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Kyocera Slider Remix KX5 / Slider Sonic


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NOT worth it!!


Nov 1, 2007 by MsAngel1981

I loved this phone when I first got it. Everyone that seen in thought it was a great phone. But a few months after I got it the charger messed up. I'd have to wiggle the cord just to get it to charge. Then one day the ear piece stopped working & I could only use it on speaker. My sister's boyfriend had this phone also & I warned him about it & like a month later his messed up too. I tried to take it back to Cricket but my mother put a crack in the screen after it messed up & they wouldn't do anything about it cause the crack voided the warranty. I ended up buying an even worse phone off of eBay (Motorola V265...DON'T BUY!!!) I think I'll try the Kyocera Lingo & see if they've improved any. Overall this phone isn't worth the time or money it takes dealing with its problems!!!

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This phone has software problems.


Oct 29, 2007 by schrock470

The Slider Sonic (KX5B) phone supported by Virgin Mobile should not be offered on the market today. Technical support line reps from Kyocera (the manufacturer of the Slider Sonic), indicate that this is a phone that has recently (summer 2007) developed software problems thus preventing it from functioning as a video recorder or MP3. The root of the problem is software installed on each phone by Virgin Mobile. To date, the software versions JC10008 and RQ10122 and DJ1.0.04 are problematic; and phones having any of these software versions will cause the phone to malfunction. These software issues are unresolved as of this writing (October 28, 2007).

Customer support staff for the Virgin Mobile for the Slider Sonic are not adequately knowledgeable of the product making careless erroneous statements for which they only grudging hold themselves accountable. Information they provide on memory cards has been incorrect, advice on phone- error messages such as “incorrect card type” have been incomplete as there is no acknowledgment that the current software issue could be the cause of a customer’s current problem.

The phone looks good, has fair battery life, a rather small but adequate memory card, and functions well as a cell phone. In the end, the software issue eclipses many of the worthy features of this phone.

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hateeeeeeee it!


Oct 14, 2007 by nicoleoliviax3

this phone sickens me, lets start off with the "sliding" part! most phones spring up but this one is horrible to slide! why is it even called a slider? its really hard to slide it. not to mention the battery life, its disgusting! my front keys stopped working as well, and i go back to my us cellular store monthly to get it fixed! the screen cracks easily, becuase theres so much space between the plastic and the real phone, and i can go on forever! the phone sucks, i dont recommend it at all.

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Amazing Phone


Oct 5, 2007 by Corbachu

This phone is absolutely gorgeous. I have had this phone for 4 months now without issues. It has a nice, big screen and the interface is perfect. The bluetooth doesn't work the way you would expect it to, which is a huge downfall, otherwise it's awesome.

People have been talking about the memory card limitiation...there is none. I have a 2GB Micro-SD in the phone and it works perfectly. Sometimes the card gets corrupted from bad data and I have to format but I make regular backups in Vista (sometimes Vista will screw it over with an SDCard reader as well). Previously I had a 1GB card and it worked the same. Don't believe the reviews that says it will only work 512MB, because it can safely go a lot higher than that.

Great phone, loud speaker, lots of storage, nice features (32gp video, MP3 audio, etc), excellent support. Highly recommended, even by today's standards!

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No speaker


Sep 28, 2007 by Cmarx2007

I bought this phone nearly a year ago. About three months ago (June-ish) I started having problems with it. I went to answer a call and noticed that the ear piece speaker wouldn't work unless the phone was slid closed. Over the next few days this quickly progressed. Eventually I couldn't hear out of the phone no matter what, I had to stick to using my blue tooth exclusively to use my phone. It's degeneration continued even further to random keys not working. I could answer calls by hitting the soft key that said answer, but NOT the green answer key- that didn't work. Further more, I couldn't dial a number if it wasn't in my phonebook because I couldn't hit the send button. Text messaging was impossible because I couldn't hit the back key, either. These were the problems I had with my FIRST one, I called the insurance that I had put on it, and they replaced it with the same exact model phone, and just a few months later, it's doing almost the same exact thing. The buttons work perfectly right now (knock on wood) but I can't hear anything without my head set again. As of this morning, my phone won't ring anymore either so unless it's on vibrate, or my headset is actually IN my ear I don't know I'm receiving a call. I would strongly recommend you NOT purchase this phone. It's malfunction is apparently a problem with the phone, not the user.

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Sep 6, 2007 by booderbear87

i have cricket and i wanted this phn so bad because my ex had it i should've stayed with the the ut starcom than went with this piece of junk this phn is not whats up i had the phn for about 5 months the speaker went out i had to have all my calls on speaker phn i went to cricket they charged 10 bucks 2 weeks later my screen turned white it would come back on and looked like a mario brothers game it would go back to normal when it wanted to my brother has the same phn his phn screen is just pitch black it still rings and he has to have his phn on speaker too the buttons don't wk you pay all this money on a cricket phn and it goes out in a wk i'm glad cricket has the thing where you can use a sprint phn or verizon phn on their services because i will never spend another dime on a cricket phn i will use the ugliest beat up phn than buy any cricket phn

good pics
excellent battery life
recognizes words when texting

keypad doesn't wk
have to have phn on speaker
screen goes blank

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Aug 29, 2007 by PUDDLEPUFFGIRL26

I have the cricket version of the slider remix and i live in Hayden, Idaho. I Love my phone and i haven't had any problems with this phone and i have had it now for about 2 years. I don't really have any cons to say about this phone but many pros...it's pretty much idiot proof for the people like myself and a few people i know that want all the technology perks without reading a manual on how to work the darn thing after you finally went out and spent a couple hundred bucks you didn't have on the phone with all bells & whistles. It's also helpful that it didn't take much to teach my 8 year old how to use it. This phone is very very durable also since i have children it has had more than it's fair share of hard drops or even sometimes throws onto the concrete and still working, so thankfully i never needed to use my protection plan insurance to replace it after my 3 year old has had a fit and chucked it, thnank god cause that would just have been more $ i don't have. I'm not sure what else to say but excellent product!!!!!It was well worth the price i paid. THANKS AMII

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Looooove This Phone!!!!!


Aug 28, 2007 by rhancock

I really didn't want this phone at first, but i thought it was cute and different so i got it. Really happy i did!!!! I fell in love with this phone the first week. I think its stylish, fun, and durable. I like the thick heavy phones, seems like there less likely to break and easier to hold.

I love the menu wheel option, thats different and on no other phone. I Love the pictures and video. My ringtones sound very clear and loud, almost like I'm playing the CD right on my phone. I love the picture frames and the different clip art. It also has great reception.(by the way, I'm with cricket) Basically, I have been through several phones trying to find one that I am happy with. I didn't think this would be it, but i feel i made the right decision!!!

Great Phone, I love almost everything

POOR battery Life(as long as your not talking on it for 30 minutes at a time,battery last a while, but if your using it, you will need to charge it after talking for 30-45 minutes)Its the ONLY thing I don't like about the phone.

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I have owned 3 of these!


Aug 21, 2007 by daisyfly

I loved this phone when I first got it. For the first few months it is a great phone! The only thing about it is that it doesn't last. They start to just stop working. I have Cricket service. The phone has been replaced by them twice, once I had to pay for it through insurance. It wasn't because it had been dropped or gotten wet. They just stop. I wondered if it was just me, but I have personally spoken to 7 other people who experienced the same thing. One of the repair shops I spoke with said they knew when I called and said what was happening which phone I was going to have. They had received sooo many calls about this phone. Like I said, it starts out wonderful. They just don't last. My sister owns another Kyocera brand phone and hers is doing a lot of the same things.

Mine just freezes up, the buttons suddenly quit working, especially the ones on the outside, I will call someone from my contacts and it still calls someone completely different, it basically starts acting completely bizzare!! I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.

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Horrible Phone


Aug 7, 2007 by ABC63146

I work in the wireless industry and this phone actually looks pretty cool, but i have customers come in on a daily bases having problems with it. Either people on the other end cant hear you and it wont work at all on speaker mode, or you have to use it in speaker mode. So far any that i have sent off ( because they come with a one year manufac war.) they all come back showing water damage and none of them have water damage. So if you want this phone you can expect some problems. Other than that its a cool phone, has cam, expandable memory, etc, but there is deff a problem with the speaker.

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