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V635i So far so good.


Feb 7, 2006 by michelleb530

Great phone
- Built in 1.3mp camera, great functionality, with flash
- mp3 player, came with 512mb sandisk trans flash card
- free usb cable included, which lets me use the phone as a mass storage device, also it can be used for other things like customizing the phonne, trasnfering stuff to and from it
- better than expected battery life, it lasts almost a week for me with minor usage.

one thing I can't figure out is I have a 4BR firmware and not sure where I have to start to go to the latest firmware.

Also using the firmware I have the sound recording memory limit is set to 60 seconds.. even though the phone has about 8mb free space I can only record 60 seconds of voice before I run out of memory & I can't allocate more memory for the voice recorder, I have to delete the 60 second file to record another, also can't seem to move the sound recordings out of the phone, any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Moto Moto Moto


Feb 3, 2006 by radzhome

Awsome phone, I see motorola did a good job with this one, fixed alot of the issues the V220 had and the v551. THe battery life is improved, lasts about a week. The usb cable that comes with the phone easily plugs into your pc as a mass storage device and lets you fill the phone up with alot of things or just download stuff from the phone. The mp3 player is great lets me listen to tunes in the car hooked up to my system, the 1.3mp camera is great too, phone is a little big tho, and the navigation takes some getting used to. I think its a great phone loaded with tons of features you just wont find in a v3 razar.

Best phone Ive ever had


Oct 24, 2005 by hottmamita

This phone is really excellent in my opinion. I just got in about 2 weeks ago and yes it came with some software issues but after flashing it and customizing it, it is exactly the way I want it. I have no complaints about it. The camera is excellent for a phone camera and the Transflash ability is off the hook. Then theres the fact that I can connect it to my computer and download anything I want into it without having to pay for it. I have T-mobile and although they do not offer this phone yet, with some modding I have been able to get it working flawlessly. I payed $200 for it and it was worth every single penny. Coming from Nokia I thought it would be very different but I have adjusted to it and I couldn't see myself without this phone. It is stylish and the front display is not as clear as the inside but it is far better than any other phone Ive seen out there. So bottom line, if you are thinking about buying this phone do some research and become acquainted with flashing (Howardforums.com), so if it comes with buggy software you can take care of the problem. Its my little computer in the shape of a phone as far as I'm concerned.

Great phone so far!


May 18, 2005 by kai445

I got this phone today, and let me say that even coming out of the box this phone impressed the hell out of me.

Extras included by moto:
- Stereo earbud headset with microphone.
- USB Data Cable
- 32MB Transflash Card

I've played with the MP3 player and it is slow, but otherwise has very good sound quality (192kbps mp3's!). I've got a 256MB t-flash and will wait a bit to see if 1GB comes out... if not, I'll sprint for 512MB.

The phone I got from Tiger was flexed with firmware from the carrier "O2" (splash screen was O2, default wallpaper and screensaver is O2, and the web settings are preloaded for O2, thats it), but had no logos anywhere on it, and was unlocked, and works fine with my 64k Cingular (Axalto) SIM.

Manual was german, and the charger was worldwide (100-240V) but had the prongs for europe, so I picked up a cheap ($4) europe->USA plug adaptor (NOT A VOLTAGE CONVERTER, just a tiny plug adaptor is all that is needed).

The megapixel camera is very nice, I've taken quite a few shots with it inside and outside, and am generally impressed with the quality of it. I only quickly snapped a video and it wasn't too bad but I didn't bother uploading it to my PC yet.

Call quality is very good, I've put maybe an hour of talk time on it from home, work, in my car, and full bars everywhere. Also, you get unlocked network selection options so if there are other towers available I think it will let you force to the other network (I only have seen 2 cingular tower ID's and no other company yet).

I am really loving this phone so far.

Lastly, the little um... roaming triangle is always on and wont go away. I wish I could figure out how to get rid of it... since cingular has no roaming...



Mar 16, 2005 by baller

I am a cingular dealer and I got this phone about a week ago from motorola. The camera is very clear. The speakerphone is the best I have heard. It has the best reception on it. I paid $300 for this phone and it is worth every peny.



This phone is much better than the v600 and I have had no problems with it so far.

MORE Money, and MORE problems!!


Feb 7, 2006 by budworth

I bought this phone about 2-3 months ago and although it wasn't flawless, it worked great. However recently this phone as become virtually unusable.

1) My vm service center number keeps randomly deleting so I have to set it up everytime I want to check my vm. And, of course I still get the text message from nobody when I do check my vm.

2) my reception has dropped tremendously (even in places where I previously had good reception);

3) The video camera only takes 60 sec videos at a time, no matter how much memory you have left.

4) I automatically can't get or maintain service inside or outside my calling area and have to manually search (to no avail) for the network,

5) the phone freezes or locks up randomly causing me to have to disconnect the battery.

I should have known there was a reason no carriers picked it up. This phone is terribly unstable. I will probably never an unlocked phone (that's doesn't have a carrier counterpart) again.

My only hope to salvage the $250 I wasted is to is to try and flash/flex it. (which I have absolutely no experience doing and will probably kill the thing anyway)

Prices have been dropping drastically lately, but be smart and stay away from this piece of junk!!

solid phone


Apr 14, 2005 by jonboy

I have been using the Razor since it came out, which I love and have not had any problems, but I wanted to try this v635. Its great, and doesn't feel delicate like the razor. You can throw it in your pocket or a golf cart and not worry about hurting it. So far the battery has been great and the RF has been flawless. The camera is truly better than the v710. Even though it is fatter than the razor it feels more comfortable in your hand. I will switch once in awhile if I feel the need to impress poeple with the razor, but most of the time I will use the v635.

One word, AWESOME!!!!


Apr 27, 2005 by Michael95GT

Well i've only had the V635 for alittle over 24hrs so far but it's been great. If you liked the V600 or any other Vxxx Series, you'll love the V635. Motorola has worked out all the quirks, Finally!! I'm using it on Cingular(GSM 850)in the West Tennessee area.

Excellent RF (Reception)
Great earpiece volume
EDGE (Class 4)
Search function in phonebook(Finally!!!)
External color screen
1.2 Megapixel Camera(actually very nice for a phone)
Video Capture(w/sound)
Loud MP3 ringtones
Removable Transflash Card(512mb max SO FAR)
METAL changable faceplates
Uses same chargers, cables, etc as other Vxxx Series phones.(Holster for V4/500 series fits perfect)

None to speak of, performance wise.
Have manually set up your WAP, MMS, etc.
Very few games available for it.
Not alot of accessories available yet.
Insurance won't cover it, because it isn't supported by any U.S. carriers YET.

I DEFNATELY recommend it, especially if your a gadget freak. I go through phones rather fast, I get one, get bored with it, sell it and get another. I think I'll be keeping this one for while.

the v635


May 19, 2005 by thecellman

the v635 is a good slid phone with little problems. i have had a lot of cell phones but the v635 is probably one the best i've used.

-good camera
-media player
-reception is good
-additional memory with trans flash
-speaker phone can accessed before call connection
-customizable everything including soft keys and magic keys
-loud ringers
-clear speaker phone
-nice external display
-fast transition from screen to screen

-couple bugs still on phone
-outside picture starting button too easy to hit
-external camera unable to take off with out opening up phone

good overall phone

Best phone I have had


May 25, 2005 by msutela

I just got my V635 today from tigerdirect. It replaces my V80 that kept freezing up. I will be using it with T-Mobile. Having a transflash memory card is sweet. My phone came with a 16MB and I got a 256MB one on ebay for $30. I haven't noticed that big of a difference between the 1+MP camera on this phone and the camera on my V80. Having a flash is a first for me on a camera phone. The video camera option is nice but I'm not sure yet if I can record more than 10 second clips. The speakerphone is the best I have ever heard on a motorola and I have had a V300, C650 and a V80. The colors of the inner display look awesome. I can definitely tell the difference from this 262K screen Vs. my old 65K screen. It comes with a golf game and a top gun game. These two games are pretty much the best games that I have ever received on a phone. I was also able to upload my own java games with ease just like previous motorolas. The ringtones are loud & clear and on the "vib & ring" setting the phone actually vibrates while ringing. Not having this feature on motorola phones is something that has aggravated me for awhile. There is still a "vib then ring" option if you prefer. Last but not least, battery life. It took me 1.5 hours of talk time with my blue-tooth headset to kill the initial charge on the battery. I am a firm believer in cycling batteries 3 times before regular usage so I was getting impatient when the battery just wouldn't die. Overall this is the best phone I have ever had. By the way, my phone didn't come with any carrier tags on the outside of my phone nor does it display any when the phone starts up. It did however come with a French instruction booklet.

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