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look-a-complete phone


Jul 27, 2005 by fahmi

nokia 32300 is amazing..

to be fair, im just compare with nearly-same model: 6670 and 7610.

nakia 3230 (no feature at 6670 0r 7610)
:: have FM radio
:: Support EDGE
:: if you print out photo (taken by 1.3 megapixel camera) for 4R size, it almost sharp!
:: push-to-talk, you must try it..
:: 6670 and 7610 come with 64 RS MMC (add memory), but 3230 only 32 RS MMC - dont worry. almost user(6670,7610&3230 user) not longer with initial RS MMC. they always upgrade/buy for 128 0r 256 RS MMC (maybe initial RS MMC can be trade in). More fun,more capacity..

im very sad to say:
:: only 6670 can support PDF (for GPRS)
:: 3230 dont have true tone
:: 3230-not creative design (7610 is look more creative)

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Mix Bag Product


May 22, 2005 by rahul3801

I brought this phone last month for 400$ installed 256 MB card for another 25$, here's what i genuinely feel about this phone


1) The only reason why this phone earns 4 points is because of its photo quality, the photo quality is exceptionally good, one cannot ask for better but the same cannot be said for video quality its just ok.

2) Over all external features are good size, shape, colour display, battery life, screen is big.

3) Another blessing for purchasing Nokia is various softwareÂ’s/games available, it just makes life so easy. Most of 60 series software work fine on 3230.

4) Pc sync is good, I am using data cable and believe me you have the flexibility of customization.

5) Blue tooth is really good.

6) Video playback is good.


1) Speaker Sound quality for music playback is not at all good, compared to P900 the sound is lousy

2) The very basic option of Birthday reminders is missing I cant believe this can happen is Nokia sleeping

3) Photo caller identification we only see a small pic rather than original big photo

4) Like all other 60 series phones this phone some times restarts/hangs when there is large processing.

5) We cannot open WORD EXCEL documents now this can be pain in neck P900 which was launched some 2.5 years back does have this function.

6) Comes with built in 32MB RAM you need to extend your RAM 32 MB is just not enough, believe me or not 3230 does not come with its own CD, I had to install the bundled software with my data cable.

Over all I like to say its good phone the best thing with NOKIA 3230 is its power of customization if you are computer savvy then you will love this phone you can customize the phone as per your wish.

If you have anything to say please write me at weloverahul@indiatimes.com with subject NOKIA 3230

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Smart and Great


Jun 7, 2005 by viral45

the Nokia 3230 is a typical classic phone provided in two colour solutions that are red and black. Both cases offer various screen edging, side insertions' colors and the back panel. The black color is more winning, the red one or, to be more precise, maroon is more women aided. The dimensions are 109x49x19 mm and the weight forms 110 grams. The device is not much thinner than fellow models but looks so due to the colors' shining
Due to the screen the lower part of the phone with a keypad takes about one third of the total height, the keys are twisted hardly and the parts are not balanced thus working with the device using one hand is not very comfortable. Principally, you'll get used to that fast and pay no attention later. The navi joystick is 5D, slam and average in comfort. The inflexibility is also average. You might be confused by the Menu button placed close to the soft-keys and the C button on the right. But you get used to that later on. The back lighting is white and well seen in all the conditions.
The camera interface is comparable to other company's smart phones, though provides no extra settings except for the timer and a night shooting mode. Use a 4x digital zoom while shooting and that is all for the possibilities.
The signal volume is high and the polyphony is 48-tones. The mp3 signal is evidently louder than in the Nokia 7610/6670 but lower than in the Nokia 6681/6680/6630. The loudspeaker volume is enough almost always and in a silence hissing is clearly heard.

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May 15, 2005 by jerry30

hey guess what...i also saw the phone wid my pal and then bought it..and i think its worth all my money..
i think the camera is awesum..
the colour is lovely..very different..and also the model looks sleek and sexy..!i mean the hpone is damn attractive..the radio works perfct!another thing..i liked is he games..hehe thought nt a gaming device..the bluetooth works perfect!
the only thing that i dnt like is the quality of the music that is played in realplayer..its nt that good..i hope that the sound quality would have been better..
another thing..some new softwares like the movie clipping is also damn good..i mean gr8 fun trying sumthin new..
so overall i think gr8 phone and i am damn satisfied with it!

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Jan 3, 2006 by mjunaid

is 3230 a mp3 player........
mono or st

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bad product for long term rough use


Dec 27, 2005 by lovebutes_666

hi all

i had got the ph way back in mar.
it had cost me a bomb but i felt it wud be ok as i would use it for long term basis.

so i started fidling around the cell.

it is on symbian platform so none of the traditional codes (apart *#06# and *#0000#) worked.

the racing game was gud ...but as i used the phone for long hours i find the os to hang periodically and only way to get out is by restarting. dat was annoying .
now the problem was the tip of ice berg...
(no pun intended)...

nowadays even if use my calender and a call comes in the ph hangs so i cannt see the display and the nos of the caller

the camera res is gud but after a few clicks the shot gets displyed and if u move ur hand den wtever comes in d way is clckd...
say u r taking ur frnds photo and after it clckd u move ur hand (d camera takes some time to put the photo in d frame)den watever is in focus will be shot.

so no fast photo clicks

de audio rec is only for 1 min ...crap

although it comes wth 32 mb ram u get 2 use only 12-15 mb as some of the application are stored in the card and not in ph mem...

the joystck has become pretty lousy ..whenever i move it a spring soun comes ..and i hav stopped moving it all together

all in all my exp wth nokia 3230 is bad
i thght i wud keep it atleast for 3 yrs but now i am disappointed and wont buy nokia product ne more...

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Very good phone from Nokia


Oct 6, 2005 by brendon

Then nokia 3230, some may hate the look, other love it, some may hate the mp3 player, others think its not too bad. Me... well i think the Nokia 3230 is probably the best nokia phone on the market to date. It featues 1.3 mpx camera, mp3 player, video recorder, IR and bluetooth, plus heaps of extras. The mp3 isn't the best, but its not bad and after time you will probably get used to the sound and it will be like music to your ears. The Nokia 3230 isn't the best looker, but i found a place where you can get phone covers for it, i bought one, undid the screws and put it on leaving the screws out of the phone, its been over a week since i put the cover on and the phone hasn't broken, it is still solid and the good thing is i can change the cover whenever i like just like the older Nokia phones. The PROS - megapixel camera takes very good pictures, almost as good as some digital cameras, it does good video but no one will use the one hour video unless you are making a movie or something. The phone also provides great connection to the computer so transferring music and pictures is a dream. CONS - - Um... probably the only thing is the mp3 sound quality but you will get used to it and it won't sound bad at all. The other problem may be that the screen collects a lot of dust but it is easily fixed by removing the screws and just fixing the cover back on.

Very good phone from nokia and will be in the top line for years to come.

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Plain and Simple, the 3230 is just OK


Aug 15, 2005 by Nauticalfl

Working in the wireless industry, I see new phones every day. I was presented the 3230 two weeks ago by my boss who raved about it. I don't see what the big big deal is.
1.)This phones likes to reboot itself when attempting to access larger wap sites.
2.) The mp3 ringer sound quality is not there. I would go back to the 6230 if it was symbian based.
3.) You'd think that having a 1.3 mgpxl cam would take a better quality photo. I have taken richer photos with the vga cam on my Motorola e398
4.) The os hesitates constantly when accessing programs. Going back to the camera, if you anticipate a Kodak moment, I would suggest you have the camera on standby! No Joke!

Other than that this phone is relativly easy to use for those who are symbian savy. This definitely is not the phone for beginners.

The reception is excellent everywhere I go. The blue tooth clarity is is wonderful as well.
The t9 txt prediction {dictionary} makes typing an SMS a breeze.
As I stated in the title, this is an OK phone, and I will leave it at that.

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nice phone but not the best


Aug 9, 2008 by aayih

this phone takes pretty good pictures. simply love it. the only thing that i don't like about it is that it actually hangs, big time. you even have to turn it off and on again so that you can enjoy the features again. but so far, so good.

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Almost Perfect


Mar 21, 2006 by buckgee

I have been using for about 2 months. I have spent over a month comparing other phones before that.

It met my criteria of
1) EDGE (for laptop hookup)
2) Expandable memory for MP3
3) FM Radio
4) Not a flip phone
5) Good size screen
6) Small and light
7) Software availability

1) Small, flimsy buttons
2) Mono music audio
3) Poor photo with bright subjects
4) Upper/lower case text not available in all text entry box
5) Hangs/Crashes during increase processing

Another solid phone from Nokia. Wait for the updated 3250 if you can.

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