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Pricey but worth it.


Dec 28, 2006 by pcglyphmonkey

I give this phone a 4.5 because it is not perfect... it doesn't do my dishes or pay my rent. It's not quite as convenient as a dedicated phone, but this is not a dedicated phone. In SW Virginia with Verizon my signal is amazing especially in comparison to any other carrier and or phone I've ever used in the same area.

- qwerty keypad
- various other features as far as the software is concerned (long list - mp3 ringtones, sd support, etc.)
- solid design
- The phone in general - it's a pda/phone. The pros are obvious
- An extra battery and stylus

- inability to have the phone on while using wi-fi
- slightly higher learning curve then most other dedicated phones
- programs don't really end unless you access the memory and end them there
- possibility of phone reset if the battery dies completely
- slider phone rattles quite loud when on vibrate
- lower sound quality when used with a Motorola H500 (can't verify if it's the headset and it's not a big issue so I can't take points away for this.)
- lack of camera (again may not be a con)

I didn't purchase the phone without first getting my hands on it at a local store. I suggest everyone do the same with any phone.
I personally don't love the fact that I have to be careful with the front screen getting scratched in my pocket... It's not like this was a surprise, if you want a clamshell simply get a clamshell. With that being said the phone is sturdy, I've dropped it a few times with no damage to the phone whatsoever. Some carriers block the ability of this phone to act as a bluetooth modem for your laptop - there are 'fixes' available. While I unfortunately do not have high speed access here, this phone can act as your personal wireless card if your laptop supports bluetooth, naturally this would be power-consuming. I have no frame of reference for battery life - realize how power consuming the various connection types can be. No phone is perfect, but this phone is incredibly useful.

Samsung i730 - Best Phone on the Planet!!!!


Nov 20, 2005 by leebocuz

This phone is literally the best device of its kind that money can buy. There is nothing better for your money than this. Even newer devices on the horizon pale by comparison. Don't wait for the Windows Treo with the quirky square screen just because it has Windows Mobile 5!!!

One thing that gets me after reading all of these reviews is that most of the bad ones are by neophyte users who don't hardly know their own computer let alone a superior device such as this. If you don't know how to maintain your own computers memory, security, and storage how do you expect to be able to work a Pocket PC which requires somewhat more care? This is what I think of most of the more common complaints about this phone:

Frequent Lock-Ups & Resets: Thats because you open 10-15 programs and forget to close them. Hello, a Pocket PC requires you to close programs by shutting them down in memory settings. Most neophytes don't know this and get frustrated when the unit 'locks up'.

Keys too close together: Oh give me a break, if you didn't like the design you shouldn't have bought the phone. This complaint is a complete non-factor.

Screen backlight shuts off during call: Yes, this is annoying but is that really a reason to give a superphone 1 star out of 5?

No Missed Call Indicator / No Voicemail Indiciator: A big red light blinks when you miss a call and voicemail waiting is announced by a big icon at the top of your screen.

If you do not do these basic things you will have the problems the others do. Your basic maintenance should include:

a) Make sure only one to three programs is open at a time.
b) Stop programs in the memory maintenance screen periodically to save memory
c) Reboot the unit at least once a week to reallocate memory and keep it fresh and ready
d) Store not just some but 'ALL' of your programs, notes, and files on the storage card. Make sure that your email attachments are also stored on the storage card.

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Perfect phone...almost


Jul 1, 2005 by RINGO

It is definitely a PDA-first devise, meaning only that the PDA functions are nearly flawless, while the phone functions take some getting use to.

True there are a few phone features that aren't perfect, like not being able to assign a specific ring to a specific number, but this is a phone for on the go execs, not high schoolers who want Usher's "Yeah" to play when their buddies call. You can download virtually any MP3 file (from your PC to your phone, or directly to your phone), so your ringtone possibilities are endless.

Not having an easy vibrate on/off button is also not a huge deal, just select the "vibrate, then ring" option on the phone. This gives you the opportunity to feel it ring before you hear it, so you can "ignore" the call before it rings when a ring wouldn't be appropriate (meetings, lunch, movies, etc).

The battery life for the first few days was an issue, even though you get BOTH a regular and an extended-use battery. But after I got the car charger I was just fine, in fact I only need to take one battery with me to work each day. I would definitely recommend a car charger if you plan on doing anything data/bluetooth related, as these are battery killers!

Voice Dialing was also a little tricky. Dialing from you phone book (by name) is definitely easier and works fine. Dialing by number takes some practice.

Two things that do suck pretty bad:

First, I would like to see adding the BT DUN profile, so it would work in my BMW. -I had to get the i710 as well just for the car, so BT would be compatible (I have to forward/unforward calls when I am going to be driving, which sucks).

Second, it totally sucks you can't use both Wi-fi as well as the phone at the same time! Both these features seems pretty basic, and I'm clueless as to why they wouldn't be included on a phone of this caliber.

All in all I absolutely love this phone! This is the best five bills ($499 after NE2 discount) I have dropped in a while.

Take it from a business traveler...MUST HAVE!!


Nov 12, 2005 by jmart23

First and foremost, why I'm even qualified to write this: I'm in Sales/managment for a public tech company and cover all of the Western US, Western Canada, and Mexico. Thus, I travel constantly and put this phone through every form of structural and processing stress that is humanly possible. Secondly, I cant stand buying something this expensive w/o an extensive review. You can trust me and I'm not the 50 year old exec that has no concern for how the phone functions as a personal tool, or life outside of work. I'm 28 and care very much how the phones suites my need both professionally and personally.

Trust me, this is the best bussiness/personal tool I have ever purchased. I've had all of them from both sides of the OS gamut. The i730 sports the latest PocketPc technology, which has been flawless this far. Set-up was a snap and did not require the user to be a technical genius. I made one phone call to Verizon simply to get their outgoing mail server address. Thats it. Let me tell you the REAL pros and the REAL cons as some of the reviews I've read on here are idiotic. There are some major...major whiners in here. Let me get to the point:

-BLAZING INTERNET SPEED. Easy to read web display. Can keep track of sports all day w/ the touch of a button. (A savior when your wife spends 2 hours in the dressing room at Nordstrom).

-EMAIL SYNC is easy to set up and runs quickly and effortlessly. The key board is easy to use and illuminates beautifully.

-SIZE. The device is sexy and feels no bigger than the P.O.S. Palm Treo 650 I just sold to some poor soul.

-PHONE is flawless as well. I have not had a single dropped call, people can always here me, the blue-tooth works perfectly, and signal clarity is exceptional. NONE OF THESE WERE CONSTANTS WITH THE TREO 650!!!

-BATTERY LIFE-is fine. No different than any other PDA I've had.

NONE!!!!! Seriously, you cant find a more of a complete tool for BOTH personal and business use.

WARNING: You might not be smart enough for the phone!


Oct 29, 2005 by ADPIMP

This phone is awesome...once you figure out how to use it! I have had it since the day it came out (three months or so) and I am still learning new tricks every day.
It has been dubbed a "PDA first, Phone second device", and that is really not true (again if you take the time to learn how to use it). I travel frequently and this phone has replaced my laptop on most trips.

• EvDO (high speed broadband access) allows d-loading/surfing at DSL/Cable speeds
• Built in WiFi
• Windows OS (includes Word and Excel)
• Internet Explorer (surf full web pages)
• Bluetooth (hands free in car/office!)
• Built in speakers are awesome
• voice command is great

• Several options are not covered in manual(s) and can take a lot time to figure out
• Bluetooth profiles are not compatable with all cars (BMW, Acura, Mini, etc)
• Verizon Tech support is clueless...("have ya tried a hard reset?")

Overall I looooooove this phone! There are quite a few functionality complaints (in this forum and others), but there hasnt been anything I havent been able to figure out (eventually, and usually with the help of other great forums).

If you are looking for a phone your 14 year old daughter can figure out that plays a variety of the latest hip/hop songs when each of her friends call then visit www.tmobile.com, but if you are after a dominate business device look no further!

Finally a Great PDA phone


Aug 11, 2005 by hjsnap

I have used many of the smartphones and PDA phones. I was a palm fan, but I like Pocket PC much better. I recently traded in from the Audiovox 6600. That was a great first try and the features worked great. The problem was the phone did not work well, not loud enough, and the ringers were also very soft so I missed calls. In addition, the device is too big and awkward. It is like putting a small book to your ear to speak on the phone.

In contrast, the i730 has all the greatness of the 6600, but the design is better, and the phone is much better. I also had problems with the 6600 because whenever I dropped it (usually due to its bulkiness), it would break very easily and I had to get a new one. Because it did not have permanent memory, it took days to tweak it back to speed as well as multiple calls to support.

I dropped the i730 the 3rd day that I owned it, and it bounced on the concrete several times and fell into the bushes. Amazingly, I was able to call the phone to locate it because the battery did not fall out. Aside from a tiny scratch, the phone tolerated the fall well.

Con: The Bluetooth still does not communicate well with my BMW, but I can live with that.

7135 looks BIG!


Jun 30, 2005 by OneUp

I just got my new i730 yesterday. I replaced my beloved 7135 Palm device, and let's just say - so far so good.

Pros: It is a cool phone, the screen resolution is INCREDIBLE compared to my 7135. The size is perfect, no too small, but not too big either. The EDVO browser works perfectly. I ran out and bought a bluetooth headset, that works well too, but takes some getting used to. As far as I am concerned, the Windows Mobile OS is light years ahead of what my palm was, and I've only scratched the surface. The sliding keyboard is slick, and you can set it to answer/end calls. Navigating will take some getting used to, but as I said, so far, I'm very impressed. Verizon included 2 batteries and a holster - nice.

Cons: Not sure about the battery life. When Bluetooth is active, it hogs battery life, but it seems to sense when the headset is turned off, and turns it off for me. No camera, but I'm not sure I'd ever use that anyway.

In all, I think Samsung & Verizon have a winner here.

The perfect business toy.


Aug 24, 2005 by StoneJax

The Samsung i730 is indeed a wonderful device once you learn how to navigate the side controls. The slide control that locks-out the controls of the phone and PDA is also the On/Off switch. Because of this, you may need to learn how to lock and unlock the device in a Zen-like fashion so that you don't accidentally turn off your unit while listening to your favorite tune on the Microsoft media player.
The phone is perfect for those of us who want to listen to music and read the news at the same time while traveling to work in the back of the limo or on the train.

One drawback is that older SD cards may be too slow for this highly advanced device. Your best results are with newer cards that are rated at 50x or faster. I recently purchased a 1GB Sandisk Extreme II and it works as the perfect memory extension for the i730. The stereo headphones/microphone are of an excellent quality and the WOW audio EQ software works well for the music lover in me.

For a phone that does so much - it's great that you get to keep your phone with you when you have jury duty, visit certain museums, and/or enter secure buildings that will not allow cameras/camera phones.

For a PC phone that comes with stereo headphones/mic, two batteries , has both Bluetooth, WIFI and IRDA... A gadget friendly business professional can't go wrong.

Surprisingly pleased


Jul 21, 2005 by Samduc

I've had the phone for 3 weeks. I replaced a broken Palm M505 and a broken Nokia 8930i.
The size is not bad. I got Audiovox vx6600 first and returned it after a week.

- Size decent: Width good, length ok, kind of thick, a bit heavy, but not bad really
- Good color.
- Good screen size.
- Easy to sync.
- Wi-fi works.
- Cheap holster is actually handy if rotated, easy to pull phone out to answer (I set it to slide open answers), and protects screen.
- Seems durable. I've dropped it twice already from waist level and it's fine.
- Slider good to answer phone and to get the screen re-lit.
- Good storage with an SD card.
- Keyboard lock mode that allows lock until you open slider.
Good sound
- Easy to view pictures
- Easy to play visual and sound media.
- Switch between card and memory relatively seamless. I never did figure out the Palm after 4 years.
- Extra battery. Unlike many comments, I've never needed it, though. My battery lasts all day and I charge at night.

- EVDO can override wi-fi if you are not careful (I don't subscribe to fixed plan. So far I'v only accidently connected once thru EVDO.
- Had to call Verizon to get wi-fi to work (the key was a soft reset).
- Record button to easy to trigger (I changed it to Voice Signal, but it's still to easy to trigger.
- Not convinced I need the Querty keyboard. I'm fine with the on screen keyboard.
- Screen loses light quickly under certain circumstances.
- Haven't quite figured out easy way to notice voice mail or calls dropped.
- on/off/keyboard lock switch in a weird spot and slightly difficult.
- Instructions provided are inaccurate and somewhat simplified.
- Have to be careful uploads like AvantGo load to card instead of memory.
- Voice signal kind of nice, but interprets wrong easily.

All in all, I like the phone, and I like the MS software much better than the Palm.

Great Phone overall!


Jul 18, 2005 by twowheelrider

I waited for this phone for over 3 months. I have had it for just over a week and like the phone alot. I won't list all the good points because they by far outweigh the bad. I will list those bad points that are preventing me from giving this phone a five star rating. I have listed them from worst to least significance.

1. Battery life is poor (especially having WI-FI enabled). I use a BT headset and also use the web (unlimited data plan) and usually go through both batteries in a day with moderate use.

2. Having issues getting WI-FI to work (still researching).
Also, on a side note. When attempting to browse the web using EVDO it frequently complains that it cannot connect and that the connection was terminated. After it connects it shows the EVDO icon and 4 reception bars but it does not appear anywhere near DSL speed. It is more like 56k dialup or slower. Granted this is probably the service and not the phone.

3. Voice recognition is flaky. I am not sure if the Voice signal software is to blame or what. Also, strange behavior with the moto hs850? This could be a moto issue as I have had problems with two different headsets. People I have spoke too while on the phone complain of echoing and bad reception but when I disable the bt headset and use the phone the problem is gone.

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