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Motorola E815 / E816 Hollywood


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not bad


May 28, 2006 by flatland347

I bought the 815 last summer shortly after it was launched. everyone in my store went with the 8100 and I bought the 815 for a couple reasons. one to be different, and I liked the moto interface more than the UI. I did however have a ton of issues when I loaded it up with tones and pictures. I was not fond of the antiquated charger, so I got the desktop charger, didn't really help much.

loved the screen
keypad so much better than the 710
easy to put my own tones on it
pictures were nice, but the files were HUGE!
the flip was easier than most phones to open one handed

old stupid infuriating charger
and that's about it.

e815 good but not perfect


May 3, 2006 by samkatz

Sent my V710 in for refund yesterday; used a Nokia 6256i for a couple of weeks as my 2ndary phone. The E815 is the best of the lot...w/a couple glitches


User Interface..is not the new VZ red thing.
Menus and screens are very customizable
Good calendar views(week,day,month
Excellent voice dialing...no need to preprogram
names w/voice tags. Enhanced prompts from v710
Text entry...I like ITAP more than T9(nokia)
Good speakerphone
Good reception
Very sharp screen
Camera..still not a Canon, but better than the v710
Keyboard major improvement over v710..keys have more give, more differentiation from
soft keys, etc

Size....I like the size/feel. Didnt like the RAZR I tried in the store.It was like, well, holding a Razor.


Whoever chose the color schemes on the screen views must be blind. They're using a blue font instead of black.(although font is BIGGER than the v710. Calendar is light blue on dark blue....ugly..and I use it a lot.

Same crummy power jack as old phones...I hope I get my 2 years out of this

Can't synch it w/my PC via Bluetooth...It should synch for calendar/contact transfer.
Still working on it...Did ok w/the cable

If anyone has any work around for the font or the synching, pls post on forum

Conclusion: Overall a good phone. Improved over v710, much better than the Nokia clamshelll

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Apr 6, 2006 by josephds

Verizon has swapped out my phone twice and the call clarity is still terrible. Sound is garbled, broken up, can't understand what people are saying much of the time. My friends cheap phones sound much better. Make sure you test it before you buy it.

They did a better job with this then the razor


Apr 1, 2006 by joanne1985

If you are a Motorola fan than this is a great phone. I have had no problems, and the phone is very solid and preforms well. The camera is great and the fact that it has a trans flash storage is great. If they have one on the razor, where is it? The e815 has a flash for the camera and plays Mp3s, the razor cant compare!!! This phone is half the price of the razor!!! I love it!!

Stellar Phone


Feb 9, 2006 by alexhenryj

I liked this phone a lot. The speaker for ring tones and music is amazing. The ease in which I added other non-manufacturer add-ons was great too. The clarity was great as was battery life, which makes sense considering the phone weighs the same as a small automobile. The menus are nice and quick, unlike other higher end Motorola phones provided by Verizon. Also can be used as a weapon.

The only problem I had with this phone is dropping calls where I live. I live on a fringe area between VT, NY, and QC where service is entirely phone dependent. My C343 received uninterrupted service 90% of the time where as the e815 would drop 50% of 5 minute phone calls.

Moto E815


Dec 24, 2005 by MotoLuvr

I'm trying out an E815 for the weekend. So far it is the best phone I've ever handled. Everything is sweet with one exception. The older style Moto charging port sucks but I knew that going in.
The 2 best points, IMHO, are the Reception and the wonderful feel of the Keyboard.

No Vibration, Buggy Software, Dropped Calls


Sep 4, 2005 by vitaminwater

Its funny how many people who work for motorola and or verizon come here to this site to help sell a product. With all these good reviews you think your getting a good phone. Well think again

for one, this phones main con, is it has no vibration. Before you buy this phone, really, see how it vibrates. It really doesn't, you will miss calls. If vibrate is important feature, look at it, its a problem

Also, no missed calls menu. All calls are bunched into one menu, so its hard to see if you had a missed call.

also, reception is not great. You will drop calls. This phone cant hold a signal like the old v710, no matter what anyone tells you.

This phone is made for evdo/vcast, a waste of money if you ask me. They should have made this phone tri mode.

It just cant hold a signal in a fringe area. Camera.... look at real reviews


not the ones from the verizon workers here who must get paid to make good reviews.

Also, software is buggy. Phone freezes alot, you lose numbers in phone book. of course the verizon workers who have swamped this site wont tell you this, they want you to buy verizon, and extend your contract.

A good marketing trick and gimmick, but look else where for REAL reviews.



Sep 3, 2005 by ellenbradfordmcclaine

i don't know if I should really review this but my sister has it so I think have a firm grasp on itl. I think it's the best pghone I've ever seen. i wish I could afford it.

Great recpetiogn she soundsl ike she's on a land line when she calls me. Great screens.

I love itl.

This Phone Kicks @$$


Sep 2, 2005 by cire23

This phone is awesome. I get five bars (verizon) in my home. The razr (tmobile) dropped calls all the time. I thought I would hate the bulky size but it is so light you dont even care. It is really rugged too. I dropped it on my cement floor and not one scratch or issue with it. hands down the best phone i have had. (I have owned, v180,v620, t630 rzr v3, v70, samsung phones and nokia too)

great design
easy to use camera & video
loud rings
easy to read displays
large internal memory...over 400 pictures!!
stereo sound

doesn't come with a case or clip to hold it
camera lens doesn't have a cover like the LG

This Thing Is Totally Wicked


Aug 29, 2005 by calculatorgoo

I heart this phone.

Best reception EVER for an all-digital.
Tri-mode quality voice, but not tri-mode service.
Good camera for a phone.
Great user interface.
Sweet look.


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