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Very sleek basic phone.


Jun 7, 2006 by iloveMOTOV300

Pros: Great reception, loud speaker phone, loud ringers, the style is very attractive. Easy to use, like the menu icons.

The only con is you only get 5 ringers and 2 graphics.

But overall if you want an attractive basic phone that is reliable, get the Nokia 6030.

Solid Phone


Apr 28, 2006 by getho

AMAZING reception
Customizable menus
Clear Speakerphone
Cool power-saving mode

If you drop it everything comes out and the faceplate may come off
Back battery cover is very flimsy
Bar phone

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Good basic phone; didn't work as biz pager


Mar 31, 2006 by SpiroAGnu

This is a really nice entry-level phone, good for the price (mine was free w/contract). I had two issues that caused me to return it, though.

- Cool design, very trim
- Nice features for the price

- I found it very difficult to hit the menu button without accidentally hitting one of the four surrounding directional buttons instead. I thought at first this was because I have rather large hands, but I believe now it's a design flaw. The menu button is relatively stiff and difficult to press, while the directional buttons click very easily; they "want" to depress, so they usually do if your fingers overlap even a little.
- The showstopper for me was the messaging alerts. I needed the phone primarily as a business pager, but the 6030 doesn't provide an option for repeating alerts. So if I was out of the room when I received a message, I wouldn't know about it until I unlocked the phone and checked the screen. For me, that's a fatal flaw. I need the phone to beep or ring every couple minutes until the message is acknowledged. Frankly, I thought that was a feature on all phones, so I'm surprised Nokia omitted it on the 6030.

I'm still giving the phone a decent review, because it should work well for those who don't need that particular feature.

Nokia 6030 is okay phone


Mar 5, 2006 by papigar2004

A good phone but the back cover is a bit sloppy and fits loose. Otherwise phone is a good entry level phone. Speaker works good..

Great phone.


Feb 28, 2006 by jaydubphigam

This is a great phone. When I say phone I mean phone. It is not a camera or an ipod. It is a small phone but not too small to easily hold while talking. Everywhere I have gone so far (southern Indiana area) I have had great signal strength.

Great signal strength
Small size
Long battery life
No Camera

None that I have found yet

Not bad


Jan 22, 2006 by powermonkey

I have this phone as a temporary at the moment. It's not a bad little phone, I'll admit I didn't like it at all at first - it felt as if I were holding a TV remote up to my head - but, it grew on me. The sound quality through the earpiece and speakerphone is great, the phone is very compact and is almost unnoticeable even in a shirt pocket. It has a decent look going for it - glossy black with chrome trim around the sides. The screen quality is excellent - bold, bright and high res.

In all honesty, my main gripe isn't with the phone itself, it's the lack of available downloads for it. At the moment there are VERY few ringers, and the ringers that come with the phone just aren't to my liking. Also, there seems to be no data cable/software available for this phone from what I'm told.

My experience with this phone is that it is great for someone who wants a solid, easy on the wallet, professional-looking little bar phone that will fit in a pocket without producing any noticeable bulges. It is not for someone who needs a customizable phone.

For those who like a simple phone...


Jan 12, 2006 by philipmf17

I like simplicity in a cell phone. No camera, no video, no bluetooth, etc...So overall I like this phone. I was using a Nokia 3120 before I switched to this. Only differences I noticed were the voice memo and screen pixels. The 6030 has a slightly better screen and NO voice memo. Since I had only used mine once on the 3120 I didn't mind this. Overall, it is a good simple phone. Flashy, but simple.

A Great Phone-Not an iPod or a camera, just a phone


Mar 6, 2006 by mjo2

If you are tired of phones that do everything but wash the dishes after dinner, try this phone. That's all, just a phone (OK, FM Radio). You can still browse the web and I found it just as fast as my 6230 in doing so. The loudspeaker is great-crisp and clear. It grabs and holds a signal better than any other phone I have tried.
Consider that you can pick up one of these puppies, without contract, for about $75, you will still have enough money left over for an iPod-which is for music and sounds better than any mp3 or iTunes phone ever will.
As for as the camera is concerned, I haven't taken a picture in 6 months, so I'll trade the great reception, form factor and low price for the camera any day. I know there are some users who need the total communicator that some phones are, and you should have one. But if you just want a great phone to communicate with others, this is it.

Hating It!!


Dec 21, 2006 by dexternyc

Anybody wanna buy a phone?

I hate this phone. Sure it has some good qualities........battery life is decent, speaker phone is good, and i've had good experiences with nokias in the past.
But for gods sake its 2006 and this phone has a feature set from 1989. i thought i didnt need all the "extras" but I'm finding there are so many little annoyances. i have two friends who also have this model and we all have the same issues, so its not like i got a bad one.

-only one number per contact!! this is truly retarded. most of my contacts have at least a cell number and a home number, some also have a work number. isn't this a standard feature?????? all my contacts that were already on my sim card now have to be manually entered as two or more separate entries. "jim home", "jim work", "jim cell". sheesh.

-no call timer. never thought it was that important before, but i like to see how long i'm talking. with this phone you have to wait until after the call and then go through several menus.

-holding the phone with your chin means you will inevitably hit the call hold button. bad design.

-when you select "create a new text message" the text from the last message you typed appears and you have to delete it before you do anything. retarded.

-real flimsy construction. face is loose, battery cover is loose.

-dust gets between the outer screen and the inner screen. never had that happen on a phone before.

these are just a few of the complaints i have after a week of using it. i've had nokias before and was impressed but this thing is a piece of sxxt!

An excellent starter phone.


Nov 8, 2006 by Sprint Guy James

This phone is a great phone to start with. Its small, compact, and easy to use. It features FM, although the headset is sold separately. This feature itself is awesome in teh fact that you can get music ANYWHERE.

The small design is current with industry demands.

However, with such a small body, the keys are small and difficult to navigate with ease. This phone would benefit from a camera.

Overall, I like this phone. It is very easy to tote around, and the menus are easy to navigate. Predictive text is a little sluggish but bearable. Great phone. :)

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