls a day on my mobile, and probably spend 3-8 minutes per call. Taking all that into consideration, I would say this little battery carries quite a punch. However, this little gem with all of the accessories such as desktop charger, etc will cost you a cool 1K without activation.

Cons (other than the steep price tag), is that because of the size of the phone and the slide, the keys are a tad small and may require care. The other thing that bothers me slightly is that although the ringers are many, they have changed the Nokia tune slightly and I would rather they had left the thing alone. One other thing is that All of the menus come with themes. To date I am unable to find out how I can turn it off to just have the standard Nokia menu with no theme. Finally, the speaker phone is not very loud again because of the stainless steel construction.

Finally, a very important point, this little fella seems to hold a signal very well. Although a gsm triband phone, it seems to do just as well as my Verizon phone.

Although the phone has certain shortcomings, I still gave it a 5.0, because the quality and the aesthetics, will truly amaze you.

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compact steel box


Sep 1, 2005 by diliphkumar

I got 8800 on 13-8-2005 after a wait of 3 weeks, from Hyderabad. It's cute and sleek. You feel the punch when you hold it.
The CONs:
1) In this 2 weeks, it hanged 6 times especially in CAM mode. But automatically
re-starts. To avoid, u need to operate it slowly.
2) Don't judge the size of phone by seeing the images, the actual size is very small and the key-pad is very tiny.
3) Less sound clarity during calls.
4) Small display.
5) No up- of memory.
6) No selectable back light duration.
7) Less battery life.
8) Settings are getting RE-SETTED once u switch off, especially in Go-To menu.
9) Even though it is a latest model it cannot read SMS with operator logo.
10) This has no USB and u need to have Blue-tooth on your PC for data transmission.
11) Image quality deteriorates if you edit it in the image editor.

The PROs
1) Because of the steel body u would love to hold it in your hand.
2) Comes with additional battery and both phone and extra battery can be charged simultaneously through the table top charger.
3) Excellent image quality even in zoom.
4) Same features are available in Nokia 6230 also, but price tag is 1/3 only.

It eats-up the memory if u store the music in mp3 format. Convert the music in to amr format and store all your favorites.

Whatever it is, 8800 is different and it makes u distinct.

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If phones were watches, this one would be a Rolex


May 18, 2006 by mlu007

I have owned many phones over the years, including the Nokia 8890, the predecessor to this phone. Overall, I must say that Nokia hit the spot with the introduction of the 8801. While there are some irritants here and there, this phone performed pretty well and met my (high) expectations.

- This phone is a work of art, it is simply beautiful in every sense of the word.
- Solid built: the frame as well as the shell is made of stainless steel
- Sharp and brilliant screen: 208x208 resolution nearly equaling in quality with the display on my ThinkPad T60
- Crystal screen cover: makes the screen scratch resistant
- Unique ringtones composed exclusively for this phone
- Bluetooth connectivity
- T-Mobile will carry this phone somewhere in the near future, so American customers will be able to get it a subsidized price.

- SHORT battery life means daily recharges and lots of replacement batteries purchases in the future
- Lack of memory expandability means that you can't really use this phone as an mp3 player
- User interface: the shortcuts are not as customizable as I wish and the level of menus goes way too deep.
- New age ringtones sound weird

This is truly a phone for those who wish to own something special and unique. RAZR owners irritated by the over-supply of RAZRs on the market may wish to purchase this phone as a step-up from the now ubiquitous RAZR. This is not a phone for the gadget freaks or tech geeks looking for a feature-packed high-tech device. Like a fine Rolex watch that does nothing more than tell the time just as a $25 Timex can do the same job, the Nokia 8801 is somewhat of a jewel that goes beyond simple function. It does indeed take someone who can appreciate the finer things in life to truly enjoy all the wonderful experiences that this phone can provide. There are good phones, better phones and excellent phones; this phone just happens to be excellent.

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awesomm.. best u can get


Jul 21, 2005 by bp_bindaas

1st look & it gets you..
this is 1 of the best looking phones u'll ever see..
well worth the price..
#great design.. nokia @ its best
#amazing display..
#amazing slider mechanism
#great sound quality
#feels good 2 hold due to stainless steel body
#dont b fooled b the resolution.. this svga
#dont know.. just love it

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very cool and a good phone when i had it


May 23, 2010 by narn3049

I got this phone in around 2003-04 I think around when I had it and I've dropped it and abused it when I owned it, and it was the most greatest nokia phone i've owned. At least around that category. I believe I used this on Cingular, but not exactly sure. I had seen in it a magazine and knew I had to get it when it came out. I loved every single part of this phone, one and only con was it was a tiny hard to get used to but not all that bad,

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Don't purchase NOKIA 8801! Please Read.


Aug 8, 2008 by skull2046

I register today to warn anyone who wanted to purchase this expense new shinny toy. Don't purchase since you will regret it!!! This was my first phone that I have ever paid for in my existence for 1K and from that day on I have made my decision on Nokia. Had it for 2 years now minus unused for 8 months. ....

First of all - Love the styling and the feel to it no doubt! It was a well-made phone that included little features, which I don't care much for. My main disappointed was in the battery life of the 8801. Most of my days are spent at work and I rarely us my phone and when I do get a call or make calls it lasted only 15 or 20 minutes before the battery was completely discharged. And, as I've replaced with my 2-nd back up, it too went dead on me within minutes even though both batteries were fully charged everyday! This was getting to the point of madness, and frustrations, and decided not using my Nokia 8801 at all! Not just only one time, but many time this happend. So finally gave in and went out and purchase a least expensive phone, which lasted way longer than this piece of crap! My over spent piece of junk toy from Nokia!!! So to sum up ... I will never purchase a Nokia phone anymore! And, will sell this to anyone who wants it!! I have been a loyal Nokia, but after this 1K phone Nokia have robbed me of my money by putting out 8801 with the worst battery life out there for a cell phone!!! If you are out there Nokia ... I want my money back or fix the problem by doing a recall on this unfeasible battery life!!! Thank you! Going with the Apple – the I Phone! :)

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An Excellent Buy Under $400.00


Jan 20, 2008 by Clint Trueman

I purchased the 8801 3 weeks ago for $350.00 CDN, including all applicable taxes. I believe this phone was initially introduced 2 or 3 years ago. At that time some of the features may have been considered advanced and perhaps helped justify the original high cost. Today, the software is pretty much consistent with a new $300.00 Nokia.....in fact the 8801 may be lacking in some areas.

I love the feel, appearance, functionality, and comments I get with this phone. I have a digital camera and never use a cell for this purpose. Actually, Iam one of those folks that use the cell to make calls and text...nothing more. The keys are tiny and take a bit of getting use to.

Knowing what I know now, 3 weeks after my purchase, I would buy it again.

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Shiny Garbage


Aug 11, 2007 by RearView_2020

This is an honest review of the phone, as I believe some of the reviews were submitted by people with something to gain. I've owned the phone for about 12 mnths and noted the following:
* Looks Cool !! (As noted previously, a unique look - That's it.)
* Volume is TERRIBLE. Even on highest setting all phone calls must be made in abject quiet to hold a conversation.

* Menus/ O.S. is cumbersome and not intuitive. (Hint try to access the talk volume through any of the menus.)

* Tiny buttons - makes texting a science, thumb covers multiple rows of buttons

* Minimal battery life(think twice a day charging), no cool features, and currently experiencing a hissing noise when making calls.

Overall a pricey disappointment even for those wanting just a basic phone. It makes me feel as if I've been robbed by Nokia !!

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