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Nokia 5165


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First phone that made me interested with the phone world!


Jul 11, 2006 by AwpdsR

This was my first phone. I got it on AT&T Wireless (i miss them...)

For some reason though, the Model # under the battery says 5160i but i searched for that model and it isnt even listed in Nokia's database... but the 5165 model is identical so i figured this is it.

This was a great phone! It was simple (and thats what made it great!) so it made a great first phone. I got it in 2002. It had excellent battery life (I used it for 2 and a half years and the battery still will last for a day with calls)

~ Simplicity made this phone outstanding!!
~ Great battery life
~ Faceplates
~ Bar phone (preferred to flips/clamshells)
~ Nokia UI

- Yellow backlight (i like Blue)
- Clunky and heavy, even back in 2002
- Antenna weak (broke off) but did'nt affect signal

This was a great first phone that got me interested in cell phones.

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Good Phone/Bad Phone!


Oct 24, 2003 by jenn_anger

I gave this phone a 4 out of 5 because this phone has been with me for 3 years now and the phone has seen better days! It has been through a second story window, been run over by a car, and it has fallen out of my purse numerous of times, but it still works as good as the day I received it! I love the ever changing face-plates in the many cool designs and the other thing that I like is the flashing antenna that I have recently purchased for it! It's great when it comes to having the phone on silent, when I receive a call or an incoming text message, it flashes so when it is at the bottom of my purse, I can see it flashing! The only thing I hate about this phone, is trying to get the antenna to go in properly, after a few hours of taking the phone apart, I finally was able to set up the antenna! So if you like simple rather than complicated, then choose this phone, it's great!

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Not A Bad Starter Phone


Jun 29, 2005 by thereddragon

- Ringer is nice and loud
- Reception is really good most of the time
- Is easy to use
- Has SMS capabilities and can send Email
- Is a really good phone for beginners


- The text messaging feature on mine is malfunctioning. It says I have around 11 text messages in my inbox, when in fact, I have none. The problem started by saying I had 3 in there and the number gradually increased over time
- The battery pack keeps sliding off
- It feels cheap
- The ring tones suck
- No capabilities for MMS messaging
- The battery doesn't hold a charge for very long, I have to charge it everyday
- I will sometimes hear an echo when I place calls, the problem usually goes away when I hang up and place another call
- It's an older phone

Overall, I really recommend this phone for beginners. This was my first phone, and it was free. It still does the trick for me, but, I'll be upgrading as soon as I'm able.

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If only it could do GSM . . .


Jun 22, 2005 by Alex A

I don't believe that there are any negative reviews about this great, classic phone. If not for needing to move on to GSM (under Cingular), I would never get rid of it. It does everything I need in a phone; that is, being a PHONE - and nothing else. I have a 4000 mah battery, which gives me a MONTH of stand-by time (on about 16 hours per day, PLUS 200-300 minutes of talking). As far as size - again - perfect! Just big enough to cradle between your head & shoulder w/o use of hands.

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decent starter phone.


Jan 12, 2005 by ImBoden

And this is what I look for in a phone. A decently sized phone, with large, easy to press buttons, and just the basics. When I go looking for a phone, all I need is the the ability to make and recieve calls on the device. I am not concerned with cameras, and internet, and whatever else is being included on the phone. If this phone was still being manufactured, I would recomend it to anyone for a starter phone.

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A darn good phone


Aug 17, 2004 by Klingon_Rooster

This phone, and it's sister the 5160, do what you basically need a phone to do: Make and receive phone calls and do that job very well. No, they do not have all the latest bells and whistles like taking pictures, surfing the web, or starting your car engine remotely (just kidding). However, if that's your #1 reason for getting a "phone", maybe you have your priorities out of whack.

I guess I like this phone as I'm a bigger fan of TDMA versus GSM. Friends have GSM and can move 3 feet one direction and lose signal, plus you don't have analog capability with GSM. TDMA has digital plus analog, which if you're in a rural area means you might get signal on a TDMA phone whereas a GSM phone could leave you saying "hello...hello??"

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Aug 17, 2004 by lydon71

I LOVE THIS PHONE! I recently tried 2 of the newer phones with the pretty color screens, cameras, etc. After a year of using them I got fed up and went back to my trusty Nokia 5165 because despite the fact it might not have a scheduler, animated screen savers, polyphonic rings, pretty games and all that other stuff, it does one thing very very well and that is work as a phone. There were places that the newer phones I tried had no reception at all while this old guy had full signal.

Compared to the new phones it's light on features, but has what you really need, text messaging, clock, and the ability to talk clearly 99% of the time.

If you want nifty features buy a Palm, if you want a phone that works as a phone reliably then this is the phone to get.

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Excellent Phone


Jul 8, 2004 by drc72

For reception and reliability on TDMA networks, this phone beats any other TDMA phone hands down. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but it does what it suppose to. Make and recieve calls without much hassle.

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Sep 11, 2005 by evildefectivefurby


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Very reliable and simple


Jun 29, 2005 by heyinway

I am a long haul trucker and have owned my 5165 for several years with AT&T (hated to see the Cingular deal).
My phone has performed reliably for several hundred thousand miles and countless hours...I never shut it off.

The 5165 is nothing more than a workhorse, not a flashy show horse.

Long live TDMA ! (hey, I can dream, can't I ?)

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