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Not my favorite but ok for kids


Jul 5, 2008 by nothing61486

I got this phone last july from U.S Cellular, and I loved it at the time. I think that kyocera shouldn't be out in the market because they need to update their software. It doesn't have alot of features, it's just simple, but that's always not a horrible thing. If you are a kid or an older person, i would reccommend this phone to you. But, if you're looking for a good phone with the "latest and greatest" this is the phone for you!

Lightweight (can fit in pocket)
sliding feature-handy
Voice dialing
Micro SD card
MP3 player
Graphic Smileys

this phone does not have covers for it.
The mp3 player is hard to use,it is also hard to find the card "title" in your computer
The camera takes HORRIBLE pictures

good phone for a couple months


Nov 28, 2007 by jeff96784

this phone is great iv bough two of them both new. i had the first one it was great worked great till i broke the screen finally after 4 months i got it fixed it worked great then i had my first ear piece problem. so i switched back to my old fone since i hated talking on speaker phone all the time. so i had my old fone for 3 months and bought another one off a website it was brand new and this time it came with a extended batery great since the orignal battery sucked after 2 months of use. so i had this one it worked great but for only 2 and a half months before it had eirpeice problems. i researched that problem some more and found out that it has to do with the OEM(i believe thats correct) and since its a sliding phone some magnet moves it out of place and messes it up. also the restarting of the phone when trying to listen to music is due to the name of the song if it contains (-, &*%$) any of those it will no work so you need to go through and manuely change them which is a pain but worth it in a sense
-very cool looking
-nice large screen
-has a great txt feutre which is recent list (it list the last ten people youv txt so you dont have to look them up)
-great service (i use us cellular and am in the chicago reigon)
-nice camera
-expandble memory (mini sd slot)
-cusotm ringtone (if you know how)
-horible battery life (buy extended battery)
-sliding motion can be easily screwed up
-earpiece stops working after a while (can not be fixed at the store i went to they said phone was trash)
-only 6 txt tones and they suck
- doesnt charge while on the fone only holds a charge
-silence all doesnt silence it it only silence the call if phone is on vibrate for txt still vibrates( and to even get to silent you have to go through a bunch of menus cant just hold the volume button
all in all this is a great phone if your willing to buy a new one every month

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Not as good as i hoped, however still a decent phone


Jun 27, 2006 by sneek24

So i just got this phone/Service (Remix through Cricket) about a week ago and have had some time to play with it. I had the Sony Ericson se710 through Cingular before this phone, and the LG VX600 before that phone. I got this new setup with the Flash card, Stereo Headset, and data kit also. Here are the pros and cons that I've found thus far.
also i work in the cell phone industry so ill try to be as helpful as possible. lol
LOUD speaker (pretty clear also)

Display is bright and very colorful

Great slider lock (doesn't accidentally slide closed)

Pretty Good Camera (as long as the light is good)


MP3's sound amazing with the headset and just off the speaker on the phone

Standard 3.5 Headset plus (not brand specific)

Buttons are perfect sized for a big handed person like myself and i like how the buttons are lit when opened.

Battery life is pretty good

The antenna is set in place, don't have to pull it out
Trying to make your MP3's ringers is almost impossible

the pics are good, but not great

flash isn't great, but at least it has one

The Volume is either to loud or to quiet, no happy medium

You cant have it Ring and Vibrate at the same time (you either have to have it ring, vibrate, or Vibrate for a while THEN Ring)

When i was putting stuff on the memory card for some reason when i tried to access a song on the phone, it would reset. i took out a couple songs and it doesn't do this anymore and I'm still not sure what was causing it.
In my opinion its a decent phone for Prepaid service (Cricket) but not a spectular phone. I like being able to use a data cable and put music on my phone and make it my ringers and put pics from my computer on the phone also, however its almost impossible on this phone.

Hope this Helps.

Great Phone/Lots of options.


Aug 25, 2006 by A King

Working for the Cellular Industry for 2 years and owning a slider have proven to me that this phone is a great buy. For 130.00 you get a 1.3MP camera, media player (mp3,midi,jpeg,bmp,asm), and a unique design hat will set you apart from the other phones. You have the ability to go up to 512mb storage via Micro Flash. The speaker plays exceptionally and has no "hollow noise" like most other media phones. You also get blue-tooth 1.3 which is always a plus for on the go people. Great customization options include taking pictures and setting as wallpapers/screensavers/caller ID (also supports .jpeg/.bmp/.png from your computer via USB cable included), Ability to set MP3s as contact specific ringtones or startup sounds, and editing of your softmenu to your hearts content. Overall a 4.5 for lack of a bigger Flash chip included.

Overall I love this phone


Jan 26, 2006 by loser_kid

From the first time I opened the box I knew I was going to love this phone first I'll start with it's Pros:
I love the style of this phone
The sound of the phone is fantastic. It's loud and there is litte distortion.
I love the camera on this phone it was way better then anything i've had before
The speaker phone is very loud also.
Cons: The only cons I could think about was that you can't use MP3's as ring tones. Also the battery life could be better.
Overall I give this phone a 4.5. I don't think I could be happier with any other phone.

KX5's from Midwest Wireless


Oct 26, 2005 by KLDick

Pro's: Menu's easy to use, transter of pictures and contacts was a breeze. Phone was very clear. I have been a LG6000 user for 2 years and it was a tough, great phone. I'm looking forward to putting this one to the test.
I think this is going to make a great X-mas gift for lots of kids.

Con's: I think they could still simplify the software (phone tools)they could take a couple tips from Susteen.

Never judge a book by it's cover


Feb 9, 2007 by jamie.ccms

I hated this phone at first, really I did.

I hated the way it looked and how big it was. I was also very skeptical about it being a slider.

Kyocera's earlier slider models had a glitch that caused the screen to go out after opening and closing it after a couple times because of wires inside that would disconnect. This phone was a breakthrough for Kyocera, along with the Xcursion, as a new line of newer and better improved phones by Kyocera.

After taking the phone out of the box and playing with it, I learned to LOVE it. Seriously, after the first 2 minutes of playing with it, looks didn't matter to me. I fell in love with the slidy-ness again. The 1.3 megapixle camera worked really well, and looked nice.

The MP3 player is a nice add on with the feature, and was one of the first phones that US Cellular offered with the MP3 player, so was a big seller and had a lot of fans.

The style of the menu also adds to the coolness factor, the wheel, which has always been a classic with the Kyocera phones, has been upgraded and looks really awesome.

Another really nice added feature on these phones is the games. Nokia also has games on them as well, and some of the older Motorola's, but the Kyoceras seem to always come standard with actual fun games that you don't have to spend extra money to download, which is always a plus.

The screen is bright and vibrant, good color on the screen, goes hand and hand with the camera, which is always a plus.

Really, I love this phone. A lot. Nothing I could find wrong with it. Besides the style, which, eventually, I learned to love. So, it goes to show you, never judge a book by it's cover.

Virgin Mobile Slider Sonic - Excellent!


Nov 16, 2005 by bry1023ny

Just bought this phone for $189, after the recent price reduction from $249. Also picked up the "Music Dock" station. Overall, a great phone with excellent reception. Call quality is excellent, the earpiece sounds great, and is loud enough. The speakerphone works good (people don't realize I'm even using it!) but the speaker itself is slightly on the "tinny" side; and yes, you can slide the phone closed and keep talking!

The glossy black finish is HOT, and the 1.9" screen has terrific resolution, and you can even adjust the contrast and brightness of the display to your needs. The multi-function LED on the top of the phone is also nice, it glows either red or green depending if you are charging, phone in use, etc. The slider function of the phone works flawlessly so far. Believe me, I prefer this design over the flip designs that can easily break if you're not too careful. The internal stub antenna has some of the newest styling cues (similar to some of the Nextel phones); it does not extend... but this is in fact a plus since you don't have to worry about having it fully extended to get the best reception.

Virgin Mobile disabled a couple of features on this phone from the standard version meant for other carriers; specifically, the 1.3MP camera, it is only 640x480. Also no bluetooth... and no storing any pictures from your computer on the phone (although you can store all of your music and videos on the transflash card). However, you can still take pictures and upload them to "MyPix" on the VM website (or to another phone that accepts picture messaging) for 25¢ each send.

The Music Player function is awesome! You can set it up to "shuffle" and/or "repeat" to play your tunes (even create your own playlist!) over and over again! Hook this baby up to the Music Dock and prepare to be amazed at the quality from external speakers! Get a 1GB transflash, and sell your iPod!

Don't hesitate to get this phone, worth the money since you own it, it's A+

Alltel Kx5 Slider is GRREAT!


Jun 28, 2006 by Drakkon

I recently converted over from a tmobile account to an alltel account. What a nightmare...tmobile didnt want to give up my number for 3 days. Anyways through tmobile i had a v300 that broke its antenna but always had poor to no reception constantly dropping calls.
Now i got this kyocera kx5 through alltel and its like ngiht and day. I can actually stay inside while talking on the phone, coverage is great, connection is great. Phone is superior to my v300 in just about every way, but kinda falls short when its touted as some music listening device as they dont provide enough memory on it to do much.

colorful screen
great reception
exandable memory (but they only give you a 16mb microSD card /w the phone - enough for maybe 2-3 good songs)
takes great pics for a phone

keypad took some getting used to - arrow/ok buttons kinda hard to click
not enough memory - touted as an MP3 phone to me but only 16mb of storage
provided data cable but no software
provided device to play music but no songs on phone

Alltel Slider


Mar 21, 2006 by GravityFails

I was skeptical when it came to trying out the Slider. Kyocera doesn't even appear on my tech radar, so imagine my surprise when the Slider turned out to be the finest phone I've ever used.

Yes, it's awkward at first. The sliding motion initially seems unnatural, but it soon becomes second nature and you'll find yourself wondering how you ever lived with a standard bar or clamshell. The phone need not be open to be used; all basic features, including the menu and camera, can be accessed with slide closed.


+Superior voice quality
+Beautifully smooth screen
+Excellent speaker
+MP3 Player
+Good Camera
+Decent battery life
+Solid feel
+Crystal-clear Bluetooth
+Expandable memory with micro SD cards
+Small footprint, low profile
+Great accessories included
+2.5mm jack, in case Bluetooth ain't your thing


-No FM radio
-Limited customization of menus, colors, and buttons
-Won't wash the dishes or cook supper

It's hard to review a handset and give an objective, reliable opinion, because there are simply too many variables that contribute to a phone's overall value, with the largest among these being the carrier. Do not expect the same level of satisfaction from Virgin that you'd get from Alltel; for our purposes here, these are two entirely different phones and the only one that I unreservedly recommend is the one from Alltel.

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