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Is there a batch of bad phones out there?


May 12, 2005 by captainvid

I recently purchased one of these phones. There are many things I love about this phone. The display is nice, no antenna but great reception, the duplex speaker-phone, and the alarms. Most of the other features are good but there are a few deal breakers. Here is the major one. After having it a few days and using it to make calls and receive them, I go to the call history and both incoming, missed, and outgoing calls are missing. The phone just says call history is empty. If I just made a call, then hit talk to redial the last number I still get call history empty. OK so its a bad phone yes? Went back to BB to exchange it. Guess what ...the new one did the same even after registering it. I checked the display unit and it did it too. OK so maybe BB has a batch of bad ones. Went to RS to check, same problem. Tried 2 more RS stores and they all do it. Am I the only one out there with this issue. Obviously I want this phone bad but this basic function MUST work. The other problems I see with this phone is the backlight on during charing, font size is way to small for initial dialing readout, and backlight doesnt stay on long enough. Other than this phone is fantastic. But until LG can download new software to fix these issues I will just keep looking or wait till the VI225 comes out. Hope they fixed these issues on that one too.

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early review


Apr 14, 2005 by boston

I have had it for less that a week - so this is not a completely educated review. But, so far my reception is fine - slightly less signal strength than my Sanyo SCP6400 (which I had NO complaints about, other than being bored with). All features are very easy to use, speaker phone sounds fine, scratchy on highest volume, but fine on lower volumes. I'm constantly checking the signal strength because I am suspicious about having an 'internal antenna', but so far no problems. Ringers are great, many normal 'ring' and 'alert' sounds as well as songs, I've only charged it once so far too, so I'm going on 3 days with only one bar diminished on the power meter. No annoying sounds or lights that aren't able to be turned off if you don't want them. I'll write again when I get closer to the 14 day return limit to say if I decided to keep it or not. Basically, my main need is reception - this is my only phone, so if it passes in that area, I'm golden. I've got no complaints about any of it's other features.

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LG VI-125 Great Phone


Mar 31, 2005 by jpc34

I have tried the Samsung A760, A740 and the Sanyo MM7400. I found the Samsung's easy to use with a good menu but I didn't like the walkie talkie. Speakerphone was so,so and the weight top heavy. The Sanyo phone's hinge is terrible along with the menu. It's a heavy phone also. The LG is hit with me since it doesn't have a camera and a bunch of junk I don't want or need. The menu is easy and the settings can be changed to your liking. The speakerphone works well, screen is nice as is the entire layout of the phone. It's light good SAR Ratings, great reception both surprising for an internal antenna. This phone is not your normal LG phone. Much better quality. The only problem is the phone number font is way to small even adjusted to large it's smaller than Samsungs small setting. Why have a nice large screen when you have tiny fonts this makes no sense to me.

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Phone stinks!


Dec 1, 2007 by TonyCrowley

I work for a cell phone company and I have to say this phone really stinks it has really bad reception.

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Not reliable at all


Aug 29, 2007 by asdf1313

I had purchased my first version of this phone about three years ago. For about one year and four months, it worked just fine with the exception of weak signal strength which I suspect is Sprint's downfall. And then the screen decided to turn blue on me so I got it replaced with the same model.

About three months later, it starting shutting off/restarting on me every time I plugged it in to charge. Whenever it DID charge, it would do so rapidly only to have half of the battery drain when talking on the phone for only about twenty minutes. So, I took it in again and they simply replaced the battery. Same problem. They replaced the phone again and things seemed to be going well... for only a month. I'm having the same problem, again. And before you suspect it is the wall outlet or charger, I used different wall outlets and different chargers when trying to figure out the problem.

That was pretty much my only problem (with the exception of terrible signal), but in my opinion, a HUGE problem.

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Very Good Simple Phone


Jan 8, 2007 by trashmaiden

I loved this phone.
It is very durable and reliable.

The only problem I ever had was that when I connected to the internet, it would not sign off unless I removed the battery.

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This Phone Has Its Problems...


Jan 5, 2007 by RSmaker23

Overall I give this phone a 2.5 rating because of the many cons I have with it. It seems Sprint didn't do its best with this model, or maybe it's just my phone...

I had just gotten this phone a not too long ago and its already messing up.

You see..it seems after I charge the phone the screen somehow during the process turns blue...then it stays that way. Now maybe it's just the phone I bought, but as I've read many others had recieved problems with this model.

Somehow I had just gotten the screen to work again by taking out the battery for a long time (2 days) before replacing it.

Now after I had charged it again, the screen has turned blue...and stays that way. I'm thinking about returning it because I don't want to go through the hassle every time I charge the phone.

Despite this, the phone does have its pros..

The sleek design is what had drew me in the first place. I also fell in love with the menu, wallpaper styles etc...

But yes, I must agree this phone does has the a cheap feel, and even though this is the first time I have used a LG phone I feel that this could've been better.

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IS It Crap?


Aug 23, 2006 by Sweetie

Well i got this phone 4 or 5 months ago and it is very well used. I talk on the phone maybe on average 5 hours a day. I wish the battery would last longer but thats life.

the speaker phone and my ring tones are very crisp and clear, the main display screen is very bright and shows alot of color. and on top of it the lime green color is awesome! The reception on the phone is excellent I'm driving in the middle of no where and the bars are a little bit lower..but its still okay to talk with.

My phone turns on on me randomly, and my voice dial is hell to try to figure out. and it scratches easily the silver edge around the exterior display chips and cracks...and every time i drop my phone it sratches and and when i open my phone it sqeaks like its plastic. another thing is and i am strongly with this...is that all LG phones suck..the display screen cracks all my friends who own a LG phone that has happened to them and it has happened to my previous LG phone and thats why never want one again.

but overall it has its pros and cons
it is an alright phone for basic use...
it is not a phone you can have a 3 year contract on and stay with the LG 125
the whole 3 years would be a miracle because
you would have to keep it in a soft pillow the whole time and even then i bet something would go wrong.

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Gave it more than a fair chance


May 15, 2006 by tm_spyder

Used for more than 9 months on sprint network. During that time had multiple issues. Including phone discharging while plugged in, display giving out memory resetting itself, etc. Had phone replaced once only to have problems reappear within a short time. Just a bad phone in my opinion.

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Mar 30, 2006 by kayelle

Software Version: CX12TE10
Memory used: 3.7%

I didn't want a camera phone, nothing fancy, and this phone is Green.... I really like coloured phones, they stand out. Well, I've had it for 6 months, and it's basically a piece of garbage. It worked well (no glitches) for about a month.... and then... it all fell apart.

There are basically no pros to this phone except that it makes and receives calls like any phone should.. mostly.

Some of the problems this phone has include intermittent freezing doing simple things like texting, and total lack of Voice Dial control. However, my main beef with this phone is that randomly, the exterior backlight will stay on for hours on end, no matter what I do. The only thing I can do is restart the phone. This is a massive hassle, because if it's in my purse and I don't notice, I'll go to use my phone and it's dead, after having been charged the night before. So, my battery lasts 1.5 days MAX. I only know one other person with this phone, and she has the exact same problem. Coincidence? I thought, maybe.

I had it sent in for repairs, and had a loaner LG phone with no exterior display. My battery was put in this phone, and lasted 5 days at a time. I charged my loaner phone one night and got my real phone back the next day.... surprise, the battery died that night. Better yet, the phone is in worse condition than before I sent it in. Not only does the exterior light stay on constantly at random times (yes, it's set for 8 seconds), but I have a new, very odd problem:

When I let my phone battery die all the way (obviously, this happens very often), it shuts off like all phones do. Then maybe a minute later it restarts all by itself, and tells me I have multiple new text msgs or web alerts. I really don't have any. (Sometimes it picks old ones and pretends they're new.) Then it shuts off again. This happens every time, without fail.

Basically... I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone. No one at all. Junk.

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