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Awsome Phone!


Nov 16, 2006 by prpletiger

I have had the Motorola V325 for almost a month now. It is one of the best phones I have ever had. I live the midwest(Eastern Iowa) and have not dropped a call yet, even in areas that normally you won't get signal. Calls are crystal clear. It has some good ringtones.

Pros: Excellent reception
calls are crystal clear
easy to navigate menus
can record your own ringtones
battery life is awsome
speakerphone is clear
keys are a good size
rubber type grip
front display is easy to read
Cons: pictures are not real clear, kinda
grainy(but I have my digital camera for

The V325 does what a phone is suppose to do. So if your looking for a good phone without all the bells & whistles, it's an excellent choice.

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Overall good phone


Oct 12, 2006 by astronautjenny

I just bought this phone about a week ago, and it is very reliable and sturdy so far. The calls are crystal clear, the big screen is great, and it is pretty sturdy. I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a reliable and good looking phone, who isn't too serious about the extra features.


Big screen
Open/closed flip speaker phone
Pretty good camera
Nice looking aluminum with rubbered edging
Well spaced buttons
Call quality
Outer ringer lights


No closed flip picture taking
No flash on camera
Battery consumed somewhat fast
Spiraled aluminum traps dirt, and is hard to upkeep

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Reception is key!!


Aug 21, 2006 by maverick96

First and foremost let me start by saying this phone and I'm referring to the v323 from U.S. cellular gets the best reception or signal strentgh of any phone that they currently offer!!!

(2) Build quality of the phone itself
(3) Charging port (usb) as opposed to the old terrible Motorola charging port
(4) Call quality (clarity)


I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone signing up with U.S. Cellular. Especially if you live in a fringe or outlying area were the coverage isn't as good as it could be. You will not be disappointed!!!!!

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Aug 8, 2006 by mushimushi

Build and Design
The V325 is based on a standard Motorola clamshell case that opens to reveal well spaced buttons and a bright colorful screen. The external screen shows the basics - time, reception, battery, which can easily be read in sunlight. With stylish design, this phone won't look like a dated piece of bling in 5 years.

Reception and Quality
EXCELLENT reception, even from well-known dead spots. Sound quality is great too. People I've called have said that they can't tell when they are on speaker phone. These are the two most important things a good cell phone needs. The Motorola V325 succeeds on both counts.

Pretty good. Goes about 5 days with a dozen or so calls placed. The battery plug is a standard mini-USB connector, so with an easily available (and cheap) cable, you can charge your phone on your computer!

I love how the calculator is 1 button push away. This is great. The phone has plenty of ring tones too. I don't use the camera, but it seems easy enough to use.

Safety First
Two other features that made me choose this phone, in the good-to-have department are GPS, in case I need directions in a pinch, and the phone has the ability to fall back to analog mode if I'm lost in the mountains or something. These features are good for your piece of mind and safety.

More extras (for the tweakers)
Interfaces with iSync (iCal and Address book) on the Macintosh with minimal fiddling. Motorola Phone Tools is also available for syncing your PC’s Outlook contacts and calendar to the phone. (no special cable needed, just an easy-to-find USB cable!)

The Motorola V325 mobile phone is an excellent choice as a stylish no-frills communication device. It provides excellent reception and call quality, while adding good-to-have safety features.

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From the E815 (VZW) to V323 (USC)


Jul 7, 2006 by Autobot-Z

I had to switch from VeriZon Wireless to US Cellular because I am now an employee. I lost my E815 because I couldn't transfer over equip from another carrier. I was sad to lose my EV-DO capable E815...I was IN LOVE with that phone. Well, I settled on the V323 for the screen resolution and the phone's functionality. I am happy to say I am surprised at how much I like my new phone. Its battery life leaves something to be desired, and it only has 10mb of memory (in the USC version). But, even with the VGA camera (the E815 was 1.3 MEGApix) I have come to love my new little phone. I hate that the ring styles change 19 times while the phone is in my pocket, but the speaker quality and the excellent interior LCD screen make up for it. The V323 may be called a "simply entry level clam-shell", but don't pass it up too quickly, its a handy little phone. The V323 (unlike the V325) is all silver which seems to scratch easily, and the neat little grooves on the front and back scratch QUICKLY...but who cares that much for looks anyway? =)

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One of the best Verizon has to offer


Apr 28, 2006 by L7jr

I'm not giving this phone a 5 because I don't believe any phone is perfect.

This phone has the Verizon UI overlaying the Moto UI and it clearly shows. Besides the UI...

This phone gets amazing reception. It is also a nice size and feels nice to the touch. I especially like the black rubber outside. It reminds me of the GSM Moto phones (V3XX series).

Here is a summary of pros and cons:

-Amazing reception
-Camera more than adequate (remember, it is a phone)
-Nice size and feel
-Excellent keypad and internal screen
-USB charger instead of old Moto charger
-Can play Sonic the Hedgehog on it (lol)

-Ring volume at it's highest setting can still be too low sometimes
-Ring styles can change fairly easy while it is in your pocket if the keypad isn't locked
-No Ring/Vib option (the choice is either or)
-Somewhat flimsy antenna

I'm just nitpicking for the cons other than the ring volume. I wholeheartedly recommend this phone for those who want an excellent midrange phone.

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I'm in Love!!!


Jan 5, 2006 by xari

Okay. I've had this phone since the very first day it was available. Waited a bit to review it, because I wanted to be sure of my impressions.

The title says it all, folks: I'm in love.

Admittedly, I was upgrading from an old, oooold phone (V120c), but I researched for a solid 5 weeks before buying and am VERY happy with my choice.


Looks: This phone is HOT. All my friends are extremely jealous. From the outer casing to the screen inside, it just. looks. GOOD.

Handling: The black rubberized material, in addition to helping it look so nice, makes it easier to grip.

Reception: I have yet to have a bad call on this phone. Calls are clear. I can even use it in the basement of my workplace (cinder-blocks and all)! [In addition, last night I had a convo with someone--I was in a loud bar/restaurant. He had no idea I was in a bar; he said he was hearing very little background noise!]

Speakerphone: Don't use it much, but the sound quality on my end seems fine. (My Mom has mentioned a slight echo, though.)

Ring Lights: I wasn't too sure about these when I read about them, but they really add a little fun factor to the phone. [Plus? I'm not one to use the vibrate function, so in a loud environment, the ring lights help me to know I'm getting a call. :-) ]

Keypad: VERY well spaced. Blue backlight is awesome.

Size: I like the size. Fits well in my hand. Small enough for my purse, but large enough to be easy to find in it.


Ringtones: Well, I ended up staying with the default (it's not too horrible), but there's really not much of a choice given.

Menu: Just a slight con. I could wish that they were a bit more customizable, but I suppose it could be worse.

Antenna: Wouldn't mind if the antennae were a bit smaller.

Camera: Picture quality is fine. Wish it had a flash though!

Battery: I'm not a heavy user, but I could wish that it lasted a bit longer during talk times. (I just have the one that it came with.)

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this phone!!!

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Great Phone


Dec 8, 2006 by bug1985

I've had this phone for little over a month now Its a great phone I love it I had a LG C1500 which was a big peace of crap It was small just the size I wanted.

good signal
tuff phone
good camra
love the blue lights on the cover and backlights
easy to use
all around great phone

battrey life is to short for my taste but I can live with that

Motorola is tuff phones I had the tracfone V70 for 3 years never a problem then had the LG C1500 trouble I would say for best phone always buy Motorola if not the V325i just any Motorola will do all r good phones

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Excellent Phone and Navigator


Apr 19, 2006 by RichardM

I've had this phone for about 2 months now. I had returned the Razr phone for various reasons. Prior to this, I had to Moto E815, an excellent phone, too.
This phone has excellent reception (worked great on the beach in Puerto Rico), and the sound quality is unsurpassed. The people who I am talking to say it does not sound at all like a cell phone. Even on that remote beach in Puerto Rico, I have just one bar (most people had no service), and talked about 10 minutes with crystal clarity on both ends. Most of the cell phones come with mediocre extras like a camera, mp3 player, which this phone has. The feature that I consider most outstanding, other than the reception and call quality, is the VZ Navigator which has really come in handy, and works as well as any GPS Navigator I've used. When I bought the phone, I really didn't think I would use that feature. But, I gave it a try, and can't live without it now. For $10 per month for unlimited usage, VZ Nav. is a great bargain. I use this to find my way to the suburbs of Chicago, as well as finding my way around other cities I travel to. No need to look at maps or mapquest as you drive--just listen to the voice telling you when to turn and how to get where you want to go. I highly recommend this V325 as a cell phone, and for it's VZ Navigator service.
Excellent sound quality and reception
Looks and feels cool
Good size
VZ Navigator is wonderful

No Bluetooth, if that's important to you.

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My new navigation system :)


Mar 28, 2006 by tgreathead

I was about to get a Razr when I noticed this phone on Verizon's website. I noticed it had "VZ Navigator" but couldn't find much information on it. I got to the Verizon store and tried out the navigator and was blown away. The interface is as intuitive as the navigation system I tried in a BMW! I put in my home address and asked the phone to give me directions to home from my current location. Within a few seconds it gave me turn by turn directions to my house. Suddenly a voice blurts out the first command, it was giving me verbal cues! I bought the phone and decided to have it direct me home.
I got in my car and again asked for directions home. It gave me the first command and I followed the street I was on for a mile. As I got closer to the turn a voice came on again to let me know the turn was coming up. On the screen was a GPS map of my location along with the next turn highlighted. As soon as I made the turn the next command came up. I followed each step and it got me home perfectly. What's more, it not only took me to the address but put me on the right side of the street. It is completely on par with any navigation system I've used.
There's also a feature to show your current location on a map, like if you know you're in the area but can't find a cross street. Its spot on.
Now that I'm dona raving about the Navigator I'll repeat what's pretty much been said already. Audio quality is very good. I upgraded from a V265 and the audio sounds sharper. Volume is plenty high for me and speaker phone volume is fine for me too. The software has made a great improvement over the V265, much easier to get around and little things like scrolling text look way better thanks to the better screen.
My only complaint right now is it doesn't sync with a Mac. I wrote Motorola and was told flat out that they don't support Macs which is weird because the Razr is supported in iSync. Hmm, weird.

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