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Oct 6, 2005 by don_mellili

service with t-mobile the greatest enhancement this phone could ever have. see title for more info.

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samsung e 335


Jul 18, 2005 by Libby

The samsung phone is small and stylish. I love the bright color lit up on the keys. It is easy to navigate. User friendly. The phone is very small and fits in the palm of your hand. I wish the display on the front stayed on a bit longer, because to see the time, you have to open it up to get the light to come on The phone is plastic, I feel the price is a bit high, and if you are looing for a phone with a camera. Its as good as any other in that price range. Its kind of boring to play with. It doesnt take long to figure it out. I wish the screen were a bit larger, but all in all its a good little phone.

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Jul 15, 2005 by Jomo0333

I just got this phone yesterday, and i am already finding myself quiet bored with it. I knew not to expect anything super great when i ordered it...But yet i am still disapointed. The phone is just OK. I like the blue color too it, i'm glad samsung decided to try a different color other than silver. Over all the phone is very good looking and i am pleased with that part. I was dissapointed with the ringers and wallpapers. The phone volume on the earpiece doesnt get loud enough and the speaker phone also doesnt get loud enough and it doesnt sound very clear. There arent very much options when it comes to the display settings, like you cant change the menu from grid view. The reception seems just fine every where i go. When your talking on the phone and want to look at the time on the main screen or whatever...you have to press a button to light up the screen because its completely black. I got fooled today when i was talking...i went to check the time and it looked like my phone had turned off.
This phone is good for anyone who wants a simple nice looking phone with a decent camera.

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Nothing Special


Jun 27, 2005 by seanpitt330

I bought this phone because it was the "newest thing" T-Mobile had, and it was around what I was willing to spend. I researched a lot of phones before buying and so I figured I couldn't go wrong.

There is nothing really wrong with the phone, but there is nothing special about it either.

Aesthetically the phone is good. It has the nice navy colored body with blue backlit keys. I wish the front screen wasn't monochrome, but it's okay.

The only "problems" with the phone are the fact that the ringers and wallpapers, etc., included with the phone stink. I mean really, they are pretty bad. The HiFi ringer I bought from T-Mobile also sounds artificial on the phone, which it didn't on my previous Motorola V300. There is also no way that I have yet to discover to change the ring style (i.e. Vibe and Ring, Ring Only, Silent, etc.) without going through all of the menus, which is irritating. You can hold down the pound (#) key and it toggles it in and out of silent, but for any other mods you must scroll through all the menu options. It also sends a text message every time I get a voicemail and I haven't figured out how to turn that off.

The camera is what you should expect from a cell phone. Sometimes it gets turned on in my pocket from the quick access side button and you get lots of nice pictures of your pocket.

I couldn't really think of anything positive to put in the review because there is really nothing that jumps out as special about the phone. I am considering returning it under the 14 day return policy only because I paid $130.00 plus TN sales tax for a phone that really amounts to a navy colored V300 with more difficult navigation through features.

Reception is average in famous T-Mobile style. No dropped calls, when they come through.

The phone is fine if you get a good deal on it, but I wouldn't really recommend paying $130 for it right now. There are lots of other phones with the same features for cheaper, or more features for $30-$40 more.

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Phone is Alright


Jul 20, 2006 by snoborder554

-Extremely Durable(dropped on concrete, tile and many others, many times)
-small, fits in pocket easily
-decent camera
-easy silent mode (hold down # key)

-Takes pictures in pocket until full(due to side button)
-Monochrome front display
-Cant Vibrate and ring, only vibrate then ring, or one or the other
-bad sound quality
-poor reception (due to internal camera)
-other phones dont always receive picture messages

it is a good phone. it has lasted me a long time with absolutely no problems. I would recommend this phone if you aren't a cell phone addict. If you just use your cell phone for what its for, talking and messaging, its a good phone.

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Decent Phone


May 8, 2006 by truluv1990

I got this phone free with T-Mobile, and it is a pretty good phone.

Nice Design
Easy to use

Too many menus
The stupid side camera button always takes pics of my pocket/purse because the button can't be locked!!!!!!!!!

Other than that it is a good phone

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Mar 14, 2006 by bwillis

i have this phone. i liked the look and especially the color. i wanted the samsung e315 but they didnt have any so i got this one. i liked some of he features like internal antenna and the sound quaity and how you could drop it and not have it break. but i see this phone as more of a kids phone i personaly would go with another phone. i dont like how it seemed like everything was blue...you cant change the satus light(the blinking light on the front) and you cant record video, it has enough spce on it so why cant you record videos? i also dont like how you cant have it vibrate and ring at the same time. you can have it vibrate and then ring but then i cant hear it if its not in my pocket and if its on vibrate i cant get to it in time. go with another unless its for a child or some1 else

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Samsung e335


Feb 25, 2006 by tinojs

I think this phone is fantastic, especially for free. If I had paid for it I may have expected to have a few more cool features but overall this phone is extremely useful and user friendly. I have never had a phone so easy to navigate. Before this I spent $395 on a motorola phone that was all trendy and "fun" and I barely used any of the features. The Samsun e335 is practical and everything is useful. The sound quality is great and I have yet to have a dropped call or lose service anywhere. My old one, with the same service provider, used to drop out at my house all the time and in the labs at my school. The pictures it takes are not great quality--but are they ever on a phone? I have yet to see one...all-in-all if you are looking for a useful phone that isn't all about the silly stuff that teenagers like to show off with, this would be a fine choice for you. Also, it's very small and easy to carry around, which is also something I really enjoy about it.

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Wouldn't recommend it


Jan 19, 2006 by biggobbler51

I haven't had it that long but from what I have seen of it it's not what I am looking for anyway. It is a cute little phone but looks do not make it work. There might be somewhere on the phone to change the icons o to list but I never seen it. I prefer the list over Icons. Could barely get a one on the signal meter and when it did jump up to 3-4 bars then it would go into searching for service. That part doesn't make sense to me because I am almost directly in the middle of local area where I live. As for the camera.....lol that's a joke. I just gave up my LG 6100 with US Cellular to get this. The LG is a perfect 10 compared to this. I am sending this one back and going to try the Nokia 6101. Hope I have better luck with that one....

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Jan 9, 2006 by PRETTYKITTY

CONS: OK this phone is indifferent. It makes me mad that i cant see pictures on my outside display. then when it comes to choosing different ring-tones for each person you cant you have to choose ring-tones for groups of people at a time. the camera isn't too clear it should have flash. It doesnt have video and I was told it did. tmobile issue you cant send pictures messages to cricket wireless customers and at times verizon customers (people without Sim cards)
I'm glad tmobile only has one year contracts shittttttttt! just want to let people the realll issues
PROS: its a cute blue--my favorite color its sleek has a colorful display I dont know about reception and service I have issues which could also be tmobiles fault almost every month I call to get bonus minutes b/c of the service/reception thats a shame huh?

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