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Don't lie... you had this phone (once)


Mar 2, 2005 by Late Adopter

This was the first "on my person" phone I ever owned. All previous cell phones were either bag phones or permanently mounted in my car. It was an exciting time, I guess. I think almost everyone at one time or another used this phone. I still know many people who rely on it daily.

Being able to carry a phone with me was really cool. I had the swivel belt clip with the phone dangling at my side. This was a serious mistake for an active professional working in an industrial environment. The phone would snag on equipment and break away from my belt, tumbling to the ground. It broke after two such falls and I moved on to an 8620 in a Body Glove Ion case (awesome combo - see that review).

Of course, it's unfair to compare this phone to current models. At the time, the StarTac/MicroTac was all the rage and it was expensive. The Nokia was more affordable and had a fixed stub antenna instead of a pull out antenna. Now, Nokia is praised for having internal antennas and Motorola has the fixed stub. How times change.

As a phone, the 5165 did what it was supposed to do. It was basic, but it worked. Didn't have it long strictly because of the logistics of carrying it. But it was my first carry phone and it will be remembered.

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Oct 9, 2004 by TheCellFreak

This phone isnt that bad. I dont have (My friend does), and we always hang out, so I see this phone alot. My friend doesn't think Its a cool phone, But I think its...not a bad phone. (The only bad part was that I got it with TRACFONE (Prepaid))

Cool ringtones
OK Games
Good Reception
Easy to use buttons

Kinda got that old look

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Excellent Oldie


Sep 29, 2004 by Jesterace

this phone I have had for quite sometime. I've never seen such a tougher phone. i've threw it against the wall. I've dropped it. it's has about 500 hours of talk on it. It just doesn't give up. It has sms and email which is handy who needs the internet on a phone I sure as heck don't I prefer to use a computer for hte internet. I give this phone the highest rating because hey Nokia makes one tough phone. Although these phones cease to function in a glass of rum :p

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mucho props


Apr 28, 2004 by kansasdoll20

have to give this phone mucho props!!
this phone has been through everything and is still kicking, this phone is like tank, ancient but like a tank. If your looking for lots of options and functions, this isn't your phone, but if your looking for reception, its your man! you can still make the phone look cute though, it does have the interchangeable face plates. All in and all this phone suits is inbound and outbound call purpose

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Free phone gets free phone quality


Apr 20, 2004 by blindsk8chick

I just want to say to the people who are disappointed with this phone cause they bought it in late 2003... this was a very good and updated phone when it was released... in 1997. For someone who wanted to not pay for a phone and have a phone that just makes and receives calls, it is a good phone. Nokias always have pretty decent reception and the phone can be ever-changing with a multitude of faceplates, batteries, antennaes, etc.

Now a days, this phone is a piece. There are so many phones out there for free that offer many up-to-date features. This phone is the phone that got people really liking Nokia because Nokia is an innovative company... they are always on top of their game when it comes to bad-ass phones. The 5100 series was no exception. It was tight when I got mine in '98... would I ever consider thinking about possibly having one in my possession currently?... UH.... NO. But back in the days, it was a very good phone.

I have customers come into my store even now and buy accessories for this phone just because it was one of the first smaller phones (other than the star-tac) and you could do so many things with it. Some people love it now cause you don't have to worry about learning a new menu layout, or maybe they are just old people and they just want a simple phone that has high frequency ringtones so that they can hear it with their hearing aides in. And plus, though it's small, it's large enough that you can find it in your purse, backpack, man-bag, whatever you may call it.

Back in the day, the phone would have gotten a 5, now a days, it would get a 0, that's why I put nice and average and generic and in the middle.

Hope this was helpful for someone who is actually thinking about getting one now... April 20, 2004... But hey, it's 420, maybe they aren't in their right state of mind....


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Decent for a first phone.


Nov 6, 2002 by Andrew

I got this phone as my first ever mobile phone. It's been good for that, but since I switched from AT&T Wireless to Virgin Mobile (I've stuck with prepaid), I would never go back. Furthermore, the "new" keymats, (updated from the style of the 5160's) look terrible, as the puke-green LEDs shine through the silvery keys, and it just looks bad.

It's ok if you're just starting out, and the basic features will satisfy the beginner, but for most intents and purposes, this isn't a good phone to have.

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I Hate This Phone


Mar 9, 2002 by Mike Bruce

This is the phone that was given to me by my employer, presumably because it came "free" with the Cingular service.

Sound quality is OK, but nothing else is very good. The phone feels cheap and plasticky; this is accentuated when using the keypad, which produces a creaking sound from the faceplate. The phone is, by modern mobile phone standards, heavy and bulky. It does not fit comfortably in a pocket. The phone does not have a built in vibrating mode. I had to get a vibrating battery because I don't like ringing in public. This is only halfway satisfactory; the vibrating battery isn't really powerful enough to get my attention much of the time. Compared to an inexpensive Motorola phone that a friend of mine has, it's practically not vibrating at all. As far as I can tell, the only attraction of this phone is the price.

I am changing jobs soon, and plan on dumping this phone and never looking back.

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Jan 22, 2003 by ralph read

A average phone overall. Its good for prepaid service or elderly people. Very basic. Cheap. Reliable. Just average. Not a bad phone.

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Jun 4, 2004 by FuryJoe

I hated this phone, it was big annoying and got nothing. I've had it since 2000 and I'm so glad I got rid of it. You could barley hear who you were talking to. It works for beginners who's never used a phone. Ok accessorie, but you drop it and its a gonner. A POS.

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Oct 23, 2003 by sweetpea1182

Wow, this is the worst phone in the history of phones! I am so glad that i got rid of it. It got the worst reception, mainly because the antenna kept breaking, and even after having the thing replaced it still didn't work. It felt cheap and clunky and had terrible ring tones that were just so ear piercing i kept it on silent most of the time. Avoid this phone at all costs.

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