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Nokia 3155i / VI-3155


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Almost perfect!


Dec 16, 2005 by dwbmw

Nokia has made almost the perfect flip phone on their first(?) try! The only improvement they need to make is to up the volume on the ear piece.

Pro's-excellent interior screen, ease of use, multi-color keys, great reception(for sprint).

Con's-need one or two more volume increments.

I don't need a phone to be a tech marvel, just to make calls and be reachable. I got this phone for $10 with a plan and consider it a steal!

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Great for what it is, a Phone!


Nov 28, 2005 by commander

I am only bothering to type this review to clear up some misconceptions in the previous reviews.

Before you buy this phone read what it does and doesn't do carefully. It is a basic phone with text capability and even vision if you are inclined to suffer through the web on a tiny screen.

I came from a different Nokia and here is what I can suggest.

- GREAT Sound Quality (Got to hold it up to your ear though :))
- Great ring tone quality. Not sure how a speaker phone is good and the same speaker wouldn't produce great rings.
- Speakerphone is clear except on full volume
- Plays MP3s out the same speaker very clearly
- Battery Life is better than some other Nokias
- Menu is easy to navigate
- Buttons have positive feedback

- This phone uses a different charger than previous Nokia phones so you have to buy new car chargers or get the silly adapter.
- Ringer volume seems unchanged despite setting it to very loud. (This is a recent development).

Overall this is a great phone for someone wanting to talk on their phone. I had no need for the poor quality pictures so I don't miss the camera in my old phone. No frills but good phone.

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Nokia 3155i


Mar 26, 2006 by mariersteve

Pros: 12 mega bytes of memory allows phone to store a fair amount of data; connectivity with computer; organizer functions; mobile internet; excellent reception Cons: None .. Full opinion: I purchased the Nokia 3155i phone from Sprint because I wanted a basic phone, but I've been pleasantly surprised to find that the phone does more than just make phone calls. I have not had any problem with the sound on the phone being muddled; the sound is crystal clear. The reception is strong and the phone maintains its signal in elevators and other locations in which my last phone, a Motorola, did not. I purchased a data cable to attach the phone to the computer which has allowed me to download all of my contact and scheduling information from Outlook. I also downloaded about 50 compressed photographs, making the phone a portable photo viewer, which is what I like best, and there is enough memory for me to download another 50 compressed photos. I have not dropped the phone yet, but my perception is that it may not be durable. The phone is made completely of plastic. In sum, my experience with the phone is positive, and I would rate it more highly than any other phones I used prior to this. The Nokia 3155i is a great flip phone from Nokia. It is on a great deal so don't miss this. You will have to use it to believe how good I am feeling about this phone. Forget Motorola's and Samsung's..Nokia is the best of all.

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Solid Phone for Communicating


Dec 5, 2005 by jeepboy040618

I decided it was time to trade-in my two-year old Sanyo 8100 camera phone for one that supports SMS. I also decided to ditch the camera-phone feature finding I never really used that feature on my Sanyo except for adding picture ID to my contacts. I also never found poor-quality camera-phone pictures a substitute for photos from a good digital camera.

The PROS: The main, 256k color display is brilliant. Icons, wallpaper, images look great on it. Speaker phone is loud and clear. Ringer sound is clear with support for many ringer types. Also, large address book and ability to assign ringer per contact or group is cool. I'm already addicted to the ease of text messaging. Very easy on this phone with T9 and templates. The menus are very intuitive and straight-forward (Sanyo drives me crazy with having to punch *way* too many keys to do a simple thing on their menus). Interested to try FM radio, although don't have new headset yet. Phone easily connects to PC through USB. Also, web browsing very fast and easy.

The CONS: Earpiece quality seems somewhat tinny to me compared to Sanyo. It actually seems to be getting better (am I getting used to it or does it need to "break-in"?), but it has made it difficult to understand a conversation even at high volume, although I don't notice so much anymore (after couple weeks). Also, Nokia seems a little behind in updating their PC Suite software for the 3155i. It works, but you have to guess at things since the 3155i isn't listed in drop-down menus. I miss picture ID.

My decision to buy this phone brought me to choose between it and the Sanyo 2300, another Sprint vision-supported non-camera phone. The better display, longer battery life, and USB support helped push me towards the Nokia. And with the FM radio, I thought I should give a different manufacturer a try (having used Motorola, Samsung, and Sanyo previously).

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Jul 5, 2007 by Ugh

I'm on my 2nd phone and waiting for the 3rd; the hinge broke on both. I was anxious to get a hold of a Nokia...and now i'll never buy another one.

Pros - works fine if you don't need all the bells & whistles.

Cons - the darn case keeps breaking at the hinge and at the charger connection.

I wouldn't recommend even if it was free without a contract.

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Don't buy this one


Apr 28, 2007 by bike4miles

Electronically I have no complaints. It has fast text messaging, good speakers, great bat life, and I really like the front display as it shows reception and bat life all the time unlike phones with color front displays.

The problem is the casing and external design. It is a very poorly built phone with cheep fragile casing. My wife’s phone broke in the first month and we glued it back together only to have it break more and more till it was about to completely fall apart 13 months after we started our contract forcing us to fork over $200 for a new phone because this one didn’t go this distance. There are much better phones out there for $200. This one was a flop.

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Great Phone!


Mar 21, 2006 by kooltrip05

i gave this phone a 4.5 out of 5 because the only con is the menu is sort of werid. Like a lot of us, i text message a lot, and to get to messaging you have to go through a lot. and yes, you can record memos and set them as a ringer. the outside screen is huge, and its great. the anntenna helps soo much! i swear to it. when that is up, u will 95% never drop a call. a heka cool club ringtone comes with the fone, its tight. and there is 12 mb memory, andthat is huge! that is 2x as much than camera fones and this isnt a camera fone! another cone is that if you want to lock the phone so ur annoying family members can't read ur texts and such, you have to go through a lot of menu. but overall very good fone!

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When will Nokia & Sprint Figure It Out??


Dec 31, 2005 by escargotomy

Sprint & Nokia just can't make it work even when they are trying to make it look like they are. For some reason nearly every phone Nokia has delivered to Sprint over the last 3 years has been a DOG!! Now I am a Nokia guy, and I know they have good product but their good phones seem reserved for everyone but us Sprint-users. The 3155 is a perfect example. On paper this phone looks good..more than adequate for basic telephony. I have never asked a phone to be anything else but a phone..don't need internet...don't need a camera...don't need games! Just a phone, thank you. So when i heard Sprint was getting a Nokia flip-phone I decided that I'd give them one more year of patronage rather than switching to Cingular or Verizon. My 3155 arrives by UPS in late October and already I can see we have another canine. A whip antenna instead of internal..the antenna is on the opposite side of all their other flip-phones so it won't fit in a leather case... maybe the flimsiest cheesiest case I have ever seen on a flip-phone, and a hinge that seems to yell out, "I'll be broken soon, so have a backup ready!". And yes, my hinge IS now already cracking exactly as I knew it would so I am going to have to bring it in for warranty replacement next week! Why can't Nokia & Sprint get it right?? This has bothered me for all the 4 years I've suffered as a SPrint user, but never more than now. I believed in Nokia... I would never use another brand of phone but this is just pathetic. On it's behalf I will say that the 3155's reception and battery life are exceptional, but it does not make up for the crappy case & design flaws which make this a real loser of a phone. I wonder how many cracked hinges I'll go through before my Sprint contract is up?? Cingular or Verizon in 2007 and hopefully some state of the art Nokias!

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Oh my goodness


Jun 24, 2007 by lowwwtech

Nice Internal display
good reception and call quality

Very Poorly built
Flimsy Hinge, eventually just splits in two
Very UGLY exterior
Um no camera?
External display is far to large to be in black and white
Backlight goes off too quickly even after adjusting the settings
A little bulky
External antenna. Could have made it internal or at least not as ugly
Low earpiece

I've only used Nokia phones and found that they were always durable and sturdy. This phone however is none of the things I would expect from Nokia. The hinge felt so flimsy and having the phone for only 5 months it totally fell apart. This phone is a big dissapointment

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Nov 5, 2006 by kamber101

K well i had this phone for about 5 months and let me tell you ITS AWSOMEE!!!! yup this phone is great and perfect for teens and even parents who dont need all those bells and whistles





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