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Nov 5, 2005 by thomas3928

Great Concept-Almost there..........Batteries do not last long at all. Great pda and fast internet speed but the battery life stinks!!!!!

Unless you are always connected to a wall outlet or a car adapter this device is not realistic to use all day long.

The phone is awful. There is very little voice quality talking on this device. Lots of static. I returned this device after 15 days for the moto815

I love the 815!!!!!!!!! Best phone to date!! And I have owned all of them including the razor. Believe me NEVER leave verizon for ANY other cell company. Nothing BEATS Verizon Cell Service PERIOD!!!
I am a heavy phone user 4000 mins a month

This device is great for someone who does not use it as a primary cell phone device. If you could own the 815 as a cell phone and see your way clear owning this device as a backup to the 815 you are in I just don't know who has that much cash.

So now I have the 815 and the new wireless card from verizon featuring Broadband access. I am finally happy for BOTH work VERY well!!!!!!!!

If you use a phone alot get the 815.

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not worth the money just a headache


Nov 1, 2005 by powder

since i got the phone when it first came out, i've been thru 5 of them. the phone has too many glich's. it freezes too much and reset on it's own and worst of all their is a software problem with it. verizon knowes about it. call data support and have fun. i had enough gunna get a treo 650 again. for those who have this phone good luck and hope u don't have as many problems as i did.

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do not waist your time


Sep 13, 2005 by SunriseNYC

was waiting for this model more than 1 year!
if you are looking for the INTERNET connector...Samsung i730 is not the option!
It is opening only one window. It is always stopping pop-ups. So you have always only one page open the rest of the oplication is your imagination.
....the telephone is ok....
But I really believe it is better to have telephone and PDA separately.
(DELL Axim)

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Overall a Great Phone/PDA with Some Compromises


Sep 6, 2005 by flypfi

I upgraded to this phone from a Treo 600. The first thing that I would like to say is that this phone actually works! The Treo 600 had HORRIBLE phone reception. I could not go through the day without dropping at least one call - usually many calls were dropped (I'm on Verizon).

Pros: I have had the i730 for a week and so far, I have not had a single call drop. The i730 phone is loud, clear and even the speakerphone is the best I've heard. The display is awesome and 90 degrees rotatable - great when browsing the web. The PDA is fast and very useful for just about anything - but not as easy to use as the Palm operating system. Bluetooth works perfectly right out of the box with my Bluetooth enabled Acura - I LOVE it. The size and weight is perfect and screen real-estate is plentiful.

Cons: I am very picky and don't think I will ever find the perfect phone, but here are a few annoying issues that I fouled with the i730. Like everyone else, it is ridiculous that you can't use the wi-fi and phone simultaneously. The screen backlight always turns off at the wrong time - the settings don't allow for a continuous illumination. If you dial a pager and need to input a number, you can't do it from the keyboard!! You have to enter it from the screen softkeys - very annoying. The buttons on the side are way too easy to press and just about every time you pick up or handle the phone, you activate some random application or feature. I disabled some of my buttons and use the keylock feature. On occasion, when the backlight turns off, the only way to get it back on is to slide the keypad in and out.

Summary: All in all I love this phone and when compared to my old Treo 600, it blows it away. I got a Treo 650 at the same time as the i730, but haven't activated it yet.
I have already gotten used to some of its quirks and think that when they add a camera and address some of these annoyance issues, the phone will be unbeatable.

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took back at last minute


Aug 22, 2005 by phneguru

Windows op sys.
crisp screen
keys barley spaced far enough, but that way is is con-packed
Had to pay top dollar for phone, took it back on the 13th day. Phone screen would not turn on. Constant resets after 4th day. Signal off par. Keys to close, number keys hard to use..

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Aug 19, 2005 by tre_d3

I upgraded to the i730 from the i700 and I must say this phone is a wonderful upgrade. The phone is great volume high sound clear and crisp. The pda functions are great fast and well thought out.

With all the good comes also the bad no camera:( Even with the lack of camera this phone was well worth the purchase. Another aspect of this phone that needs work is the voicedial it is terrible compared to the i700's which was almost flawless. This is still a great phone fully equipted and all just a few minor things no cam bad voice dial and windows media player 10 is alittle more complicated then the beloved 9. I would still recommend it though.

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Nothing better than this right now...


Aug 15, 2005 by customer620

Let me just say that this phone does everything you need a PDA to do and some. Samsung should be very proud of this baby. Its slick design makes it even more admirable. The sound quality is great. Connection is very reliable. On one day I used it for mostly just a few calls and testing some of the features; the extended battery life was gone.

I guess Samsung noticed it burns alot of juices, so it comes with a standard and extended battery. I returned this phone only because it is a "battery hog".

My thoughts were, since new phones are coming out very soon, I traded it in for the Motorola E815. This was the perfect remedy. Although, it doesn't have all of the features of the i730, it is a very reliable and cool-looking phone. It does everything I need it to do for now. One year from now I will probably look for the i730's predecessor that does it all and doesn't use up so much battery.

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Design awesome phone horrible


Aug 8, 2005 by Bestdealever

Design awesome phone horrible.
I think that this is the most beautiful phone on the market, however the phone portions does not work tried 4 different units. went back to Treo 650 which is not the best phone either. I wish Kyocera would come up with new 7135 i think it was the best phone i ever had.

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This phone can do it ALL (prove me wrong!)


Jul 31, 2005 by Scorpio73

i cannot believe what im reading here. for those of u who havent figured out how to talk on the phone while using wifi its called skype. i m surfing this page from my i730 right now while talking to my buddy. email me at singh.paul@sbcglobal.net if u want to know how. for those of u who complain about a camera i bought an sd camera that takes video, is high_res and theres even one coming out soon that will allow videoconferencing over wireless, either evdo or wifi. for those who complain about not being able to stream media via bluetooth get a bt sd card, will also solve bt dun prob. u can also get gps sd card for nav. no, this is awesome phone only problem i can think of is keylight lasts only 8 sec!

OK here i m again next night surfing this site on my i730. i noticed a few cluless ppl say that bt cripples evdo since max speed is lower. lets think about this. true, evdo offers bursts claimed by vzw to be 2-3 mbps but typical speeds r rated @ 500-800 kbps. bluetooth has max rate of 761 kbps. so where is the loss? someone please tell me. also, this is all moot since (i think lack of cpu speed) acts as a natural speed limit. i turned on wifi and sat 3 feet from my wireless router; the best result i ever got was 454 kbps, i have yet to crack 500 kbps. for those of you complaining/expecting great things on this device just cuz its evdo/wi-fi capable, i issue this challenge: I will send $100 via paypal to the first person who completes a speed test on the i730 that breaks 1 MBps. u must email a digital photo showing test results on the screen of the i730 to my email address in the prev post. i usually use performance.toast.net or 2wire..com. this means using the i730 stand alone, not as a modem. good luck!

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I liked my Audiovox 6600 but I LOVE the Samsung i730


Jul 29, 2005 by allengj

First I have to say that I was a 6 year customer of Sprint and 2 year customer of Cingular and I switched to Verizon due to Broadband and the Audiovox 6600. Verizon's customer service is the absolute best and on that alone I recommend you switch to Verizon. Also, their coverage is second to none...You must be on Verizon.....Now about the Samsung i730...

Take the time and read my write-up on the Audiovox 6600. This phone has all that I wrote about on the 6600 but it is constructed much better. Love the size, battery life and the fact it comes with an extra extended battery. I could never make it through the day without charging my 6600 and now with the i730 I can go all day without ever touching the extra extended battery. Call quality, ring tones and volume are far superior.

The only things I am unhappy with is that the VoiceSignal application is not uninstall able and it does not compare to Microsoft Voice Command. I cannot use the phone as a broadband modem via bluetooth from my laptop. I can however use it as a modem via the sync cable which suits me fine.

All and all...I am very pleased and I am sure you will be too.

Ooh, also, last week I was lost in the mountains in southwestern Virginia and as I mentioned above, I have a contract with Cingular (expires in 1 year...can't wait) as well as Verizon. My Samsung i730 always maintained at least 2 bars in the middle of nowhere ALL THE TIME and Cingular on many occasions had nothing or was roaming. DO YOU HEAR ME NOW :-)

Thank you Verizon for valuing my business, treating me so well and giving me a sense of security in the lost in the boondocks.....

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