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Great Phone


Jun 9, 2005 by Izzisdashiz

I recieved this phone from ebay and i can say, this is the best phone ive ever had. Ive had the e715, v600, samsung e316, and the razr. This phone leaves em all in the dust. the camera is amazing and the thing that impresses me most is the loud ringtones and volume of the conversation. you can hear it perfectly. the find a person option in the phonebook finally ends all the troubles people were having with the motorola phonebook. i do miss the lights that were on the outer display of the v600, but its not a big deal. and also when my phone connects to my hs850 it loses connection alot of the time and sometimes i cannot hear the other person. however this did happen on my old razr so im sure that its the bluetooth headset and not the phone. the feel is really strong and sturdy and it just looks like an awesome phone. one small thing that might just be me is that they keypad is pretty small. i love the layout but it just seems a lil too close. i rate this phone a 5/5 and this is WAY better than the razr. i dont know why any US carrier hasnt picked this up...

Is there any way I can rate this higher than 5?


Jun 5, 2005 by moheka

I purchased my v635 on Thursday, June 2 and I have not been able to put it down since. As soon as I opened the box, I was impressed. The phone has a very sturdy feel and is very sharp looking and the things that it came with blew my mind. It came with a 32mb SD TransFlash card, a USB cable, and earbuds with a microphone in case I get an incoming call while listening to my tunes (approx total value on moto site is about $115). I payed $249 for the phone on a 3 year contract through Rogers (all these prices are Canadian). My reception has also been great; I can talk just about anywhere. The cameras are great; the video is clear (for a phone) and the pics are also very clear with just the medium quality (I'm waiting until I get a bigger card to use the high quality megapixel). The EDGE capable browser is very fast and allows for quick d/l's. Last and certainly not least: the mp3 player. I was very impressed with the Java app that it operated with. It was very easy to navigate and it sounds ok from the phones speakers too. What I found most impressive though was how good it sounded through the earbuds. Incredible quality, better than my last discman! It also came with the Java operated game, Bejewelled which I'm hooked to. Alas, this is by far the best phone out there; I can't think of an improvement. I just hope they raise the price so nobody else around me can get it, that way when I show it off I'll still get the amazed, awefilled looks I get now!

Average phone


Oct 23, 2005 by Fido

Unfinished product.

Menu is one of the worst I ever used.
Battery is just average.
RD is just above average.

Speakerphone is amazing and consctruction is very good.

Wait for a deal, cause that phone is really not perfect.

The user interface is really terrible, even annoying.

Excellent Choice


Oct 3, 2005 by kien

Price-Quality-Specifications excellent rating.

It has a lot of useful stuff, very good quality (it´s not incredible, but better than most).

The mini-sd memory (how I call it) is really great. I use it a lot, making it very easy to take a video in a class and passing it to the computer just there without wires, but with the SD adapter.

Like always, I must say this kind of phones are bigger than what I consider adequate. But anyway, I bought it and I think it was an excellent buy.

Of course, take into account Motorola is planning to launch better ones this year, so if your patient, wait a couple of months.

Very Good Moto


Sep 30, 2005 by Djanifer9512

First off I am a Cingular dealer and have dealt with alot of Motos. This is one of the most feature rich phones that I have owned to this point. the v635 posseses all of the features that make certain phones a "must have".

262K display.. Crisp!
Reception... Second only to the Razr
Speaker... Awsome
1.3mp Cam & Video
Micro SD Memomry slot... Thankyou Motogod...

Has the same problems other Motos that I've used have...
The phone resets itself every so often. This is the one bug I really wish this phone didn't have.

Overall this phone is practically a steal ($219.99 SimonCells.com) compared to a v551 ($269.99) or a V3 Razr ($319.99). So if you needed a solid unlocked gsm cell phone,, this is the one you've been looking for...

Great Phone!!!!!


Sep 21, 2005 by jay2984

After having this phone for 2 weeks now i have found very few problems with it but a lot of things that i do like coming from a Motorola phone. Basically the same O/S that is found in all Motos so very easy to use and find your way around. I had the Razr V3 before this which i used for a few months then purchased this one for about $240 online since its not available through my cell provider. I like this phone just as much as the V3 maybe even alittle more sense I'm not so afraid to scratch it or drop it like the Razr.

Pros- Overall design, Bluetooth, Flashcard slot, loud ear piece, price isn't to bad

Cons- Speakerphone makes unwanted noise, freezes sometimes but not often, internal display could've been bigger

Motorola, I forgive all your past discretions.


Jul 21, 2005 by cooledskin

I have owned this phone for over a month now, and it kicks the **** out of my old T720! I have never had so much fun with a phone before. The reception is good, it's stylish, and heavy enough that I can tell when it's in my pocket (I tend to lose phones). The buttons are layed out in an organic and easy-to-use fashion, and I can dial without even looking at the keys - even after a long night at the bar. The MP3 player is slow to load, but works great, and the headset delivers terrific sound (even though I've been told I sound "tinny" when speaking through its microphone). The camera quality is awesome (I *hate* VGA), and even the videos look good on my computer screen. The one and only problem I've experienced is in transferring files back and forth from the Transflash card to the phone, and that was only because I misread the instructions. Long story short: You will not regret this purchase.

Best phone ever made.........period......end of story.......get it now.


May 10, 2005 by motomojo

I recommend this phone to all GSM users, i.e. T-Mobile, Cingular, others.

I use to have the Moto V551. It was pretty good until I got the V635. Louder ear piece, better signal strenth and sturdier feel.

Paid $350 on the Internet. Was well worth the price. (I've got money to burn)

Bluetooth signal was stronger than V551. Try it out!

Pretty Damn Good Phone


Mar 17, 2005 by CellAddict8804

I just got this phone two days ago and I'm very pleased with it.

-Great Style
-Easy Menu (slightly upgraded from the V600)
-Internal screen is unbelievable, very sharp
-External screen is what you would expect,
-The camera! So much better, clearer and more options.
-Great Signal, even better than my old nokia, I have Cingular in Wash. D.C.
-Great Speakerphone
-Comes with MP3 software that organizes songs and you can make playlists, I suggest buying a sizable memory card 128MB or up to take advantage of this

-Quite Bulky, I expected this as its the same as the V600 but I guess its worth it for all the features
-A little heavy, not used to it, but I always know its in my pocket
-the battery life doesn't seem great, but I'll report back in a week.

Also note: You can only save 1.2MP pics to a SD memory card, but I uploaded them to my computer and they're pretty goos quality. I printed out a 3x5 picture and it looks perfect. This phone is an MP3, digital camera and internet powerhouse all in one. I'm pleased I spent the $400.

You can buy it from http://www.expansys-usa.com/product.asp?code=119021

Motorola got it RIGHT!!


Jul 16, 2005 by mrgarcia3

WOW...this little phone can do it all. I have owned a V600 and then went to a Mpx220 now this. This phone is worth it...every major way. The color screen is bright and very clear for a TFT. The 1.3 camera is BETTER than an Mpx220 and the flash does work!! I guess Motorola was watching Samsung because this flash is bright! The menu is simple and you can customize anything on this phone. The Bluetooth is great and does better than the V600 but about the same as an Mpx220. The speaker phone lets you put it on while the call is ringing and the EDGE is great with Cingular. The body is about the same as the V600 but the battery life lasts a bit longer. I put in a 512 MB transflash card into it and I have hours of mp3's. This is a great phone and I am so thankful Motorola made this phone.

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