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Nice Work, Motorola


Aug 21, 2005 by StarbucksSam

I like the E815. I just got it yesterday, and I usually wouldn't review a phone this quickly, but it's fabulous. I have yet to use the VCAST because where I am, the service isn't available.

Reception: A
Features: A
Design: A-
Internal Display: A+
External Display: B
Speaker Phone: A+
Voice Commands: A
Software: A-
Camera: B-
Bluetooth: A-
Overall: A-

The screen really is gorgeous. Totally gorgeous. And the external is good, but I don't like the fact that you can't have different pictures inside and out, it's uniform. The vibrate mode is pretty good. The only thing that really disappointed me was the camera, but I don't care that much, it's a phone. The Bluetooth is great, but you can't send files. I like the amount of available memory, it's fabulous. I am really impressed with this phone. Truly. I've had a ton of phones including:

Audiovox 9500, Samsung A310, LG VX7000, Motorola V710, Samsung A670, and Samsung N330, and this is probably the best phone I've EVER had. I also, however, loved the V710, so it's a close call.

Reception Problems/Buggy


Aug 5, 2005 by neever

I really wanted to like this phone, but had to return it because of reception problems after having it for about a week. The transmission was garbled, especially while using the speakerphone. My mom had the same phone for a day and took it back because hers was garbled as well.

I also found the phone to be buggy. When I first plugged it in to charge it, there was nothing on the outside display. I found when I repeatedly opened and closed it, finally the outside display would give me the status of the battery.

Also, when entering contacts, there was no response at some point and I had to figure out a work around to complete a person's entry.

I am waiting to see if the E815 improves and then I will try it again. In the mean time, I must give the E815 a zero since it's problems are not minor. Also, I may look into the LG8100.

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As Close To Perfect As You Can Get (w/ a Cell Phone)


Jul 25, 2005 by StElmoQn

I've had my phone now for not quite two weeks, and wanted to wait to post my review. All things being equal, my opinion is that this phone is as close to perfect as you can get with a cell phone. Having upgraded from a Samsung A310 with my NE2, and placing my order online, the phone was absolutely free and I don't have to wait for the $50 rebate when you get it in the store.

Right out of the box my phone was loaded properly with VCast, and now with the recommended hacks, my bluetooth works perfectly.


Extremely user friendly programming (as a girl not technically savvy, couldn't have been easier)
Bright clear display
Finger friendly keypad
TF card
MP3 player (with my OWN ringtones)
Great reception (I'm in the process of moving and have gone back and forth from Houston to Denver with no dropped calls)


Being used to a Samsung, I wish the phone was a little smaller. However, it's not so large that it is a problem especially given the size of the interior screen, and that is the only reason I don't give this phone 5 stars.

All in all, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this phone to anyone.

I know we all have our preference as far as manufacturers, but I wish the bashing between the LG and Motorola folks would stop...

Great phone


Jul 24, 2005 by loloh

I am so happy that I choose this phone; I have it now for 10 days & didn’t have any problem with it. It really does all what you need from a cell phone.The phone has a great reception combined with great call quality, which both are my main concern.
Solid construction with large internal screen & loud speakerphone.
It took me a few hours to get used to navigate the menu, which became fun to me, especially with the shortcut Option that you can choose it; up to your special needs.
Bluetooth is great although it drains the battery faster, but still the phone has a great battery life. Enough selection of ring tones that you can choose from. Decent camera for the purpose it has made for (I have my own camera & pocket PC).
My only consideration is the week vibration the phone has, but who cares.

The best cell yet!


Jul 20, 2005 by Oden2k

Fantastic! what more can I say. everything works great out of the box unlike other less featured phones (cough vx8100). bluetooth is awesome. speakerphone is nice and loud. and with hacks this phone goes beyond what any other verizon phone can do (yea file transfer to your PC/PDA using bluetooth, siiiick).

nothing to hate really. i look at my LG vx7000 (NOT that much different than a vx8100 if i may say so) and can see a world of difference. I think motorola got it right this time.



Jul 18, 2005 by KatieHomestad

I Love this phone, I want to Recommend this phone to Everyone! Its perfect! Great job Motorola!


I don't see faceplates for this phone...(i love decorating my phone!}

It's a great little phone...


Jul 17, 2005 by furbykid

Overall this is a great phone.

Pros:Great reception
Beautiful clarity
Hugh screen/vibrant
Great button layout
Good speaker phone
Decent camera
Great voice command

Cons:Poor vibe-can barely feel it.
External screen poor quality
No accessories packed in
No free game(not even Pong)

Thanks to Verizon we will never know
the real capability of this phone
because Verizon crippled most of it
because of greed-not Motorola fault.

Love it!


Jul 17, 2005 by rzberrysun

Call clarity
Great Camera
MP3 player
Great speakerphone
Very nice keypad layout
Excellent reception--even without analog
Great price--FREE!

Wish there was a cover for the camera lens like on LG6100

So far this phone has been great. I just upgraded through NE2 from an LG4400, which was also a great phone. Definetly wanted my next one to have a speakerphone and camera, the MP3 player is just extra icing. No echo problems whatsoever that others have mentioned. Reception is excellent, the phone is all digital, but no analog is needed for northern MD and Baltimore area. I've even gotten reception inside of an underground parking garage that I had "no service" in with my LG4400. Would definetly recommend.

Awesome phone!


Jul 15, 2005 by lennydude

The only reason I do not give it a 5 is the outer LCD. Wish I could put my own wallpaper on it:)

Other than that, this is a GREAT phone! The speakerphone was the number one issue for me and it works like a charm. The inside LCD is big, crisp, and beautiful :)

Give it a try...........MOTO won this battle :)




Jul 10, 2005 by joachim

This is the best cell phone I have ever used.

Pro's.. the list is long and many have already touched on them. To keep it simple


Allot of people have more nick picks then myself but the phone has a bright screen, great interface, fantastic speakerphone, great bluetooth sound, good battery life and super cool look. I love it!

For me there are no cons at all.

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