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So happy


Nov 5, 2004 by denval420

I just got this phone last night. I just love it . It has so many fun features. I just love the external picture caller id. I just gt rid of a v300. This is way smaller I could not believe it. The camera is really good too as I have had many camera phones. This is the best yet. The only con I have with this phone is no voice dial. But I never really used it anyway. I still think this phone is Awesome!

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Great Phone!


Aug 3, 2005 by Ace2525

everything about this phone is great....i love the UI compared to motorola....only cons are:

---no speakerphone
---theres alot of memory but its spaced out for each app...(ie. games, sounds, images, etc...) i wish it was just one big space for all of them b.c i have no games but alot of ringtones....
---service is pretty good but nokias are just a little better

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Very nice


May 13, 2005 by smarts

I have had this phone for about 6 months now and here's what I have concluded:


-Easily can set everything to silent by holding down the # sign

-Small size

-bright screen

-easy menus

-relatively customizable


-setting a picture I took w/ the phone as my wallpaper totally distorts the pic on my idle screen

-Will not ring/vibrate at the same time, only one or the other

-doesnt automatically save sent SMS (have to select it individually)

-reception sucks

-muffled earpiece

I'm thinking maybe its my local Tmobile service that has distorted my audio on the phone -- because some people say there's is loud and clear???


Anyhow, its a nice phone and I like it better than the e105 (but not by much!)

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GOOD phone but not GREAT


Nov 30, 2004 by trickijedi

This is a good phone with all the basic features included but it's certainly not a great one in terms of practical use. My previous phone was a Nokia 6610 and after buying the E-315 (my first Samsung product), I kinda miss my Nokia.

First off, the text messaging features on the E-315 are not as good as Nokia's. I send about 3,500-4,000 texts a month (mostly to international #'s) and am not a T9 user, rather a short text user. However, when creating a message on the E315, it defaults to T9 and there doesn't seem to be a way around it. Also, after inserting a period, the E315 doesn't capitalize the next letter so in effect, I have to press more buttons than necessary. Another thing, once you send your message to a number, you cannot send the same message to another number unless you intentionally save it in your outbox.

Secondly, the buttons, particularly the navigational buttons are a bit difficult to access without accidentally hitting the soft keys next to them. The keypad itself is no prob (just takes a little getting used to) however at some point when you start pressing your buttons a little faster than normal, it's still difficult press other buttons by mistake.

Lastly, the vibrate feature on the phone is a bit weak. You'll be lucky if you even hear or feel it at all when in your pocket. Most of the time, I place my phone in my jacket pocket (I live in Chicago) and have missed about 10 calls already in the week that I've owned the phone.

But other than that, it's a worthwhile phone to own. I had to get used to the Samsung menu but took no time to learn everything. Once again, as a text message user, it's not the best out there. You're better off with any of Nokia's phones and their ease of text messaging functions.

PROS: light, small and compact, nice features
CONS: not text message friendly, easy to mistakenly hit other buttons
VERDICT: If you're upgrading from another Samsung, great! If switching from Nokia, you'll have to get used to it.

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Damn You to Hell T-Mobile


Nov 16, 2004 by ko_kidd

I use this phone in Harrisonburg, VA and it sucks.

Inside the dorms on campus (figure out which university...) I can barely get a signal. Inside the main library, nothing. Outside in some areas on campus--nothing. I'm sitting right here with my roommate's phone 5 feet away (Suncom Motorola T720) getting 6 bars...me two or three. I'm so mad at T-Mobile. There coverage sucks.

The phone is excellent. It's so small and lightweight. OUTSIDE in some areas it gets great reception. I live right by the highway though...even just a few miles away from the highway I start getting emergency-only and no-signal instances.

The phone itself, again, is excellent. Good screen, good outside display. Very bright and easy to read, great feel to the keys, pretty durable but not scratch-resistant. I'm pretty careful but I have dropped it about 3 times in 4 or 5 weeks and I have a small scratch on the outside now. The camera works pretty well, some blurry pics sometimes--but I'm not too concerned about this feature. If needed the phone has a lot of good features like a calendar, voice memo system, text messaging, to-do list, alarm (and on the calendar), calculator, can play JAVA games, etc.

I love the phone--but going with Cingular may be your best bet--and that model has the 800Mhz frequency that Cingular uses in some areas.

I would praise T-Mobile to death if I could, but their reception is horrible.

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AwEsOmE pHoNe!!


Oct 27, 2004 by Craze_manuel

this is a awesome phone! it has everything you need plus more! here is the basic

Size: 3.27 x 1.81 x 0.91
Weight: 2.83 ounces
Included battery: Li-Ion
Talk time: 3.5 hours
Standby time: 200 hours
International phone: Dual-band (1900, 900 MHz)

much more of a improvement from the Samnsung E105 and E315 and i am very pleased having this being my first non-motorola phone. i got this phone after testing the Sidekick II which i hated!} so i decided on getting this one i thought that the video would be choppy and it is on the phone but when looking at it on a DSL connection it's much more than i expected! and very easy on vibe mode just press and hold the # key and i love that you can do the ring and vibe. the only cons on this phone is the ringtones i have to admit there very crappy but you can always download more also when your charging the phone the outer display stay's lit up and the service light stays on too {takes a little time to get used to when your sleeping :! } and might i add this is a much better phone than the Motorola v300 {i also had this phone} it has all the features of the v300 and is the size of the Motorola v66. so to sum up this was a great buy and i love this phone!

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Great phone with many features


Oct 26, 2004 by snowman1

Small size
external and internal color display
great sound quality and signal in Chicago, IL with Tmobile
plenty of customization
ring tones are clear and loud
plenty of memory for pictures, sounds and all that

cannot turn off the camera shutter button(I suppose this is to ward off taking pictures of unsuspecting people but still)
cannot vibrate and ring at the same time, only one or the other
video clips look pretty bad(very low frame per second) and they can only be 15 seconds long

I like this phone. It's only a little bigger than the T68 I had before but it has WAY more features. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a camera and all the high end features. Otherwise if you want to save some money, maybe thing about an E105. Same size but not as many features and no camera. But much cheaper.

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Extremely happy with this phone!!!


Oct 14, 2004 by benny1081

I got this phone yesterday and have to say this is the best phone I've owned so far. I'm totally recommending this phone to everyone. Unlike some people, I will look at the pros and not try and find something wrong with them. Like the pics on the external display being too small...WHO CARES?!? You should be happy you can have pics on the external display. And they're in color! The picture quality is great. The screen is awesome. Some people might not be happy with the small selection of ringtones since most are musical and there are no basic rings. I'm pleased with the video. You can't expect the best video ever when you look at a phone this small so don't get your hopes up, it is a bit choppy. Overall, a great phone at a great price by (in my opinion) the best cell phone maker..Samsung.

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Love It!!


Oct 14, 2004 by Renee557

I just received my phone over this past weekend and I love it! The features are just like the Samsung E105 but better. I love the external picture ID and the 15 second video you can record. I have sent several pictures to my email and they are far better then my E715 that I had also. I do wish though that the external screen would stay on so I could see what time it is without opening the phone. And when you do take a picture and set is as your wallpaper it elongates the image but I can live with that. The screen is crisp and clear and I think overall the phone is excellent. Thanks Samsung and T-Mobile!

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Awesome phone...a keeper


Oct 9, 2004 by mikeday1307

This phone is truly awesome. I'm a sales rep with t-mobile and i just ordered this phone for myself two days ago. The screen quality is great, rings are loud, and it looks like the outer lcd is the same quality as the inner lcd screen. Another cool feature is being able to have the phone closed, and take a picture of yourself using the outer lcd screen. I love it. There are tons of different screen savers both for the inner lcd and outer, and also tons of different camera effects like; sepia -negative-sketch-multishot up to 25- and more. They switched up the outlet type for the ear piece and now have a slider instead of a plug to take out. This phone gets really good signal in tampa fl. The only downside is the video is a little choppy, but the sound is great. It took about 19secs of video without stopping. After sending a video to my email shows up about 2inches by 2.5 inches on the screen, sound is good though. I great deal for $199. Go out and buy.

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