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This is an awesome phone!!!


Sep 26, 2007 by jsee

This phone is really cool. I bought it in Fl back in March 11, 2007. Its been doing great. Its fast and affordable. The voice quality could be a little better. And the battery life is awesome. But the charging port is already starting to mess up. It also heats up when using alot or put on the charger.

Pros: Almost everything

Cons: charging port


heats up really hot

Great simple phone


Jan 25, 2006 by whiskey7

I am one of the peope who specifically doesn't want a camera, mp3 player, ect on my cell phone. I do however like a nice look and feel to my phone as well as good fundamental function (reception, battery life, etc). This phone is perfect for someone like me.

+ Great sound/call quality as well as good range of volumes in the earpiece (this is a relief coming from the screetchy Samsung a620)
+ Above average batter life
+ Nice feel/form - very small; internal antenna is great
+ Perfectly good reception (I tested it against a Samsung a620 and Hitachi p300 in a dead area and it lost reception at the same point as these)
+ Non-color external display is easy read in the light of day without being lit up.
+ Cool keypad; keypad's blue backlight is very nice too.
+ Speakerphone works good
+ Vision works well
+ Has over-the-air software update ability. I have used it once and it worked flawlessly.

+ Not compatible with some games including Jamdat Bowling and Peg Jump
+ Can't adjust the volume of an event alarm independently -- the event alarm volume will be the same as your current ring volume.

I want to love this phone


Nov 14, 2005 by mcotnam

I bought this phone in August mainly for the look of it. After having it for two weeks, it stopped working correctly. When I received a call, it would ring, but upon answering it, I couldn't hear a thing, and neither could the caller. The same thing when I placed the call. I wouldn't hear anything and the person who answered wouldn't either.

I brought it back to Telus and the customer service agent removed the battery and turned it back on. It worked - for about 1 week. Then I brought it back in, again they removed the battery and sent me on my way. Then the third time I brought it in, they told me that since I had had the phone for over one month, they wouldn't give me a new one and they sent it away for repairs.

I got it back three weeks later and it worked for a total of two days. I brought it back in and they sent it away again - I picked it up 3 days ago, and yesterday the problem recurred. Now, it's back with LG for a third try. I'm extremely frustrated and Telus isn't helping at all - actually blaming me for not forcing the issue within the one month window!!!

Has anyone heard of something like this happening? They have updated the software on my phone and have changed the speaker...

LG Can DO A lot Better


Nov 9, 2005 by AK47

As a purchaser of this phone i have to say LG let me down a little bit.

*Reception is good
*Menu is also good
*Phone book is great

*Light stays on while charging and annoys me while sleeping, not good for me!!!
*Speakerphone is horrible i can't really understand anyone while using.
*Voice dial doesn't work
*The front screen is very easy to break. I had my phone layig on the bed and dropped a quarter and it craked the screen.
*The games that come on the phone are horrible
*Ringtones are also not that great
*Was not impressed with internet and it took forever to load and eats the battery life quickly.

I like LG phones but this one doesn't fit for me, i think LG can release a much better phone than this one.



Oct 19, 2005 by cyinisis

-Sleek and Slim, easily fits in your pocket.
-No antenna, and I get good reception most everywhere I am, even on the elevator at my work.
-Great, large, vibrant screen.
-Okay speaker phone, but not the best.
-Easy to navigate UI, host of phone book features.
-Able to support ringtones and basic games.
-Great text messaging options.

-UI can be sluggish at times, which can get mildly irritating.
-Kind of cheap feel, compared to other entry level phones (probably due to low weight).

This phone is a very solid entry level phone for those who are looking to make and receive calls/texts. There is a little taste of advanced phone features within the phone, but they are just that, tastes...but don't have practical, every day functionality. It is true that the backlights stay on all the time while on the charger, but overall I'd say this is a very solid phone. 4.5/5 due to minor cons.

VI-125 Voice Dial doesn't wotk


Sep 19, 2005 by oldfart

I purchased a LG VI-125 and a LG PM-225. Voice Dial doesn't work on these LGs.

Try "HOME". I could never get the phone to call "HOME" Voice dial only called 50% of names entered.

Besides voice dial, phone features and size are very good.

The other issue, is Sprint's weak signal strength.

I switched to Verizon Motorola V276. Its voice dial REALLY WORKS GREAT!!

LG missed the mark on this one.


Sep 9, 2005 by idreamoutloud

I got my LG 125 on the Telus mobility network up in Canada. I got it simply because it was the first CDMA flip with an internal antenna offered here.Iits an attractive little phone that looks alot better than it performs. The phone is filled with little software glitches that a low end user may never notice. most frusterating of all is the contact list. If you store your contacts numbers using the prefered 10 digit method ie. (403)123-4567 the call display will not work on incoming phone calls, but it will work for incoming text messages. If you use the less prefered 7 digit number only then your call display will work, but not for text messages.... why would LG / Telus do this?

-Size, its not too big, and not too small

-Internal antenna is great, works well and you don't have to worry about breaking it off

-Handy little speaker phone, although the speaker really isn't that clear.

-The speed dial is anything but speedy, you have to hold the button down for 3-4 seconds before it realizes that you are speed dialing.

-The color screen is lame, they claim it is a 65,000 color screen... but to me its just 65,000 shades of green, and grey.

-The phone feels very cheap and plasticy in the hand.

-Very weak flip on this phone, I suspect LG will have alot of upset customers with broker phones on their hands.

i used this phone for about a week, then switched back to my Samsung A670, which is far superior!

I like the LG VI-125 !


May 3, 2005 by KC-Steve

PROs: Small size without the antenna stub to get caught in your pocket. Nice display. No camera or push-to-talk.. features I don't use.

CON's: The main screen backlight goes out after lack of activity too soon. Max delay is 15 seconds or on all the time. Even goes out when playing games so would like more delay time.

I'd been wanting to replace by SCP4700 as too large. Didn't want camera, walkie-talkie features. The 125 seemed to fit my needs. Picked it up on a business trip in Sacramento and like it very much. Signal levels seem to be quite good and audio quality much better than the 4700 - similar to my wife's 8100. I do use the speakerphone and this one is excellent.

So far this phone meets my needs... small, good reception and not tricked up with features I don't use. Sprint.. I know selling Vision is important to the company. However, I would like a camera in it IF I could download into my computer for that "once in a month" photo I might take.. otherwise, my cheap digital I carry in my briefcase works very well.

Great phone! So why did I return it?


Apr 27, 2005 by heunt

A really nice phone. Quite a few PROs,
but the first two CONs were deal breaker
for me. The rest, I could have lived with.

Great reception(Central Missouri).
Never dropped a call except in known
dead spots.

Nice size. I was able to perform one
handed dialing fairly well.

Speakerphone worked well. A little
distortion above the medium volume

Internal antenna. Despite LG's warning,
hand position doesn't interfere with
the signal.

Nice menus.

Good battery life.

Nice tools, especially the scheduler.
There's even a tip calculator. I doubt
if I would have gotten much use out of
it, but it's pretty cool.

A couple of decent games.

When the phone is connected to the
charger, the backlight stays on
continuously. I was weary about
leaving the phone connected to the
charger overnight. I was told that
this is common on LG phones.

If a number that's stored in the
phonebook is dialed manually from the
keypad, the phone doesn't translate the
number to the name associate with the
phonebook entry for that number. Picky
perhaps, but I know I'd never be
satisfied with this.

Should be able to adjust the ringer
volume without opening the flip.

After changing the volume level, you
either have to press OK, or wait a
second or two before closing the flip.
If not, the old volume setting will
still be in effect. I found this out
the hard way, in a movie theater.

Crappy musical ringtones. Downloaded
ringtones sounded terrible.

Headset performance was questionable. I
only used it once.

If none of the CONs that I listed scare you,
then I'd highly recommend this phone.

Does It Pass the Bar?


May 22, 2005 by erw

Packed with internal features
Handy, easy to read 2nd display on front
Attractively Priced

Questionable Signal Strength
Navigation through menus a bit clumsy

Bought this phone a few days ago for my wife.
We have some concern about the signal strength. We use Sprint and are in an area in Southern California where the signal strength has never been that great.
My wife had an LG 1011 prior to this one, and her phone would consistently show 1 bar where my Samsung I300 shows full strength. It may be that the bars on the LG do not indicate the same signal levels as the Samsung. She would get dropouts about 8% of the time, where I get dropouts only about 2% of the time.
The VI125 is clearly getting better reception than the 1011 but it is still much lower than my Samsung. She has already had some dropouts, but it is still too early to to say how bad the problem is.

The features on the phone particularly the nice 2nd display on the cover, and the relative pricing (we bought it directly from Sprint) encouraged us to try this phone despite the reception problems with her old LG.

The other person who said that the speakerphone had some distortion at higher volumes is correct. It is noticeable, but not too objectionable.

Navigation through the menus is reasonably intuitive, but there are a few inconsistencies: The "back" button does not always get you to the previous window;
accessing additional characters used for web navigation is intuitive, but requires an excessive number of keypresses.

Loading pictures and sounds went smoothly, but the one Java (jar) file we tried to load didn't work. (The file may have just been incompatible with this phone.)

My wife will still return the phone if dropouts persist, but judging from how delighted she is with the other features,
(she particularly likes the combination of speakerphone/auto answer so she doesn't have to touch the phone to receive a call in the car) I think that it is a keeper.

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