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Dec 13, 2004 by marekthetitan

This phone is the best phone i have used to date, it has just about everything a good phone should have.


The only disappointment was i haven't found msn or yahoo software for this phone. : ( all in all though very impressed,

P.S. I actually work for Tmobile in the Corporate division so i know a little about phones... ; )

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Awesome Addition to Samsung's Line-Up


Oct 26, 2004 by art172000

I work for T-Mobile USA. Just got the demo phone in and I was very impressed. The camera was seamless and pretty impressive video as well. New software upgrades were really cool as well. The greatest part was the outside color screen in which you could have picture caller ID. The picture looks as good as the actual internal screen. One great feel to the phone is the design: Small and Classy. Wonderful phone!

Pros: Seamless camera, awesome color outside display, great new look.

Cons: No speaker phone, needs to have sent SMS.

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Great lil phone


Jun 2, 2006 by Kaci96

Ok, I know this is a WAY older phone. But I have to say that my lil Samsung has been put thru the ringer.

I have dropped it many more times then i'd like to count on the cement, it still works.

Unfortunately had an emergency that called for me to jump in a pool, not realising the phone was in my pocket, it went with me! After two days of drying out... it still worked!

My son, has teethed on it and it has scratches and drool all over it/in it, and it still works!

I see the phone as a timex. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

This was a basic phone that I upgraded with Tmobile thru because my older phone was obsolete and could access voicemail.

I have taken many pictures, and while they are not the greatest, they weren't the best compaired to my digcam, they did the job!

I wasn't expecting this phone to do miracles. I was able to text on it and fell in love with the T9 feature!!

The phone itself is very easy to use. Very user friendly and clear as to what you are doing and where your going.

Cons on this are no speakerphone!!! Camera quality does suck, but considering when the phone was released, just having a camera on the phone was the "in" thing! And the phone is VERY basic!

Its a great little phone that has survived me for over two years! I've beaten it, drown it, drooled on it *well son did* and it still works!

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Pretty Nice Phone


May 8, 2005 by bluecivicsi1

alright so my brother got this phone about a week ago and i decided to borrow it for couple days.
-real nice color screen especially samsung!
-reception is awesome even if its down to like 1-2 bars i hear pretty clear!
-camera is nice and clear, and also when you press the capture button thats when it actually takes the picture unlike the motorola phones capture the picture like after 1-2 seconds
-easy to use and setup
-pretty good games
-strong vibration
-the backgrounds that it comes with arent bad but of course you can take a picture and set that as a background

-speakerphone(but its loud enough to hear even if your in a loud area so doesnt matter)
-mp3 player

so far no problems or anything yet works like a charm!

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so so


Dec 21, 2004 by blublu

OK, so I gave up my 2 y/o Nokia 6610 for a friend who lives in Midwest and gets no reception, whatsoever.Nokia is so strong everywhere that recommended it.I figured with the signal in New York City I won't have any problems with the Samsung.

The phone is cool, lots of good stuff packed in small package.Camera.Video.Voice recorder.Easy to operate, tiny, nice bright screen.

*The weirdest thing - the phone does not vibrate and rings at the same time.You only get two vibes and then the ring without vibrations.Nuts.
*Battery life if half that of Nokia.
*To me, the sound quality makes it unuseable.It's muffled, distorted, too soft and not as crispy as Nokia.I have people repeating every other sentence.

I miss my 6610, seriously.

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ExcelleNt CeLL PhoNe


Dec 16, 2004 by mlb24

The Samsung E315 from TMobile is an excellent cell phone. I just got this phone this weekend. I live on Long Island and the service for this phone is superb. I even get reception in my house. I had the Motorola V300 from TMobile before this phone and the service wasn't really that good, and the phone broke every other day. I had to send it in 8 times though out the year. The camera on the Samsung E315 is awesome. The picture come out great. The Video camera is OK, they come out pretty good. You have to remember that its a cell phone and not a actually camcorder. The size of this cell phone is really small and lightweight.

small in size, very lightweight
camera takes excellent pictures
Video camera is pretty good
very loud speaker for the ringtone
HiFi ringers (ringtones with the words)
quick and easy to get the the silent mode
you can take a picture with the phone closed
no flash on but theres night mode
change the volume without a sound
the service can turned off
the wallpaper thats programed into the phone move
the price of the phone is very very cheap for its features and compared to the other cell phone prices
voice memo up to thirty seconds

no Speakerphone (speaker is still very very loud)

This is one of the best cell phones I have ever seen. It has almost every feature. The Samsung E315 has every feature most other phones have, but this phone is half the size of most other phones. I got this cell phone for $50 dollars with a one year service agreement. I would definitely recommend this phone. Although the Samsung E315 is not perfect, and no cell phone every will be, the cell phone is pretty dam close.

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It's a good little phone


Oct 20, 2004 by punkrockho

I just got this phone after have to give up my Nokia 6610 that I loved dearly..well here is what I like and what I don't like about the Samsung E315...PROS: the screen is awesome, vibrant and clear..the screen on the front is great especially since you can use that to see yourself on camera. Caller id pictures are a lot of fun and addicting, the T-zones is easier to nagivate through than my Nokia, its small and fits in the palm of your hand which is good for me.. CONS: I wish this phone had SPEAKERPHONE!! =( and Bluetooth =(...I dont like the fact that you cannot personalize your text message and picture message ringtone, the outside screen goes completely black in idle mode, you can't see the time or anything unless you hold down the button on the side which makes it a little inconvenient..other than thats a good phone and a definite good buy. The sound quality is good and the menus are very user friendly

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Beyond Great


Jun 5, 2005 by IncaDove178

This phone is beyond satisfaction. I have no big problems about it. I do not see why people rate this phone below a three, because I have been in love with it since the moment I bought it. These are a list of pros and cons about this phone. (Even though the cons are not really bad.)

-Small, and light-weight
-External screen is in color (as well as inside)
-Pictures are crisp, and clear. (I really don't know why some say this camera is bad, I think it's one of the best.)
-It has Video Capture
-Very stylish
-The screen is bright, and crisp. Very good.
-Your able to download ring tones, and games.
-Decent amount of memory
-You can easily shut off all sound by using the "silence all" key.
-Ring tones are easily heard
-So-so vibration, it could be a little stronger
-Speed dial is easy to use
-You can customize most things on this phone (Menu, sounds, interior and exterior display)
-Has awesome picture effects. Very cool.

And now for the cons...

-No banner, but there is a greeting message
-Video capture is choppy. But, come on, it's a phone. I'm just glad it has video capture.
-It scratches really easily
-You can't turn down the camera sound
-Doesn't take very good night pictures

Other than those minor things, I'd have to say this phone is really great. I never leave without it. And I'm proud to show it off. I recommend this to everyone. It really is a great phone. And if you have any doubts, you shouldn't. Because you get your moneys worth. Good job samsung.

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Awesome Phone, Great Price


Jan 10, 2005 by crazy8tz

I had the standard Samsung R225 which I absolutely loved. Though it was a 1-color phone & had no hi-tech features, it was the best basic phone I had ever owned. Now I have the Samsung E-315 and it is awesome. It's my first camera phone and now I see why you would want one. I used to be one of those people who would say "I'd never use it even if I had one." - That was a lie! LOL

I love T-Mobile's service and I had many other providers previously. If you were one of the lucky ones, they offered this phone for free (at Christmas time.) Man, what a deal!

[PROS]-> The camera works great, the phone is extremely clear, the display is sharp, the menu system is intuitive, signal quality is excellent and phone is a solid build.

[CONS]-> The frame-rate when doing video is slow and there's no permanent setting to turn off the T9 predictive text input (you have to do it each time.) Both of these "cons" are no reason at all to NOT own this phone.

My final verdict? Buy this phone!

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Samsung e315 is an excellent handset.


Nov 29, 2004 by rancidhooligan

The Samsung e315's menu is easy to navigate, the camera is excellent for the price and the screens are sharp and clear with bright color. The lack of voice activated dialing might be a problem for some but not for me. The RF is great as is the sound quality of the speaker. The people on the other end come in loud and clear. The calendar is useful and the alarm works even if the handset is not turned on. Text messaging is a breeze except that the character map seems to be missing the ' " and # characters. An easy to use, great phone. I would recommend it to anyone.

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