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Don't buy this phone


Feb 25, 2007 by rjohn

I purchased this phone less than 90 days ago. It has been used very little and never dropped or abused. It supposedly came with a 1 year warranty. I called someone about an important matter and they couldn't hear me. I couldn't figure out why until I realized the antenna had simply fallen out of my phone somewhere. I contacted the phone store where I purchased it and he told me he had already robbed the antennas off all the other 325i s in his stock to replace the ones that had fallen off other customers phones. He couldn't help me. I contacted Motorola which required hours of phone bingo between automated systems. I finally got a real person and was informed the antenna is not covered under the warranty and it would cost $20 plus I had to ship the phone to them to have it installed. I will never buy another Motorola phone.

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Great reception


Feb 1, 2007 by Broadus

I needed a basic phone with the best reception possible. Before, with my Audiovox CDM-9900, I would have to walk outside to use my cell phone (which had reviewed well for strength of reception, BTW). The weather did not always accommodate--hot and muggy in the summer and cold and rainy in the winter.

No more. I checked out the V325i reviews and read about how good the reception of this phone is. I asked on a PS forum and received advice to get the V325i. I walked into our local Verizon store and asked what is the best phone for our area. Without hesitation the man who waited on me walked over to the V325i and pointed it out.

I have not been disappointed. I don't care for an MP3 player---I'll use my iPod, thank you very much! The camera is unimportant. I simply want a phone I can depend on, and I've found it.

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great reception, irritating features


Nov 26, 2006 by LisaLynn

I've had this phone for nearly a month. I have found this phone to have very good reception, even in places where my last phone was iffy (my mother's apartment building, a large technical school, when driving under a particular overpass where I used to drop calls). However, there are two things I've found troublesome. One is that the ringer, at it's loudest setting, is not quite loud enough when there is background noise (like in a restaurant), and I've missed a couple calls because of it. The other concern I have is that the ring style may be changed with a combination of buttons on the outside of the phone. The ring style has been changed accidentally several times, twice to "silent". This has also caused missed calls. Because I am on call for work, I find missed calls nearly as bad as poor reception.

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This THE Phone I have been looking for!


Jun 4, 2006 by jimb33

I like this phone! It is the phone I have
been "waiting for" since I got my first
Moto way back when.

Granted this isn't the cute, petite, stylin'
thing with all the latest technology.

It IS a GREAT "Talk" phone and I love it
for that. That's all I wanted. Forget the
(hackable) Bluetooth, MP3, VCast, etc, all
of which you pay EXTRA for.

I will gladly pay for VZ Navigator when I
need to use it and save several hundred
dollars (not buying a GPS unit)!

GREAT reception and call quality
Better than average battery life
Rugged design (tacky rubber grip a +)
Simple, clean, yet cool looks (and lights)
Super crisp inside display (big +)
Good Menus (that are fairly logical)
Small and not so fragile outside display
Get Tunes list allows you to preview tones
already on your phone!

No belt clip-on holster came with it
Near fatal programming flaw in the latest
software release.


After I set it and later powered the phone
off, and on again the Autolock failed to
"engage" -AND- the phone stopped ringing for
inbound calls!

Could not answer calls. Could see the call
that was ringing (my test call) on the
Received Calls list! Press send and got
"Call Lost!" error.


If you DO mistakenly enable Autolock and
your phone gets hosed up you -MUST- do the
"Master Reset" option to clear the condition.

I did Master reset twice, reset all my
options EXCEPT Autolock (second reset).

I DID NOT LOSE any downloaded apps or my
contact list.

P.S. I debugged this myself! And
shared the information with Verizon,
insisting they pass it on to Moto.


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Great phone! Great features!


May 29, 2006 by FuriousMojo

Not quite perfect, but close!

I bought this phone for VZ Navigator and it rocks! Out of over 10 routes so far, VZ Navigator was retarded on only one of them. VZ Navigator does everything it advertises. I love local search... the ability to find a hamburger based on your GPS location... nothing better! :-D


- Great sound quality
- Great reception
- Great features (VZ Navigator)
- Nice sleek manly style
- Visually pleasing and mostly fast interface
- Easy to see external display
- Clamshell design so I won't accidentally call people when the phone is in my pocket (and I don't have to worry about locking my phone)


- Having occasional issues charging
- Battery life average
- Not EV-DO compatible (ie. will not due vcast and mobile web is SLOW)

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May 12, 2006 by crday

This is the best phone Verizon has had in its lineup in some time. It feels good and solid, sound quality on calls is good, speaker phone is acceptable, and reception seems to be adequate.

Good sound quality
Keypad feels good, especially for texting
New menu interface is better
Good reception
Camera works fairly well
Great display
Rubberized case is a plus

Could do without the event lights

All in all, great phone that looks at least somewhat professional.

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V325 Great Reception


Mar 25, 2006 by jmills

The most important thing I can say is the reception is the best I have experienced with a cell phone. Recently I had both this phone and an LG 4650 in challenging reception areas. The Moto V325 did much better. What is weird is the LG displayed more bars, but dropped or failed to make a call. The V325 displayed fewer bars, but worked quite well.

The speaker-phone is pretty good and even works in a moving car. The speaker-phone on the LG 4650 is better.

I strongly agree with the PROS other reviewers have mentioned.

One reviewer mentioned that this phone doesn't like hands-free headsets. We have two of these phones and have used both Plantronics M170 and a very cheap Sanyo headset that came from Walmart. It works just fine with both.

I am extremely pleased with this phone.

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A great choice


Mar 11, 2006 by skinnyriot7

I picked up this phone a few days ago and so far...

Great Look
Great keypad/screen size/resolution etc
Great Features (Navigator etc)
Love the speakerphone
Simple screen navigation
Great new charger (USB)
Camera is good too with lots of features
Great reception

Speakerphone volume could be a little louder

Thats about the only bad thing so far Ive found

Great purchase, I had my verizon plan for 2 years so I got $100 any phone and it was between me getting this phone or the RAZR V3c, and from reading the reviews here, I chose this over the razr...glad I did.

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it has a navigation system too


Mar 6, 2006 by guido1869

i didn't see any mention that the verizon version has a gps navigation system (i don't know about the other ones) it offers real-time directions and viewable maps
the phone also looks great and takes quality pics

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Feb 20, 2006 by experiment626

I bought the VZW Moto V325 for my girlfriend for Valentines Day but I've played alot with it,comparinig it to my Nokia 6256i.After a week with this phone I must say I'm impressed.The feel and build quality of this phone is A+.I love the black rubber-like trim on the silver clamshells.Hinge feels nice and solid.The buttons light up with a bright blue backlight,cool.The mainscreen is large but harder to see in direct sunlight.It could use better backlighting.The camera is just o.k.About the same as the V710,not as nice as the E815 or my Nokia 6256i.The camera software,however,IS good.Lots of customizing options.The new mini-usb charging port is a big plus.Much more dependable than the prong style chargers.My biggest problem is with the software.There have been numerous reports about this phone's software causing all sorts of problems.In our phone its the RINGLIGHTS menu.The V325 has blue lights that glow on top of the phone when a call comes in.In the RINGLIGHTS menu you can turn them on/off or different flash styles.However a software glitch will erase not only the setting but WHOLE RINGLIGHTS MENU if you turn off the phone.Its easy to restore(see the V325 Forum) but come on.The only other complaint might be the V325's UI.It's a hybrid of Verizon's new UI and Moto's classic UI.The main menu seems to be Verizon's UI but the sub-menus revert back to Moto's style UI.The only real bad thing about it is all the RED that VZW puts in it. It would be far more tolerable if you could have some color background options.The Moto V325 does not have a memory card slot like the V710 and the E815 but it does have 32MB of internal memory(equal to the RAZR).Pretty good.The V325 gets great RF,has analog if you live in an area that needs it,and works great as a phone.You can hear and be heard well.Our phone has software ver.9.Now all VZW has to do is hurry up and get software ver.10 out to fix the bugs.NOTE TO VZW..STOP PUSHING VCAST & GetItNow! "ITS THE PHONES(TOO)" THANKS

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