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Fashion over function--but still workable


Apr 18, 2005 by adambravo

A few weeks back, I had dinner with a friend in NYC who had one of these--the first chance I had to see it live. Since it ran on Cingular, and I'm on ATTWireless--and I was willing to give up some functionality for style (I used to own a Samsung Matrix phone)--I hunted around on eBay until I found an unlocked one at a good price ($400). Here are my observations:
- I swapped my SIMcard in as soon as I got it; it powered up and functioned without incident--except for the web browser. Two thumbs up to the excellent help from Nokia tech support (Cingular did nothing) for getting me completely on line.
- Fairly comfortable to use; a little thick, but narrow profile goes into a pocket without much of a problem.
- Once you program the voicedailing, it's pretty easy to use; I have ATT's voicecommand system (well worth it), so most of my names are are online, and it also does great number recognition. Voice dailing recognition is much better than the Siemens SL56 I was using.
- As already noted, text messaging is pretty easy with the predictive text input.
- Camera works great, at least during the day.
- Screen reverting to a mirror sounds cool, but also means that the display is practically invisible outdoors.
- Came loaded with some cool sounds and graphics (although I have no idea what's 'standard' and what was loaded by the previous owner.
- Call quality and sound quality are both very good, as is the speakerphone
- Two bugs at the moment: the ringer starts medium and gets louder (despite my setting it otherwise) and the alarm clock only vibrates (again, I think I have the volume on high)

If it weren't for the fact my workplace currently prohibits cameraphones, I'd probably use it all the time; as it stands now, the card swapping is fairly easy. I'll be back if there are any big hiccups...

7280 in Australia


Jan 22, 2005 by cbaph

Was playing with the phone for 3 days now, here are some of my good and bad points so far…

The Voice recognition works quite well in noise streets, it can recognise around 80% of my commands (which is far better then any other phones).
Excellent fancy phone, I love the stylish looks. With a fancy charger as well.
No problem on dialling numbers when you gets used to it, but not SMS…
The Loudspeaker is “LOUD”, brilliant!

I must say the phone is not practical at all; SMS messaging is a lot slower then the normal keypad phones. So, if you use SMS a lot, don’t get this phone… I get it because of the looks and style without a keypad, and I used to carry 2 phones around, the other phone is P800 (Much better phone in functions and with qwerty keyboard for quick SMS), planning to replace it with the XDA IIs.
Non expendable memory, I feel that 50MB is not enough; I already used up 35MB with MP3…
Non changeable battery, what would I do if the battery went dead? (You know Nokia’s battery… it wouldn’t last long for my old Nokia phone. Need continuous charging after 2 years or so)

Too bad I still need the headset for Radio…

For A$920, it’s a bit expensive for a phone with lack of functions and useability, but when it comes to the one and only phone in the market with awesome looks…. the $$ does worth it.
If you used to carry 2 phones, not a SMS freaks or Style is your first priority, then 7280 is for you. The phone got all the basic functions (camera, radio, and MP3… they should all be standard on any phone now…)
The best phone

Good things


Nov 15, 2006 by cam-e-o

The greatest thing about this phone is the amount of conversation started by its looks. While reading the other reviews, one will find that text messaging and battery life are probably the two biggest deterents. I would have to agree. Owning the phone for nearly nine months, I definitely have enjoyed the phone, as the signal strength, voice clarity and durability are all good. Nokia makes a solid product and after owning a handful of phones over the same amount of years, my Nokias have always been my favorite. The 7280 is no exception. I spend maybe 700-800 minutes on my phone a month and it is typically to the same people, so the voice dialing feature on the phone comes in quite handy. If you are someone who enters phone numbers manually, I would not recommend this phone. I will likely be shopping for another phone here in the coming months as a primary phone, however, I will continue to use this as my phone for nights out on the town.

looks aren't everything


Dec 13, 2005 by X_ISHOCK_X

I saw this phone in the actual Nokia store in the Galleria Mall in Dallas, TX. I absolutely fell in love with the looks. I played with it for a few minutes but right then I knew I wanted it. I got on E-bay and found the phone ($375.00)

After having it for about 2 months, these are the Pro's and Con's I have about the phone.

Pro's- Unique looking, mirror screen (esp good for girls, Plenty of memory, camera works great during the day, Speaker phone works great, voice dialing works great!

Con's- The spin dial locks up at least once a day, I am still in school and the battery will be dead when I get out of school so the battery lasts about 8 hours on standby, poor reception, no internet connection (it just won't work on my phone, it just locks u). So with no internet connection, I can not have any extra ring tones, graphics, or MP3.

This phone would be a great phone for someone who doesn't talk on the phone alot and very little SMS messaging.

everything i wanted and more


Feb 20, 2005 by aeonmedia

This phone is all i wanted and more. Unique, with nice form factor. Here are the pros and cons:

PROS: awesome voice recognition. ample memory. beautiful wide screen. very easy to customize. i put my own Mp3 ring tones, and made my own animated gif screen savers and loaded them up through blue-tooth. the interface is easy and intuitive. i like the fact that there are no buttons. it does not even look like a phone, and the screen changes into a mirror when its not being used. that is AWESOME!

CONS: no buttons can be a little weird at first. But take it from me, unless you are big into text messages, its no big deal. the phone does have predictive text input, and you can "spin" out the message in no time with practice.

Just got from Hong Kong...


Jan 16, 2005 by mtsz52784

Just got this phone off Ebay and it was sent from Hong Kong... I love this phone because once you get used to the spinny dialing and text messaging it simple...it came with the asian charger but i already owned a nokia so that charger fits perfect...the way the screen when not in use changes into a mirror is awesome...i have cingular and with this european version i have with the 900 instead of 850 i realy dont see a difference (up here in Buffalo, NY) except it says Cingular Extend...the only thing I would change is that it would have video record... it has tons of room for pics and other things (50 mb) beat that Moto...I would say it was a well spent $600.00

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