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Great Phone


Jan 29, 2006 by WLS

I got the V323 from USCC. I had the v262 and this phone is a very nice improvement in quality. The screen is much nicer to read and display pictures with. The blue ring on the cover lighting up with incomming calls (and when charging)is a fun feature certain to get attention.
The build quality is very good and the hinge feels solid with no flex in the phone. The side buttons are wider which makes them easier to push but perhaps a bit too easy as I often activate the voice command button when just puting the phone in my case. It comes with a plastic belt grip but I had the phone pop out of it once already so I prefer to use a cushioned case. The standard case that fits a 262 will fit this phone also.
I like the camera even though it is VGA and the pictures appear sharp, it does have digital zoom. One nice feature I noticed is that when you rotate the phone the camera picture changes in turn to keep the picture from becommng upside down. No flash but no point in having one either as camera phone flashes are known to be worthless. It does have compensation circuity for contrast and low lighting.
On thing i noticed is the metal panel on the back is connected to the phone by a copper contact. I think this may help with the reception by acting as an antenna element.
Reception seems to be better and clearer than my V262 although the bars are the same.
I definitely think this is a classy phone
and a good product.
The only disappointment is that it doesn't seem to show the picture of the person calling in even though I have picture ID configured and some of the options I had to configure my 262 are not available now. I'm not sure whay they removed some of the feature set but the ones added are very nice. I can select to not show any of the options/tools icons on the screen for a cleaner look at the wallpaper-Just pressng the center OK button brings the menue up
I would say it is a very good phone with a solid feel and better battery life than a Razr.

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Dec 26, 2005 by coasterguy

I am so excited to have this phone now that I have it. I have had V60c,LG vx7000, Razor (cing), recently the LG 8100 and lastly the E815 back with verizon. When I got the E815 I was disappointed that Verizon did not have just a good phone that was not all about cameras and videos etc....the E815 was pretty good but felt like it was not made well. The 8100 had bugs and was too thick.
I sold it and now have the V325.

I bought it on Ebay if your wondering.
As soon as I turned it on I knew I finally had a great phone that was just that, A PHONE!
-Gorgeous and well-sized interior screen

-Nicely lit and attractive outer display that can be read in any light.

-Very cool and not Childish outer lights, In the pic of the phone it is the big "white" ice rink shaped line that glows when a call comes in. Yes you can turn it off. (glows blue) very cool to me.

-Great style and strong build. the rubbered exterior in black mixed with the aluminum really looks Fantastic.

-Black keypad is awesome, well-placed, and lit. (blue).

-Speaker phone is one of the best out there.

-Voice dialing works great.

-Comes with a few cool ring-tones and pics.

-Does not come with the "kiddy" pics that cannot be deleted like in the E815.

-Size and weight are perfect for your pocket yet it feels like a phone and not a paper airplane like the lg VX7000.

-Call quality is OUTSTANDING as is receptions so far.

-Battery life is pretty good so far as well.

-Camera is actually pretty good but, PHONE comes first. the camera is fun sometimes.

-I actually like the menu system too. super easy to use.

I wish you could change the menu systems colors!

I really have no others I swear. I am not a fan of Blue tooth as I am not on the phone that much. I do not need a video feature either.

I really recommend this phone if you want a phone and not another camera. I think it is truly the best one they have released in a long long time. I look at it as a GROWN-UP V60c which I loved a few years back.
Try it you'll see!

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Couldn't be happier


Dec 10, 2005 by CurtYanko

First off let me say that the V325 is much better looking than the V323 image shown here on Phone Scoop. The Black, soft touch paint with the brushed metal on the exterior is very sharp IMO. The exterior events light is very cool. I feel it isn't too big or small and has a nice solid feel to it.

The inside has black keys that are backlit in blue and very easy to visually navigate.

I love the exterior display as it is very easy to see in almost any lighting condition. I thought I was going to miss the Nokia profiles only to discover that Motorola has an easy way to switch between Ringer on, Alarm only,Vibrate and all off. What's more is that it can be done with the clamshell closed. You can also review missed calls and once the speaker phone is on make and receive calls as well.

For me PC Syncing, Speaker phone and Voice dialing are what I'm looking for in a phone (good reception and clarity are a given). And I choose to go with a Motorola for it's Speaking independent voice commands including the ability to simply say number to be dialed and the fact that it will sync with both my PC which has lotus notes and my Mac via iSync. The fact that Motorola has gone to a standard USB to USB mini cable is just gravy. I was able to use the cable for my Canon camera and connect.

The speaker phone is clear and loud enough for me. It is on the back of the phone so you can't put the phone down on it's back without losing volume.

The Verizon UI is fine after a little exploration. A really nice little feature in there is an icon glossary, very helpful as I get used to this phone.

My only complaint about the phone is that it is so new that I can't find a belt holster for it yet though I'm sure it is compatible with an older model and I just haven't figured it out yet.

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A Real Nice Phone


Mar 1, 2006 by iamtmrsr

I really like this phone. It gets better reception than the T730, and I live in a bad reception area. I previously had the Samsung A670 and was very happy with it. I am just as happy with the V325.
*Good reception and very clear signal.
*Nice look
*Great charger port (mini usb) much better
than the charger port on the T730.
*Very user friendly
*Good battery life

*No flash on camera, but I don't use the
camera that much anyway.
*Small outside display.

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Good Job Verizon


Feb 27, 2006 by DeathAwaitsUsAll


Clear, Loud, crisp, stong signal.

Never had a dropped call.

Good loud speaker phone.

Lights option is a great to, and attracts attention when u have the ringer turned off.

GPS option is awesome, for hiking, camping, hunting, or ust in case you get lost LOL.

Great build, bout dang time Verizon makes a durable phone "A MANLY PHONE"

Polymer Grip is nice, phone is a good size, nice all around build.

Numbers are spaced well easy to dail/text on.

Thank God they fixed the crappy motorola charging port! Work so much better

Great battery life.

Good camera.

Love Verizon's new UI. Keep it simple.


Ghosts, which honestly are not a problem, as all u have to do is change the "Theme Settings" from "default" to either "Business, Tropical, or Blue" and all the light ringers work fine.

All in All definitely a 5 star on my end. Love this phone, hope Verizon keeps the work up.

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Nice Phone...Great Styling...Completely Unreliabe


Feb 3, 2007 by BobbieB

I have had three of these phones. See anthonyb_chicago's review (sort by negative). I have had exactly the same problem as he had. I wish I read his review before I bought this phone. Got the first one in October. Replaced it a week later. Had the second one for about two weeks. The third is in for repair with Motorola now because US Cellular would not replace it. I tried to avoid the problem by rebooting the phone daily, then even removing the battery daily, but the problem kept cropping up more and more often as time went on. I work in a job where I need to be reached 24/7 and this problem made the phone completely unusable. I will update after I get the phone back from Moto.

PS. US Cellular has great coverage in Chicago. I've never dropped a call. But their customer service is terrible. If you sell me a lemon phone, at least let me upgrade. And when you send a phone out for service, they send you a postcard to let you know it's back. Aren't they a phone company? Can't they call me? Very frustrated!

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not perfect but more logical than samsung


Feb 6, 2006 by mdwebneck

I just got this phone this weekend, so this is just a first use review.
I am used to the Motorola interface, so most of this phone was familiar, but there were a few features that had changed (that should have been left alone) and those are my peeves here.
1) My previous Motorola phone allowed the use of the left soft key as a del/backspace key. This was much more logical as it prevented you from accidentally tapping a key that would kick you out of the menu. On this phone as with others I have seen, they have moved the softkey DEL function to the CLR key and on this phone it is located directly next/abv the disconnect/off key which if you need to backspace during editing a contact and your finger accidentally brushes the key below it, you lose all your typing and are dumped into the previous menu item.
2) Likewise on the previous two motorolas there was only one outside function to access the contact list. But once in the contact list you could view/edit or add a new contact. On this model, if I want to add a new contact while viewing the contact list I have to exit the contact list and enter the Add contact menu, which I feel to be a regressive interface change as it duplicates the effort to achieve a simple task.
3) They decided to call ringtones by another name, so searching how to change ringtones becomes a futile effort as well, since they decided on their own to change an industry standard nomenclature to:
Go figure, seems some interface developers need some of their ego deflated because changing something just because you can doesn't make it better.

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It's a Keeper


Dec 12, 2005 by Zingaro

I've had the V325 (VZW) for about a week now. Initial impressions are very good, and this phone looks like it's a keeper. For me, the most important features are (1) reception & call quality and (2) durability & build quality. The V325 meets these needs. (I won't comment on the VGA camera - but if you want a phone to take pictures with, this isn't it.)


1. Excellent reception & call quality. The V325 connects quickly and positively, even in places that my old VX4400 really had trouble.

2. Very solid feel and build quality. Durability really is a long-term issue, but this phone looks like it will hold up well over time.

3. Good quality speakerphone.

4. Easy to use. I have big hands, but the V325 fits my hand well without being too big for just about anybody to use.

5. Keypad feels solid and positive.

6. Interior display is bright and readable.

7. Exterior display gives me all the info I need and is very readable in just about any light.

8. Cool looking, if that really matters.


My only real beef is the VZW UI. It's not very attractive and not very flexible. But this doesn't affect the phone itself.

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Battery dies after 7 months


Mar 15, 2007 by beckscoop

I like the phone. The reception is good, the speaker phone works well, and it seldom drops calls.
But I have two of them, and in both cases the batteries stopped taking a charge after 7-9 months (they'd go dead after 5 minutes of talk time when fully charged). Verizon doesn't include the battery under the one year warranty, and charges over $30 to replace the battery. That makes these extremely expensive phones to own.

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V325 Verizon Reliable All Around Phone!!!!


Jan 29, 2006 by malibu1973

Since the first day I had this phone I was impressed with the signal as well as the sound. Here are the pros as cons:


High Resolution Screen
Easy to dial on
Menu is very user friendly
GPS capable (Although I have not used this feature)
Small, (but not to small)
Syncs with Motorola Phone Tools


Have not found any yet.

This phone is a keeper I bought six for my sales staff and so far so good.

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