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A Good Basic Phone


Feb 6, 2010 by zerotsm

I bought this phone for $25.00 used to replace my aging Nokia 6010. The reason I chose this phone besides the price is that it has a speaker phone. Although it has a built in FM radio, I have not tested this feature because it requires a stereo headset to work (my mono headset from my other phone would not work).

Pros: Good RF section, very few drop outs. Speakerphone. No learning curve for previous Nokia owners, I was able to use this phone without looking at the manual once. Very good battery life, my sample goes for two weeks without recharging (note that this is mostly standby time). Built in calendar is a nice feature. DTMF tone duration totally controlled by how long you press the buttons, an important feature if you need to operate a "Sine Systems" controller or similar remote control unit.

Cons: FM Radio requires special accessory to work. Speakerphone must be used in quiet environment in order to hear it. A limited choice of default ringtones, but this does not bother me as one of the defaults is an old fashioned telephone bell. This is how phones are supposed to sound! If I wanted to hear music, I'd buy an MP3 player. Too easy to press the arrow buttons instead of the center command button, although I eventually got used to that.

Bottom Line: While the con list may seem longer than the pro list, these are minor annoyances compared to the good qualities of this phone, and you can't beat the price. Even if you own the "latest and greatest" smart phone, it's worth picking up one of these as a backup phone.

I have one of those nokia 6030's and..


Nov 22, 2007 by LumpypmuL


i forget how long i've had it for, but it has horrible volume on it, i can hardly hear when i'm calling someone, i have to be in a closed off room absolute quiet to hear from it oh and i got it on a goplan

I live in perkasie PA, n/nw of philly


-really good battery life, usually lives for a week or 2 for me
-a lot of random features
-looks pretty decent
-pretty good screen


-where do i start, first off i can't hear anything on it, my ringtone is louder then the volume is when i'm talking to people
-really shaky design, kinda flimsy and breakable.......
-back screen wont stay bright for more than 3 seconds

i'm only 14, so i don't know a lot, but this phone is truly horrible


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Great Phone


Oct 29, 2007 by crunchy1024

My only phone service is with T-Mobile and I live on the fringe of their service in my area. This is the only phone I've tried from T-Mobile that gives me dependable reception. The others I've tried, including Nokia, Moto, Samsung, work if I want to walk up the incline out back of the house. But, this phone is the only one that gets acceptable reception inside the house.

Great reception
Speaker phone
Battery life
Soap bar design
Voice quality

Screen is very difficult to see in bright light
Screen is dismal in light
Screen is pitiful in sunlight
End call button and loudspeaker buttons are poorly placed

It is too easy to either end a call or switch to loudspeaker while holding the phone to my ear. The tone it makes when switching to loudspeaker is painful when the phone is next to my ear. More often than not I use it as a speaker phone to avoid either of these two events.
It's a great phone if all you are looking for is a phone with great reception and no frills. It suits what I want from a phone and I highly recommend it.

Not an ideal phone


Aug 18, 2007 by andrewlevitt257

Here's why I don't like this phone:

The up-down menu button doubles as a volume button, but it stops working if you have typed any numbers after the call starts, as in zero for operator. This is terrible when the call is too loud.

The answer button sporadically doesn't work, which is TERRIBLE when you put the phone up to your ear to start talking and it blasts a super loud ring into your eardrum. TERRIBLE.

The interface is worse than mediocre. I thought that Nokias were supposed to have great interfaces, but this is sorely untrue here. Can't call numbers from text messages, can't send text message to numbers from the phone book. Call-waiting is hard to figure out. If you ever use a calling card, you're screwed, because the interface just turns off if you type any numbers after a call. And the worst is, the interface is SLOW. I'm usually a few keystrokes ahead of the thing. It must have old electronics.

The call volume goes loud enough, not awful like a RAZR. Could go louder, though. I also seem to have had lots of echoing, where I hear my voice bounced back, but I'm not sure if this is T-Mobile or the phone.

Why I like it: no reception problems, battery lasts forever, never freezes or resets or anything, bulletproof.

Overall, I would never recommend this phone to anyone, but there are worse phones. I would say it sits at around the 40% percentile.

No way to backup your data.


Aug 1, 2007 by jrussell789

All the good things about this excellent little phone I agree with. Unfortunately, when Nokia removed their Pop-Port and put in a standard physical USB connector, they failed to make it compatible with their PC Suite data backup and recover software. I say 'physical USB' because that is all it is. It is for test and troubleshooting use only. IT IS NOT YOU AND ME.

Without a standard software USB, without PC Suite compatibility, without Irda, without Bluetooth, and without a SyncML client, how to hell are we to backup our phone contacts/etc personal data Nokia??

A big negative for this phone. Too bad you screwed this phone Nokia.



Jun 20, 2007 by rjs2008

I bought this phone from E-Bay for like 20 bucks and it has been the best phone I have ever owned! I moved to this phone from the Samsung t619 because of many flaws I didn't like. I have dropped this phone several times and it still looks great..it's a tank!


* Small
* Loud MP3 ring tones
* Text messaging is a breeze
* Great Battery Life
* Cool image editing
* All the features you could want like calculator and calendar and alarm.
* Highly Customizable
* Radio
* Service Magnet


* Doesn't look that cool
* Thats pretty much it

My very fabourite intro Nokia canybar so far


May 27, 2007 by dcalvaneso

This is one tough little phone. I received it for $50 as part of a two year upgrade contract with Cingular and on the whole, I've been extremely pleased with it. You will be too, unless you desire a lot of extra features. This phone excels at a cell phone's most basic functions, though, and for that it's pretty easy to forgive the lack of a camera, bluetooth, or MP3 player.

* Excellent reception/ability to hold a signal
* Robust ringer profiles and caller groups
* Excellent battery life and power management
* Very good speaker phone
* Attractive, compact black candy bar profile
* Supports MP3 ring tones
* Multiple numbers per phonebook entry
* Some nice, basic PDA/planner functionality
* The built-in FM radio is a nice touch.

* Earpiece is a little weak in areas with a lot of ambient noise
* No bells and whistles like a camera or MP3 Player
* Radio doesn't play without a headset plugged in
* Battery door does feel a little loose, though easily worked around.

Not all 6030b phones are equal!


Apr 5, 2007 by tszefr

First I condemn Nokia for stupidity in their model designations. What are suffixes a, b, i, etc. for anyway? You have to look closer because my samples from Cingular (RM-75) and T-mobile (RM-225) are very different but both are called 6030b. The RM-75 was unlocked fast with a code calculator but the RM-225 took dispensation from T-mobile.

Besides the distinct different branding with menu items, T-mobile chose to deny connectivity to Java apps. Thus an app like Opera Mini or Gmail Mobile is worthless on this version but viable on the Cingular version!

The phone also sports what apparently is a USB port but Nokia site says nothing. Sellers on ebay offer cables. If those work, I am even more disgusted with Nokia.

With all that out of the way then, some good points are:
* Nice keypad
* Bright
* Loud
* FM Radio

And my bad points are:
* No reasonable serial connectivity
* Wierd case design

The serial cable could give you an easy way to load or backup your phone book. If you intend to "get more" with Java apps or you want easy unlocking, stay away from the RM-225 version.

It's a great basic phone


Mar 31, 2007 by iloveviqas

Great phone if you just want to make/receive calls. Reception is amazing and it rarely needs to be charged. I got this phone free with a Cingular upgrade; and it's much better looking than some of the more expensive phones.

pros: nice looking phone
easy to use
great reception
long battery life

cons: limited wallpapers
limited rings
no call timer
have to "clear text" before sending
a text message
no camera

Great Basic Phone


Mar 11, 2007 by crchavis

This phone was great. I've had great experiences with Nokia phones. The call quality was amazing. This phone doesn't have any fancy features or even a camera. If you're looking for a phone that has amazing features then this one isn't for you, but if you're just looking for a good quality phone as far as basic function like I was, then this phone is for you. I had this phone with cingular and it never once dropped a call. That is more than I can say for most samsungs I've owned. Overall great phone.

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