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its ok...


Oct 13, 2006 by melonsoda

It was great until i found it there is a defect...

Purchased the phone in Feb. and already having problems.

1) battery life is not very good...
it may only be mine.. but it dies if i don't re-charge it every day even if i wasn't on the phone..

2) at least once a day, when i'm either trying to call or trying to send a txt message the screen completely goes blank...
it takes about a minute to go back to the original screen... now that i use the txt messaging option a lot it does it more frequently... (pretty annoying..)

i called verizon to ask whether i can get it replaced because it hasn't been a year..
but this is what their answer was:
"oh, the motorola e815? a lot of them are defected.. what you can do is, go to a verzion store..ask the technician to check it.. if there is a defect then they'll give you the same phone... but i don't recommend you doing that b/c most of the replacement phones are refurbished.. so, there might be more problems with the replacement phone then what you have.. if the defect isn't bad then you should just deal with it and keep what you have... if you decide to get it replaced.. and you still have problems with the replacement phone.. you'd have to do the same thing.. they wont give you a new (different) phone.. until you go through 3 replacement phones... thats when they'll call it a lemon... "

other than the defect and horrible battery life everything was great...

if you want to take a chance go for it...
i may just be the unlucky one getting the defected model.. but i was told from verizon there has been a lot of calls on this particular model...

all in all.. i had to purchase a new phone
Samsung SCH-A930...
we'll see how that is!

so i learnt that.. even if theres a lot of good reviews.. u can be unlucky..

this was my first motorola phone.. and i don't think i'd ever get a motorola..
i used to have panasonic for the longest time.. panasonics were great.. but after 4 yrs any phone will die...

Mediocre at best.


Oct 4, 2006 by chocolateman85006

The verizon version (E815) is much better I ended up taking the hollywood back after 2 weeks. It gave me problems from minute one.

Speakerphone is good
Camera/Video is pertty decent.

Internet constantly froze
Downloaded content froze after 5-10 seconds constantly
The signature went away when sending reply messages (not a big deal to most, but it is to me).

The internet and downloads were the main reason and w/o them working properly, and receiving a replacement phone that did no better, I took it back instantly. I later got the Q as my second line and have been pleased ever since.

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Oct 1, 2006 by goodolphone15

Well I have Had This Phone Since July and Havent Had Many Problems With It.But I have had Some.

MP3 Player
Can play mp3s with phone fliped down
Color Outside screen
Great Reciption

No Analog(Good Sometimes)
Voice Commands A little slow

And Also My Phone when I plug it in sometimes it restarts or says unable to charge.

But Overall This Phone is Good

GREAT phone BUT...


Sep 28, 2006 by ponnie71

I have had this phone for over a year. I love it! People think that I am talking on my house phone. I can adjust the volume on the sound. It takes awesome pictures and I can send long text messages. I bought the bluetooth, but have never used it because the speaker is awesome.
Unfortunately, I have to get rid of it because I am moving to an area that is analog and I get no signal because the phone is all digital (crying).

I even broke my antenae and the reception is still amazing. Well, my choice is buy a new phone or sell my new house (hummmm let me think).

Call Forwarding


Sep 12, 2006 by Bigwill5

Ok phone, Does anyone know how to work the call forwarding?

Superb Phone


Jul 24, 2006 by bljusn

Just switched from Sprint PCS, and selected the e815 as the phone for our Verizon family plan.

Overall, I am thrilled with the choice. The performance is far superior to the last 2 Sanyo phones I had with Sprint. I have used in both EV and 1x environments...and have been very impressed.

I also purchased Motorola Phone Tools 4.0 from Amazon for about $11 (49 from Motorola). The synch of my Outlook address book and calendar was accomplished without a hitch.

Display is easily read in varying light conditions.
Voice clarity is exceptional.
Signal strength/reception is outstanding in our area (Virginia Beach).
Construction appears solid.

Still looking.

No phone (or provider) is perfect...but I am delighted with both Verizon and the e815!!!

Motorola E815


Jul 21, 2006 by QMC

My experience has been different than most of the other reviewers. Verizon has not been able to solve the problem so I am assuming it is a phone issue. Problem: Got two phones for family use. Clarity of sound is terrible no matter how good the signal strength is. On both phones the sound is muffled, distorted and cuts in and out making holding a conversation very difficult. Situation is difficult cell to land line and much worse cell to cell. Conversation on in network cell to cell calls is nearly impossible. Have had other phones and never this kind of trouble. My experience with this phone continues to be terrible.

Didn't like it....But Please Read Why


Jul 17, 2006 by NUMBAWUNFELA

I had 2 of these in a 2 week period. It would have been a shorter time, but I had no chance to return them sooner.

As you read the review please note that I am 6'5" 225lbs, and must have functionality above all else--period. I had an LG VX7000 that I loved but passed away quite suddenly so I was given this as a replacement. I tend to be a creature of habit, so I didn't like the change, but I really didn't like the phone.

The Good---
Great color screen
Loud ringer
not too big
camera took good pics

The Bad---
Everything takes at least 1/3 more keystrokes than the LG. For example every LG menu Item is numbered so that hitting 'ok' -> -> 2 6 takes you to the calculator. Motorola phones require that you scroll down to EVERYTHING. yes you can set a shortcut on both phones, however that is only good for so much. If I want to save a picture i gotta scroll through 3 submenus on the 815, the LG is a button. delete the picture is #8 in the options list - just press 8. The 815 makes you scroll. This was a CONSTANT thorn in my side.

I send text messages while driving all the time (please don't lecture me) The buttons are too small for my big fingers to hit without looking at the screen.

iTap sucks... Granted, the ability to teach your phone new words is something T9 sorely lacks, however, some wacko decided that any word plus the '1' key puts an apostrophe first, not a period, unless you have through use taught the iTAP that this one of several thousand words should be followed by a period next time, which you must do for each of the several thousand words. Teaching your phone is good, but to have to teach it so much right out of the box is very bad.

when the clamshell is closed the up or down arrow keys allow you to see the sound profile, then a smart key allows you to change it easily. but unfortunately it is a little too easy, my phone did not ring regularly. Gotta have functionality.

You can't record a sound and set it as a ringer on the 815

Moto E815: It breaks down if you look sideways at it.


Jul 6, 2006 by woggie

I'm not a greatly experienced cellphone user. I've only owned a couple - this one from Bell Mobility in Canada and another Motorola from a different carrier, Rogers - but I've just had the replacement to the first one they gave me break down within only a few months of receiving it. The first one decided to pack it in about 2 months after first activation - it just started shutting itself down spontaneously every time I tried to turn it on or to charge it up. This one worked as fine as it is supposed to for a few months, but the other day it happened to fall a few inches onto a table and the backlight died.

That, I'm told by the guy at my local Bell store who also owns one of these, is not covered under extended warranty as it is "physical damage". Never mind that he says he has dropped his several times from much higher points onto much harder surfaces and watched it bounce. The difference, he says, is that mine must have fallen flat on its face as opposed to landing on an edge or a corner - thereby smashing the lightbulb inside.

Seems to me that the dang thang ought not to have been designed to allow that to happen. Seems to me it's a design flaw and therefore should be covered under the warranty as a problem originating before I got it.

Other than that, I have two other complaints about it. One, the ringer cannot be turned up loud enough to be heard unless the unit is held or sitting in front of you. I can't hear it if it is in a loose pocket and it's set as loud as it will go. Two, the software is unreliable. Trying to get the connection to the phone from a powerhouse PC via USB cable is iffy and once established the connection is dropped every time and quickly within a few minutes or within a few transfers of data. (Also the connector jack for the USB cable/charger cable does not connect easily.)

Other than those flaws, it's a great phone. The sound quality is no worse than any other cell or portable phone.

Great phone


Jul 6, 2006 by tikogto

Had this phone for 6 months with no problems anywhere. Even works in elevators. Very few people in this area can say that. Battery life is very good. I never miss a call or drop calls. Best performing phone I've ever owned and I've owned about 10 different phones. Camera is shakey but unimportant to me. Loud ringer and good vibration. Can't get much better.

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