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This Phone Rocks Even Used !


Jun 13, 2007 by retrobeast

I got my 7400 used from someone I bought a Sprint plan from on celltradeusa
After 6 months I still have no problems or complaints.
I can get to the web fine, speaker is loud, calls are crisp and clean.
Sorry to hear some of you are so obsessed with the little things.
My phone is for making calls and an occasional check of a email. I do not need MP3, Bluetooth, or a bunch of memory for storing games or whatever.

I will buy this phone again if I lose it. Someone on ebay will sell it cheap to me.

Love Love Love...Even after over a year


May 17, 2006 by Jennyboo

I received this phone on 5/1/05 as an employee phone, and I love it as much now as I did then. I have never had to have it replaced or have a different battery put in. With my regular usage I get about 3 days with the battery (using it about 30-45 min per day) and I can count the number of dropped calls I've had on one hand. My signal is wonderful where I go, and the calls are crystal clear. I'll go through my pros and cons.

-Excellent battery life
-Always has a strong signal (in the places I need it to work) including inside buildings and such where other phones fail
-Very loud speaker
-Fun features (video, nice camera, multimedia)
-Rubber grips which is excellent for droppage
-Stronger hinge design
-Removable face plates
-Ready link capable


-A little hefty (which may or may not be a con for some people)
-No bluetooth
-No mp3 player
-Virtually obsolete which may make it harder to find accessories

So all in all, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. If you are lucky enough to find this phone, I would recommend picking it up. I have gone through a number of LG's and Samsung's and after having a Sanyo, I don't think I could go back.

Sad that they don't sell this anymore


Mar 19, 2006 by willyum20

I've had my 7400 for almost a year now. I have to say that this is the first phone that has ever lasted me more than a few months. It has been put through hell and back and somehow has held up. The Screen resolution is nice, the camera works really well in good sunlight, pretty decent at night, terribly if you are indoors at night with low lighting, the flash doesn't do much unless you are within about a foot and a half of the phone. I love the changeable face plates, i'm really glad that this is coming back in style cuz I love to customize. The rubber gripping is fantastic and can really take a beating. The speaker is very clear and loud. The only problem i've had with this phone is that the pin charger wears out very quickly and stops working. Thank god for two charging ports!! anyway, love sanyo, huge fan, just wish they would start making phones for cingular.

The Ex-Flagship Sanyo Phone


Nov 26, 2005 by Sylmar Spartan

I have owned this phone for about 9 months now.It has been a great phone for me.The 7400 has so many incredible features it still blows away the new high-end phones.The 7400 does have its highlights and flaws.
-battery life is very excellent!!
-large inner and outer LCD screen
-Tons of customizable settings!!
-Ready Link walkie talkie
-camera w/flash!
-camcorder that can record up to 30 seconds!
-you can have a certain sceensaver on the outside LCD screen and another different Screensaver on the inner LCD!!!
-CLEAR ringtones that sound like real mp3s
-Loud speaker for talking (you can actually close your phone shut while on speaker and you wont hang up the call or play ringtones while the phone is closed!!!!!!!!)
-interchangable faceplates(you can snap a different faceplate easily)
-FAST web surfing and downloading
-ringer and picture ID
-NEVER lose signal!!!
-voice dialing w/out training
-durable phone with rubberlike grip on the sides and around the camera lens
-Streaming video!!!!!!!!!!

-pretty bulky and little heavy
-only 65k LCD screen
-speaker not loud enough for ringtones
-no mp3 player
-no memory card
-not enough memory for videos,pics,ringtones, and games :(
-flash is useless for taking pics at night(i realized that the phone flashes earlier than when the lens snap a picture)

The best phone every


Aug 3, 2005 by rc89721

I love this phone. I have been with sprint before and I didnt really care for their customer service. But something happened to them. They got nice. Also This phone that I have has great ringtone quality. I love the fatures and I usually get sick of my phone and its look after one week. But I still really like this phone. I think sprint is a keeper this time.



Jun 12, 2005 by theswiftguy

The SANYO 7400 IS BY THE FAR THE BEST PHONE QWEST HAS EVER CAME OUT WITH IN WIRELESS PHONES! I have used the Kyocera KE414, Kyocera Energi, Nokia 6225, and now the Sanyo 7400. The Kyocera's are OK, the Nokia 6225 has high quality, and the Sanyo 7400 is excellent in so many ways. The picture quality in this phone exceeds all camera phones I have ever used so far, not just the ones made by Qwest. The video camcorder has VERY high quality and digital imaging and is not blurry at all even when the phone is waved during recording. Ever since we have joined with Sprint, we have been able to offer more to customers, including a larger coverage area and bigger calling networks.

I didn't think the speaker in the Sanyo 7400 would be all that great BUT to my surprise, it's very good. I have not had any problems with my callers hearing me and don't even know they are on speaker! I am very amazed with this phone and the price is worth it! I paid $239.00 so almost $240.00 plus tax for the phone. I know the price is high for a lot of people, but IF you are looking for a cell phone with TONS OF EXTRAS, then this is your phone!

Email me with any questions to theswiftguy@yahoo.com

As we say... Thank you for choosing Qwest! lol Have a great day you all ;-)



May 23, 2005 by RecoiL

I have had this phone for about 2 weeks, and previously owned a Sanyo 8100, which served me well. At first I struggled to decide between the Samsung A700 and the Sanyo MM-7400, i took about a week deciding, I did not want to regret my decision. After a few trips to the Sprint store, trying the phones out etc. I gladly decided on the 7400.

This phone is wonderful, I was surprised at the things it could do, compared to my 8100 (which i now realize was very limited)

The ringers.. are insane. This phone supports MP4/M4A ringers, and those practically sound like mp3's. When I tried my first MP4 ringer I was in shock. (It also supports QCP ringers, which are good because they are smaller in size, but quality is nothing compared to MP4)

The camera.. is pretty nice, Its not the best out there, but first off, its a cell phone, and it is way better than my 8100's camera, so I happy with that. Its not to bad actually, it also has zoom plus (4x i belive? not 100%) lots of other features, it also has a LED Flash. The flash is a good idea, but rember it is only good for close range pictures in the dark.

Video camera.. is really cool. You have a choice in: 15, 20, or 30 second long video! Also your choice in resolution, quality. You are also able to use the LED flash as a "video light" which stays lit
constantly as you film. It works pretty well in the dark, at close up.
You can also zoom with the video camera as well. I have not uploaded/emailed a video to my computer, because the video mail
service costs $5 a month and i havent purchased it yet.

The screen.. is very clear, the screen savers look so nice on, and the size of it isnt to bad either.

Another great thing about this phone is it supports lots of file types such as: jpg, pmd, 3gp, mp4, m4a, midi, qcp, jar files, and probably more.

To sum it up, the Sanyo MM-7400 is just great. It is superior to most phones that I see. I highly recommend this phone, and have had no problems yet.lol i ranoutofspace

Great at first, than you're bored


May 16, 2005 by jkoshy18

Exceptional Phone: But you will grow tired of it really quick.
The first two weeks you have this phone, the possibilities are endless, You can customize this phone anyway you like, but than you realize this is just any other phone.

Speaker phone is exceptional!!
Sprint web is faaast!!
Phone is smaller than it looks but it packs a heavy punch.
Rugged, I dropped mines several times yet it stayed put.
MP3 ringtones and Camera- very nice!!
Exceptional Reception- SPCS Philly
For some reason when you are on the speakerphone the other person has a rough time understanding you: This is pretty much true for all Sanyo Sprint phones.
Camera is exceptional, But the video could do be better, really choppy, but hey what do you expect from a phone that has less than 1 MP.
Battery gets drained QUICK!
A little too much $$ might as well go with the 5600.

Overall if you can get a good deal on this phones- Less than $100 go for it, otherwise spent a little bit more and get the 5600, true the 5600 is a little bigger but it packs alot more!!

Why Oh Why....??


May 15, 2005 by waavondale

Why oh why do sanyo and samsung both use the same supplier for headset jacks on their phones?? I used to use the vga 1000 for about a year, and loved the phone a lot. I have found that my satisfaction level for the 7400 has been equally high except for one thing. I am experiencing the exact same problem with my 7400 that I had with my vga 1000 and have found that a lot of my customers are having the same kind of problem. When the headset jack gets worn the connection to the device is compromised and as a sprint rep. myself, i found that to be unacceptable when representing a product to a customer. This is the only reason why I did not give the device a perfect 5 rating. If the manufacturers decided to change their contracts for who provides parts for their phones, this could make for an unbeatable combination.

Video capabilities: outstanding
Still capture: terrific
Design: Extremely rugged and durable, even when meeting hard concrete
Speaker: Second to none
Signal strength: Very good
User interface: Great
Other tools and features: Packed with all the right practical tools that a busy person can use, including a voice-dial system that rivals Samsung's Digit-dial and voice-dial systems



Mar 24, 2005 by cza8420

This is by far the best phone I've ever owned. The ringers are amazing. The caller ID ringer is off the hook. My only con is that when I bought the phone I thought I would be able to download streaming videos from websites and that is not possible to my knowledge. It would have been cool to watch some of my workout videos on my phone.

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