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this is the best for nextel, for now anyway!


Jul 15, 2005 by ells04

this handset is an improvement on the i860 with better reception, better more defined screen and just overall a good phone with a good feel to it.

Preliminary Assessment


Jul 7, 2005 by rhermance

Battery gets only 24hrs of standby. Bought two other batteries(same size) with same results, so must be phone. I860 was the same way though. Wish this phone had battery life like the Razr3. I860 had the 'quick flip' which was a real nice feature. This one does not. Camera is useless as is case with all phone cameras I have used. Download phone contact manager wipes out voice and picture attachments to your contacts. No car holder that tapes onto dash or vent. I95c had a nice one for like $10.00. The 'universal' phone holders all press the PPT button when you fasten them in. You can not save .jpg's from your PC to phone. Can not get att.net webmail but that is probably an att.net issue since they use SSL. No quick way to delete all your emails. You have to go through them one by one to delete. Takes forever.(If someone knows a better way, please tell me). Much nicer than the I860(looks and feel). Phone is not listed on the Nextel or IDEN phone accessory list yet. Would think they would get all set up before they release phone. Fidelity excellent. Speaker excellent.

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Very nice


Nov 10, 2005 by Scarypanchita

I am a big nextel finatic and have tryed out a few of thier phones including the i860, i830, i836, and the i730. The i850 is a very nice phone


-Nice build shape
-Battery life is pretty good
-Camera quality is better than some others
-Speaker is loud and prompt


-Megapix camera would have been nice.
-No bluetooth


Overall this is a very nice phone and I recommend it more than the i860. Its very sturdy and a very nice phone!



Nov 10, 2005 by r7av7en7

I like this phone, the screen is very bright and crisp, the button layout is very user friendly, and the camera actually takes very good pictures considering it's not megapixel.

I am coming from an i730 and of course it is a very very large step up but my only complaint is battery life. I can only get about 4 - 5 hours of life between charges. I would recommend a car charger for anyone looking at this phone. I activated it about 24 hours ago and I have charged it 3 times so far including the initial charge.



Jul 21, 2005 by cellulars4less


Ring tones are the loudest i ever herd on a nextel phone.{SMILE}

New style ring tones:
They even have a distinctive ring tone that i set for when my husband calls it's called BLAH BLAH lol!!!!
I love the new ring tones especially the Mexican music.

DURABLE: It does'nt make you feel as if it will break easily. They built this phone real sturdy with paint that does'nt scratch off as easily or scratches that can be seen easily. It's a very nice color. I wish it had a button on the side to pop it open like the i860 phone does.

Well Lighted: I loved the Aqua blue disco light that lights up the buttons down the middle it reminds of my I90 that i hated to give up.

Camera:Is terrific, Clear, Works well.

Handset shape: Is made sorta like a curve so that you can talk comfortable if you deceide to rest the phone on your neck.

Speaker: Is great i have no problems hearing and with the new law that has been passed no talking on cell phones in your car or you will receive a $75.00 ticket this Speaker comes in handy.

Antenna: Is made like the newer falcon model phones like the i830, i 860, and the i836.

Phone book: Holds 600 numbers. Also they have added more places where we can more numbers to one person.

Easy to manuver through in and out.

WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG TO BUILD THIS PHONE {SMILE} NEXTEL has out done themselves on this phone I LOVE IT SOoOoOoOoOo much!!!

Cost: I expected the cost to be $299.99 WHEN IT 1ST HIT THE MARKET and $250.00 AFTER YOU SEND IN THE $50.00 REBATE.

You will not be disappointed if you buy this phone. I think Nextel should work out the battery life issues on all of their newset falcon phones. I wish this phone had more battery life other than that i see no flaws IT'S PERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRFECT lol.

Nextel is finally coming up


Aug 27, 2005 by bigr2kx

Wow i was extremely impressed to see a nextel phone that actually did catch my eye. Not only is it a nice phone but it has a camera, which might i add is the best in its class that ive seen and believe me ive seen alot of camera phones (hint to anyone if u want the best quality pictures u have to go to the camera setup and change the options. also when its dark go to camera setup and go to lighting and change it to low light, it wont help alot of its too dark but it will be great if its not too dark) anyway even the menus have themes i always thought that was a great feature on other phones, now yes nextel is still way behind, but the quality of this hone is good, all they need to do is bring up the options and features and customizations and they will be great. i look at all the options u can do on some phones and wish mine could do them, but then again my phone is a higher quality then most of them, i really love the camera everyone complements me on how good it is, ya there are probably better cameras out there but this one is definitely one of the top in its class. and FINALLY multimedia messaging but once again, they need to make it compatible with all companies. i love the keypad its awesome looking sleek and stylish i only wish this phone was in silver and blue instedad of black and charcoal but its ok im extremely happy with its look but i think nextel will be getting alot of nice phones now, they need to compete! So overall this phone is a great start for nextels new line of phones

Glad I upgraded :-)


Dec 22, 2005 by rkemnitz79

I am so pleased with the I850. I upgraded from the I530 (construction phone). The I530 was great, but a little too bulky for my liking.

The menu is easy to navigate if you have been a Nextel user. Rings-loud, DC-loud, and screen resolution is great. Camera is good for a phone (but I don't care, because I never use it).

I would totally recommend this phone to anyone. Its pretty stout and a lot lighter than other Nextel phones including my previous phone.

Battery life-you can't complain about that because it is a CELL PHONE. We all want to talk for 2 hours at a time...but it just doesn't happen people LOL.

Reception and call quality are good but I notice if I have a bad signal, it sounds like the voice on the other end is coming through a computer. It was like that with my other phone too. Nextel needs more towers :-)

The only real con I have is that the holster that comes with the phone. The phone hooks in backwards, so if you want to see who is calling or answer a call, you have to disconnect it out of the holster. I recommend buying an off brand holster for those who have to have one :-) Good luck

I850 SUCKS! Signal sucks!


Sep 30, 2005 by Toshibarocks

For any of you who think the I850 is a good phone, think again. I came from a I95Cl. The signal strength is terrible on the I850. Where I do not get signal with the I850 I do get with my I95, standing in the same spot. Also, if you listen carefully when you are speaking to people, their voices sound almost synthisized/robotic. This phone and the I730 have got to be the worst phone Mortorola has to offer. The I730 was so bad they had to come out with Signal booster for it. The other thing is, why are their phone so expensive when other companies pratically give their phones away. Nextel phones suck! The only good one was the I95. That phone is practically bullet proof. Go On Ebay and try to find the I95 for under $50.00, you wont be able to unless it is broken.

pretty sweet phone


Dec 24, 2005 by hucworld

overall this phone is pretty sweet I use the i855 from boost and the audio quality is pretty great. the handling of the phone as well is sweet, keypad is great no complaints.

Great phone overall


Oct 16, 2005 by dsj3000

Coming from a 12 year loyal Verizon customer who just got tired of boring, crippled, plastic phones, I purchased the I850, the upgraded big brother to the I760 and a great phone in my opinion. The interface is generally easy to use and has most options laid out in a clear and concise manner. Eliminating the "more" tab at the bottom of the menus would be preferred. The ringers are loud and there is a nice choice of plain ringers vs. other types. The camera is nice and I like the way the size of the picture can be adjusted quickly, however the picture quality is fair at best. Although they often offer little help, a flash would be a nice addition. Making and receiving text messages takes a few more seconds than some other phones I have used but is generally satisfactory. The look and feel of the casing is great. Very sturdy and heavy duty. I got so tired of the lightweight plastic phones that scratch easy, Nextel's quality was a major factor in me switching. I bought a clip that allows the phone to lock in with the face facing outward for those days when I want to show it off as it looks great. The signal strength has been excellent and I live 40 miles outside a major city and have compared it to my Verizon side by side literally everywhere. There is a marked improvement in signal strength where the signal is low and the antenna is raised. Even in very rural areas with no bars on the signal strength meter, where there was service, I was able to make a call and it was pleasantly clear with little static. I am very pleased with the I850 and would highly recommend it, but it extremely important to mention that for this phone to be considered 100% top notch, Nextel should add Bluetooth, video capability and better camera performance ASAP.

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