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Zulu says yes to Nokia 6030


Feb 26, 2007 by Zulu Queen of the Dwarves

I, Zulu, Queen of the Dwarf People hereby declare this phone to be perfect for my kingdom. It is a small phone packed with features. It makes it easy for me to text my servants whenever I need anything. Plus the signal strength is very good, which is important for when I need to travel throughout my kingdom. Plus I like the stylish design too. And the screen quality is very good for Nokia. If you are like me, Zulu, Queen of the Dwarf People, and you need a simple easy to use phone that won't make you go nuts and pass a bunch of mean laws on your people, then I say go with the Nokia 6030.


Zulu, Queen of the Dwarf People

Okay for a simple little phone.


Jan 3, 2007 by ZeroSanity

I've had this phone for about a week now. I've got it as a temp phone while T-Mobile orders my permanent phone (which will be a Samsung t629). Having owned several Nokias in my time, there was a very small learning curve.

Decent screen
Price (at the moment, free)
Vibrate is solid
Good response time in menus
When you turn it up, the speaker's not bad.

Tiny, tiny buttons. Makes me feel like I'm using a phone meant for a two year old.
You get two options for back-light duration: short and forever.
The speaker can be heard by everyone in a semi-quiet room.
The stock ringtones are a bit quiet. Vibrate makes this quite tolerable.

While I do have several more cons than pros listed, the cons are fairly minor. For the most part, I've experienced good reception. However, I've yet to be able to use t-zones. If this phone doesn't support it, it's silly to have its own soft key. However, more likely this is a T-Mobile problem, and not a phone issue.

I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a very basic phone, has small fingers, and wants to get on a My Favs plan.

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Dec 16, 2006 by sether

I bought this T-Mobile branded phone for $30 new and tested it in the San Francisco Bay area on T-Mobile's network. I found many minor annoyances with the layout and feel of this phone, but since it works good in the areas that count (RF, call quality, battery life), I gave it a rating of 4 out of 5.

-Long battery life (the Phone Scoop specs underestimate it)
-Good RF in areas of poor coverage
-Amazing call quality
-Simple to use
-FM radio with 20 presets
-Includes headset

-Buttons feel cheap and are difficult and unsatisfying to press
-Not the prettiest phone on the market
-Handset speaker volume needs to be turned up quite a bit to be able to hear calls outdoors
-The left soft-key cannot be changed (it defaults to a "Go to" menu
-The main menu cannot be changed to list-style
-The Nokia OS menu lists can only fit 2 items on the screen at once
-No in-call timer. You can only set it to give you an after-call summary
-FM radio requires headset, even though you can just switch it to speakerphone as an option and unplug the headset when it starts playing out of the speaker (what the hell?)

I can deal with the cons and I appreciate the simplicity of the phone, but it's not worth getting unless you pay less than $40 for it. It's still a cute phone to have and great for anyone who doesn't need multimedia.

good upgrade to nokia 6010, 3595,3120,3220 etc


Dec 12, 2006 by jadall

What to get for the former nokia 6010 user or nokia 3595 user. Nokia did a good job on this phone I have a friend who sold his samsung t-mobile slider phone (simular to the samsung d807 but for t-mobile) and is using this phone. Gets good reception. the easy to use nokia menus. I liked the phone with the experiences I've had using it. I work for a cell carrier and it is one of my recommended phones for a phone that works!! I had this phone all tweaked out in minutes setting it up for an old person who doesn't use it for anything had the radio playing on the loudspeaker(with a headset that I got with my n-gage) with the go to menu on one side with any menu option you want selected on there for ease of use. the phone my older friend had came with a bonus full plastic body to it so if it gets knocked up or something we can "fix" it

it appears to have all the standard features, mms, sms, calendar etc pretty much the same features found on all nokia cellphones, good sounding speakerphone, sharp color screen

The complaints I've had again working for a cell carrier is the body issues with the phone yes it is a little loose or creaky but seems to have a nice case to absorb impact from dropping like my 2 other nokia phones. the n-gage classic and the nokia 3300 it does have a body /faceplate that can be totally removed front piece top back piece and back battery cover. very few complaints about total failures "dead" phones with these but does happen with all cell phone models. I do also hear "I can't hear it loud enough" when this phone was first launched alongside the nokia 6061 both phones turn volume up with right and left navigation keys.(while on a call) firt instance this happend took me a few mins but finally discovered this apparantly unknown secret.

it's a pretty small phone smaller than a w810 i(thinner) by sony ericsson and a bit larger than a motorola c139 a bit bigger than a sony ericsson t290a almost the exact size of sony ericsson j220a

Love the phone, couple of improvements


Dec 7, 2006 by hosteen

This phone is the perfect size shape and weight etc. for me. I also really like the Nokia software compared to the Motorola software.

My only complaint is that it seems like it's really easy for dust to get under the outer screen cover. Once it's there you have to take the phone completely apart to clean it.

Also, the the navigation keys seemed to always feel loose. Apart from that, I would have rated it a five.

Plane Jane Phone


Dec 6, 2006 by g0fr888

Umm, what to say... This phone is great.

1) Great screen
2) Quick and Nimble controls
3) Lots of memory for a phone w/o a camera
4) Seaworthy, I dropped mine in water plenty of times
5) Good easy to use basic GUI

1) Radio has to have earpice but then you can put it on speaker, weird, so you don't really even need the stupid earpice
2) Freakish "Image Editor"

So yeah, it's a good phone for making calls and texting, the keypad is so good, great for people with out good sight beacuse the numbers so up fairly large, but it lacks a camera.

Good battery life, poor key placement


Dec 6, 2006 by jmastrol

I've used this phone for a little over a week in the SF bay area and found it to be, overall, a sturdy and reliable phone. Signal reception on T-Mobile's network is very good and I've not experienced any dropped calls, choppiness, or poor RF performance. This is a great phone if you like the key layout. Take a few moments to click on the "Info" tab for this phone and look closely at the center "menu" key as well as the up, down, right left keys. Then notice the size and placement of the keys surrounding it (two soft keys above, send and end below).

This is where the problem lies. For me (right handed with decent sized fingers) the menu and navigation keys are difficult to use. And the underlying mechanism is flimsy. This is OK if you press the right button, but if your fingers are strong enough to move the direction button in more than one direction, it gets frustrating very fast. Additionally, with regard to the key layout, the "end call" key is just to the right (and slightly down) from the navigation key. More than a few times I've accidentally depressed the "end" key while attempting to lower or raise the ear piece volume.

I really liked this phone except for those caveats mentioned above. So I'm exchanging it while I can for another phone that works with my digits and hands.

-Excellent battery life (one charge lasted 5 days!)
-Great Nokia menu system
-Excellent signal retention
-Clear and very audible call quality
-Nice compact size fits in shirt pockets easily
-One, maybe two, usable ring tones
-Speaker phone works well

-Menu soft keys, send, and end keys are too large
-Navigation button not solidly built, easy to hit wrong key
-Number keys are sort of small as well
-Removing the battery from back of the phone is somewhat challenging (design of battery clasp is "unusual").

Great Compact Basic Phone


Jul 21, 2006 by hdtravel

This is a great basic phone without all the stuff you don't really need and rarely use.

I picked a refurbished one up for $29.00 from Cingular with no contract required.


Small & Compact
Looks nice & stylish
Simple to use, easy menus
Color display
Polyphonic ringers
Speaker Phone
FM Radio
Good reception
Very inexpensive



I highly recommend this phone as it is small, basic, and just gets the job done. Great for your primary phone if you just want a basic simple phone or as a backup phone if you like more complex phones. I use a great Nokia 9300 SmartPhone as my primary phone and use this as a backup phone.

It's Tha Sh**


Jul 20, 2006 by ehoney10

Excellent battery life
One of the best Nokia's
Good Looking
Excellent Speakerphone
Excellent sound ringtone's
I recommend this phone for any body who wants a good phone for their money

Simple is the new Cool


Jun 7, 2006 by Bearishly4u

I've gone from SE t616 to the Nokia 3620 to the Motorola E398 to the Nokia 6030 and let me say simplicity is the new cool! It's small, light and so easy to use and it does what most really need a phone to do...make calls! The speaker phone is great. If you're looking for a phone to make calls and like a candy bar style phone, don't pass this up!

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