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Great Phone....About Time Nextel!


Sep 29, 2005 by Anisoul827

I have absolutely no complaints about this little piece of work. It's , so far the best phone that Nextel will have to offer. Whent he i930 comes out, it will be $400 of obsolete cellular equipment. The next best thing will be the i870 but for now, the i850 does it's job

- Great Color Display
- Decent amount of memory for ringtones, pics, etc.
- The build quality, by far, is the best that Nextel has ever offered.
- The phone design is pretty cool and the black on grey/green is awesome too.

- Camera quality (although better than the i860, in my opinion, Nextel could have put a 1.3 or 2.0 megapixel camera on this baby!)
- The black panel on the front scratches very easily....VERY easily to beware!

Other than that I am impressed. I am definately going to PASS on the geriatric i930 and wait for the i870 which should be fairly decent.

Outstanding phone


Sep 19, 2005 by Police21786

Aight, this is without a doubt the best phone I've owned, this is my third Nextel Motorola.

-Looks nice
-Easy to read external display
-Color display is the best that I've seen, extremely big also
-Battery life is getting better
-Camera works really well, works well in low light and has a powerful zoom
-Buttons are easier to press than the i830
-Allows you to text message without going through the browser

-Lack of an included java calculator program

Bottom line, get this phone, it is really nice, regardless of what other people are saying.

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i850 -- One of Nextel's Best


Jul 12, 2005 by ksg089

Before I bought this phone, I was using an i860. But, since it died due to water exposure, I had to purchase a new one. So I decided to give the new i850 a shot.

First of all, I like the i850's design better than the i860's. Although the i850 feels somewhat cheap and plastic-like on the outside, the new material is very lightweight. It's one of the few Nextel phones (besides the i830 and i836) that isn't bulky.

In addition to the outer shell, the keypad is much better than the cramped one on the i860. The keys are about twice the size (the digits are much easier to see too), and Nextel finally decided to make a key for the camera! It's about time!

Other than the design, the screen has also improved. Although the display is only 65K colors, the interface, applications and text all come out clearer than they have on previous Nextel models. Maybe it's the resolution, but the screen is one of the nicest ones I've seen. That's a plus.

As for features on the phone, everything looks exactly the same, menus, options etc. The reception is just as good as the i860's, so far I haven't noticed any difference. They did add a new feature called DirecTalk (for walkie-talkie while you're off the network), but I have yet to find a use for it.

The only problem with this phone is the camera -- although Nextel has added it on to their new phones, it is practically worthless considering it's poor quality. Also, there's no color external display; I enjoyed having the color and the ability to have Caller ID pictures on the outside. But, if that doesn't matter to you, the i850's external display is fine.

Overall, the i850 is a solid phone, and it will probably be one Nextel's best until the release of the i930.

Motorola needs to update


Jan 19, 2007 by marck

this phone is not as bad as many say oh what am I saying I hate it the camera probably do better remembering the picture), ring tones are short, and if you have more than one game the memory will be exceeded and the game will run slow. Also the Internet is slow and won't even go to certain websites, it is hard to find text messaging and no flash

one pro is it is really durable I accidentally dropped it of the balcony of a three story building and I went to pick it up and it was ok



Aug 18, 2006 by bkw212007

I recently upgraded to an i850 from an i530. Wow, what a change.....here we go:



Large, crisp color screen

Loud speakerphone and earpiece

Java apps (wish there was a calculator though)

Great signal quality, even at zero bars...sounds like a landline phone

Not having to through Net to create a new text message!!!

Menus are logical and easy to navigate through

Camera works well...it's not as bad as a lot of people think...just wish it had some type of flash

Very cool and slick looking phone...blue disco light keypad, blue backlit outside display, and metallic silver color...much smaller than previous Nextel phones too

Durable phone...I've already dropped it 20 feet onto concrete...I was afraid I had ruined it, but it didn't hurt it at all!

DirecTalk, the off-network PTT...very, very useful when your group is out of network coverage and needs to communicate


The only "con" I can think of is the somewhat short battery life...but this is the case with all Nextel phones...I can sacrifice some battery life for a great looking, durable phone that works everywhere!


Overall, what an awesome phone...it's amazing how far Nextel has come! This top-notch phone rates right up with the best, in my book.

Great IDEN unit.


Oct 23, 2005 by bigwrigg

I carried this unit for about 3 months before upgrading to yet another phone (love working in a Nextel Service Center, I get all the new toys)
The overall feel of this unit is very solid, the keypad is layed out very well and audio quality, both ear piece and loud speaker are superb. If your looking for a good flip style phone this would be the unit.

- Larger Keypad for easy dialing.
- Very well built, study feeling.
- Vibrant color display. Looks Good.
- Earpiece and Loud Speaker are great.
- Battery Life is Great. Keep Original Software.

- Poor picture quality (even for a phone.)
- Slow net connection.
- Metal style case allows for easy scratching. but overall well built.

On a side note, I perfomed a software upgrade on the unit when Moto released it, I noticed my battery didnt last as long, but it seems they added widen to the upgrade, so if your not using any net features or hooking it up to a computer for internet use, you might want to stay with the original software, i never noticed any difference in general use before or after the upgrade, just battery life was not as well.

Waiting for More


Jul 15, 2005 by NEXTELREP

I just recently got this phone and am over all pleased with what nextel has combined in this phone, for the moment.The overall stylings of this phone are sleek and I have received multiple compliments on this model. The button layout is much much easier to navigate than the i830 and i836 with the enlarged screen and illuminated buttons it makes for a much more user friendly handset. The external Display is also an upgrade from the 830 series aswell and the much longer battery life. The phone itself is a very idea, demographically speaking, and will be very poopular to bring in new customers whom are concerned with the camera feature. However for those who have been waiting for the 9 series to debut, the wait will be coming to an end in the 4th quarter. What the 850 lack is the bluetooth technology as well as the updated hardware that would support EDGE. Overall the i850 is a great phone and I'll enjoy it until the 4th quarter when I can get my hands on the i930.

i850 waste of time


Aug 11, 2007 by sassylaurie

I think the i850 is the worst phone i have ever had!! I really wasted my money on this phone!


Walkie talkie


Camera sucks! Does not take a nice clear
picture!!! My daughters boost moble takes better pictures then this phone which is pretty sad. I get embrassed to show my pictures i have taken.

Dropped calls: Never fails i'll be talking to someone and then their gone!!!

Signal: Get hardly no reception at all! Cant even use my phone in my house.

I really think you should do alot of thinking before purchasing this phone! I would think of another phone completely infact a different maker. Nextel use to be good but something has happened to them in the last 4 months. I dont have them any longer and i am very happy now with cingular!

i855,what a trip


Mar 25, 2007 by cmbi855

well,i owned 2 phones before this(i205,i415).this phone started off as a good phone,a week after wasting 150 smackaroos the fone stopped coming on.yes,a week after.sent it to moto for free repair.got it back in like,2 month's(serius talk but i can't complain ,it was free ....SYCH!!)
the phone came back as I dreamed,and plus i heard alot of people had this problem,and i am a motorola fan ,and a iden fan so i'm going to forgive(but not forget)
now to the pro's and cons crap

camera is ok
wap browser is very good
vanity mirror on cam
keypad texture
cool menus
reliable iden
chirpin for days
i love the fact that u can send mp3 and jpeg and other media through e-mail
not cheap fealin like a monthly peace of crap


theres to many
crammed screen
phone has a wack rf signal in my house (but i understand all phones have dead area's)
camera is now an official dust pan(collects to much dust)
ptt button feels like it's stuck and it's not only my i855 cause my friend had one and he went through this same review
why less memory than i860(10mb against 25 mb)
phone starts lookin ugly after awhile

i currently own an i860.it's alot better than this phone,even though the phones platform looks heavily outdated compered to the 855.but these phones are only small talk cuz i will get a i885 soon.:] :) :D

i850 and nextel just plain suck


Dec 22, 2006 by joe1slvr

I got a nextel account with this phone to try it out and it was the worst decision i had ever mad. The first thing I noticed between this phone and my old cingular phone is the battery life. My old phone held a great charge and could last me for days straight but with the i850 the battery life is way shorter and I to charge it almost every 12 hours. The other difference I noticed in nextel is their signal sucks, I can't go down the road and not loose my single. Anyone that is thinking about getting this phone or any other nextel should definately not.


Reception (Nextel)
Battery Life
Ring Tones
Camera Sucks
Push to Talk always fails
No Alarm

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