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Wish I'd never bought it...


Sep 11, 2006 by icebrain

Nice exterior design

Nicely customizable home screen, good display

Hitting "send" from home screen pulls up not only recent outgoing, but also missed and incoming

Decent battery life

Comes with corded headset

Ability to select 24-hour time format

Displays number of missed calls on outside

Camera button on the side can't be disabled. I get lots of pictures of the inside of my pocket. Picture quality is poor, and colors are off.

Alarm and ringer should use common sources--default alarm sounds are just dumb

Outside volume switch changes key tone (wtf?), not ringer volume. Only way to set ringer volume is to go through several menu levels.

Calendar is confusing... trying to make an entry is many steps long, and involves setting choices of to-do list, scheduler, or others. It should all be one function.

Alarms are a pain. You have to re-enter the time every time you set it (instead of simply arming the alarm), and hitting snooze makes you have to wait until it goes off again to silence it, instead of being able to disarm it

Default ring tones are too girly--would prefer a couple different "regular phone" sounds.

Contacts list lacks ability to search by number; groups pictures can't be customized

Only eight speed dial locations--and unlike other phones, initially entering the speed dial reference won't display the stored number before hitting send.

Reception is horrible almost everywhere I've been (though this might be T-mobile's fault)

Calculator is good and bad... like the ability to enter complex expressions, but having to hit pound repeatedly to select an operator is a pain (suggest volume buttons?)

No silent mode--vibrate or ring only. Again, painful to change ring volume

Call records list is limited

Too easy to access "t-zones" accidentally

Can't select a "default number" for any contact entry

Stupid-looking icons and animations (in menus and for missed calls/incoming call/alarm)

In all, I'm never buying a Samsung again!

where do i start?


Jan 25, 2006 by CeLLpHoNeCrAzY


this phone is unbeliveable. you know how the "internal antenna" is supposed to be good technology, IT'S NOT. because of they way i hold my phone my finger covered up the internal antenna. which would make me lose all my service! it would go from full service to no service in about 30 seconds! i cant believe a company could honestly have tested this phone. i wouldn't suggest this phone to anyone.

stylish looking
camera good quality

internal antenna
speaker phone is very soft
sound quality

Simply Sweet


Jul 21, 2005 by jessimparfait

This is the perfect phone for those who aren't looking for a minature computer. The samsung e335 is not super fancy, but it is classy without being expensive. Though I like the phone overall, there are some things I really appreciate:

-Easy to understand and navigate
-Nice blue color, but not tacky
-Can support good ringtones
-Handy sidebuttons for volume control, front screen light, and camera
-Great speakerphone
-Easy 'vibrate' button
-Splendid volume projection
-Good battery life
-Small enough to fit in a pocket, big enough to hit the right keys
-Durable enough to get dropped and not break

I have yet to find a problem that I couldn't solve with a simple check of the handbook or call to t-mobile. This is a simple, sweet, little phone that would make a fine addition to anyone's purse or pocket.

Good phone


Jun 30, 2005 by EJA1076

I like this phone a lot. I was looking for a small phone that I could fit in my pocket with speaker phone, and since this was new on the market, I decided to try it out. I've had it for a few days and am pleased with it. I recently cancelled my service with Verizon because I got too many dropped calls. However, with T-Mobile and using this phone, I haven't had any dropped calls, including in my house and neighborhood, which are infamous for bad reception.

The phone itself is attractive, and I haven't had any problems with it so far. The people who are complaining that the phone doesn't have video capability or a good camera should think about why they got the phone in the first place. Personally, I could care less about the camera and probably won't use it at all. My favorite feature is the speaker phone, which works very well. I haven't had any problems with the reception, and the battery life is pretty good.. I didn't have to charge it for three days after fully charging it the first time I got it.

This is my first phone with T-Mobile, and I am impressed and glad I chose to drop Verizon and go with T-Mobile.

Its an ok phone


Jul 4, 2005 by hahaitsjeff

I've played around with phone. It seems that its not as great as the Samsung E315 model. I thought it would be an improved version of the E315. The sound quality is kinda bad. I like the speaker phone feature. It sounds great. Ringtones are just like the other previous samsung models like the X475. I thought it would sound better since it had a better speaker. I wish it had video and a color screen external caller ID. The camera effects are just like every other samsung camera phones. The reception on it is horrible. It has 1 or 2 bars less than any other samsung i had in the past. It reminds me of my Samsung R225.

Speaker phone
Nice color & look
Fumbles through pictures quickly

Monochrome external caller ID
Sound quality

nice phone


Feb 13, 2006 by Pgupta

Nice phone and I love it….it’s a good choice if u r looking for a simple phone that supports camera and light messaging……good one for me……. though it takes away video capture but the internal antenna and the speaker phones are awesome………it’s weight is 3.0oz and the battery life is 220 hours standby time and 210 minutes talk time…I think http://www.inods.com and http://phonearena.com have really helped me take a right decision……and wuld also like to add on that it also has a VGA-quality Digital Camera which takes nice still clear pictures……and a small external screen that goes very well along with its small form factor…………and yes!!! Forgot to mention it’s memory is 8MB and has a large phone book capacity……………:-)

Not to shabby at all


Jul 22, 2005 by bizkitsngravy

I have had this phone for about a week now, I traded in my sidekickII for something different. (I know, not quite the same) but I liked how this phone caught my eye. Small, light weight, feels pretty durable, very user friendly, and for me get's great reception--sounds crystal clear. I've been in the same place with my r225, sidekick,v205, or ipaq where they are struggling with a signal (in my house) and this phone is just fine :) You DO NOT have to open the phone to get the back light on the front lcd to come on, like some people have said. On the left hand side, you press the "up" (volume) key for 2-3 seconds and it will light right up.

-Small, lightweight yet durable
-very user friendly
-Great reception
-camera has some neat effects like grayscale, negative, sketch, and some other features I've not seen in a "camera phone" before
-The service light unlike other samsungs is not as blinding as a strobe light in the dark and can be turned off
-decent battery life

-camera quality is OK, but hey it's a camera *phone* I didn't get it for the camera
-Speaker phone is not as loud as some, and people on the other end complain I sound muffled while talking on speaker phone, normal phone is fine
-while I did state it gets good reception, and it does, there have been a couple times and it seems to be random that I'll have full signal then it will go to "no service" for a second and then come right back to full signal...my other phones did not do that. I haven't had any problems (yet) with that though.
-850/1800/1900 mhz means no int'l roaming (well some, but very limited)
-no bluetooth, but again I don't care about BT or I wouldn't have bought it

Overall I'd say this is a stylish, yet modest phone with not all the bells and whistles, but enough to keep you satisfied.

Everything You'd Expect, with some Minor Quirks.


Jul 16, 2005 by lildude3077

My parents and I got the Samsung e335 a couple days ago for free. Here's my opinion-

The Good:
The Size- It's pretty small. It slips right into my pocket and is barely noticable.
The Color- It's a nice break from all of the silver phones I see.
The Camera- It's definitely not stellar, but It is good for taking a quick picture of something I need to remember for later.
The External Screen- It definitely beats out having to flip it to see who's calling. I wish it was color, but contrary to popular belief, you can still frame self-portraits with it. Just close the flip and hold the camera button. The preview will just be in black and white- more than you need to snap a picture.
The Internal Screen- It's Bright and looks great.
The Reception- Coming from Sprint, This is a huge improvement over what I'm used to.
The Extras- It's not that much, but they package in a Headset and a European Plug adapter.
The Interface- It's bright, colorful, and allows for a whole bunch of customization. Also, you can easily go in and out of silent by holding the pound key (#)

The Okay:
The Casing- Part of the front is glossy. It picks up fingerprints really easily.
The Call Quality- It's not terrible, but It's not great.
The Interface- There are links to T-Zones all throughout the menus. One accidental push could drive up charges.

The Bad:
The Side Keys- You can't change ringtone volume from the side keys. Oddly enough, It changes the Key volume. What?
The Silent Mode- There is none. It's just ring, or vibrate.

Overall, I love this phone. It's great for the price, and T-Mobile is such an improvement over Sprint in our area. However, there are some minor oddities, like the side keys and such that bring this phone down to a 4.5.

That's All, I guess.

just avarge


Jun 30, 2005 by moe777

I bought this phone 2 days ago and this phone does everything just OK. I was replacing my E315 but now I am having second thoughts. It does not have a video recorder, just camera. You can not change the menu style from "grid view" to "list view". The reception is about 2 bars less that my old phone side by side.

On the other had, it is a cool blue color and has a speaker phone. (you have to leave the flip open to use speaker phone

Hope this helps.

Great little phone


Nov 7, 2005 by rockbit

I just got this phone little over a month ago, and I love it! It is a real step above my older phone, the Qualcomm QCP-1960, which is over 8 years old. I don't know why people are complaining about the sound quality, everything is crystal clear. I did have a phone with a dead pixel, but I returned that.

IM capability
cool blue color
nice battery life
it's so small!
bright color screen
great sound quality

the ringtones that come with the phone are pretty lame, and add'l ringtones will run $1.50, which is more than a napster download!

no flash
monochrome display
camera is a fingerprint magnet!
you have to confirm you want it in speaker.

Basically a nice phone.... Get it!

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