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Mar 4, 2005 by shinbalman

nokia 3390..moto v60..moto t720..lg vx6000...samsung a530s...samsung a670...lg vx7000...audiovox 9900


i have had ALLL those phones in the last 3 years...i have spent over 3000 dollars in just phones purchasing them at retail price and i know my phones very well

audiovox 8940...is VERY sturdy...it comes with a light coating that will keep it from getting scratched...reception is excellent...camera quality is decent..(not as good as my 9900) but VERY VERY VERY close...but SLOW

as many say speaker phone sucks..but the ringtone quality is great(only the ones u download)

overall...excellent phone...i paid 450 dollars in retail 2 days ago and i plan to keep it untill the next new verizon phone comes out...

for serious phone users that wants
-great camera
-great size and look

this is a great phone to get

Generally OK, but I exchanged it for the VX8000


Feb 12, 2005 by dave4444

I picked up the 8940 and used it for about 6 days. While I think the phone was generally good, the LG VX8000 is just better.

Overall the phone works just fine, however the software has alot of limitations and just isn't configurable enough. This lead to a long list of minor annoyances.

Build quality is good.

The black buttons on silver body just look really nice.

Screens are sharp and backlight is good.

RF is acceptable.

Sliding cover for the camera is great, prevents smudges.

Size is good, definitely the smallest EVDO phone verizon has so far.

The menu system is easy to use and works well.

Cons (Minor):
Cannot control duration of low setting of backlight (fixed at 5 seconds).

Closing phone immediately turns off backlight on outer lcd.

Vcast audio plays on outer speaker, not inner speaker (causing sound to go away from viewer). NOTE this is also the case on the VX8000.

Phone book doesn't allow enough numbers per contact.

The phone is very thick, so much so that because the edges are rounded it is almost like holding a cylinder. Add it's slippery surface and it's quite easy to drop this phone while trying to use it.

Because of it's thickness, it is very hard to hold this phone between your shoulder and ear without any hands.

Cons (Major):
Audio volumes, while configurable, were either all too soft or all too loud, most configurables didn't very significantly between each setting.

Vibrate and/then ring can only use loudest ring volume.

Camera quality is horrible. Everything is out of focus at highest resolution. The color accuracy is bad (everything is green or yellow). Color saturation is almost non-existent.

The mini-SD card can only be used for 2 things:
1) Source media for the mp3 player.
2) Storage for pictures/videos, but those are only readable by the phone itself.

I have posted pictures at:

Great phone, but could be better


Feb 2, 2005 by december

I picked up this phone Feb. 1. I chose this 8940 over the Samsung 890 and LG 8000 mostly because of the size. This phone has great size vs. functionality. I tested the camera on all three, and I thought the 890 was the best, then this 8940 (but not far off from the Sammy); the 8000 was the worst, by far; way too pixely. This 8940 only has 2x digital zoom, but it is so good, it almost looks like optical zoom. The quality is outstanding for 1.3 mpixels. The fact that the camera pops out from the back is fine by me; it will protect it more when not in use...you just have to remember to put it back when you're done!
The volume on this 8940 is good (I don't need a ringer that will wake the dead). The thing that annoys me the most is that there is no shortcut to turn vibrating on/off. I'm used to one key press to turn the ringer on or turn it off and have vibe on. Now I have to go through the menu/ringers/volume, and select it through there. Alot more key strokes.
Other than the fact that Verizon has crippled the SD card function, I still consider this phone better than the other two. As of right now, the only use the SD card has is the ability to play MP3's you've downloaded from your computer. You cannot use MP3's as ring tones, cannot upload ringers/pictures/videos from the card to the phone (or vice versa, for that matter). Verizon wants you to use their services, which you have to pay for, to get more ringers/pics. This is stupid. It almost defeats the purpose of having the card in the first place.
In summary...
PROS: small size, great screen resolution and colors, (same screen size as 890, slightly smaller than 8000), speaker phone sounds good, great reception (I get more bars than my old Kyocera 2235 which was tri-mode).
CONS: limited functionality of SD card, no shortcut key for vibe, no blue-tooth (but I don't need it).
As I said, I've only had this phone for a short time; I will update again as I have more opinions!

Verizon sells out


Feb 3, 2005 by JIMBROWSKI

I am on my 3rd day owning this phone , and at this point have 3 options. Within 12 days either, return and exchange for the 890. Return, activate my 670 and get a credit for some future "dream phone" (815?). Or, wait it out and see if software becomes available to crack the crippling SD feature. All in all, it's a decent phone (not just because i shelled out the full retail), nice small size, plays mp3's, creates playlists, nice pic resolution, decent internal memory without the SDI, vibrates good, feels pretty sturdy, speaker phone isn't greatest , but works. A few cons might be, ugly wallpapers, plastic keys, hidden cam takes a little getting used to, unless you take pics every 5 minutes. The side switch to flip out lens is a pain, the side shortcut button to access pix/flix menu is also a little too low. No outside picture i.d.(only inside after you open flip). The 8000 has these features, but no SD, (hey it's something) 8000 is also bulky looking. The 890 has no speaker phone, and small memory (14 MB partitioned) 8940 has 64 MB internal. I've also been trying to find out if the 890 even plays mp3 ruinations. So I think 8940 still outweighs the other 2 in some sort of way. I think i might go with choice number 3 and wait it out, hopefully someone, somewhere , somehow can figure out a way to make the SD work for me.

Best regular phone Verizon has right now.


Jun 4, 2005 by pamela80


Looks- I liked the look of the phone right away. It has a trendy yet expensive look. It's the nicest looking non pda phone that verizon has in my opinion (v710 is 2nd but it's too big and displays aren't sharp).

Size- Small for such a featured packed phone.

Display- The graphics are sharp and menus are unique looking.

Features- It came with a lot of midi and sms tones. The camera quality is great, even indoors! It plays Mp3s and has a mini sd card.

Voice Quality- Very clear!

Extras- The phone is capable of free wap (even though it can be tricky for a novice), with a data cable you can put wallpapers 179x205 and ringers on it (be sure to go to get it now, connect, and close after you put them on otherwise your phone won't recognize them). You can take the videos and pictures off the phone through the data cable with bitpim (free program). So everything you've heard about the crippled sdcard has a get around! You can also change the front faceplate.


-Speakerphone could be louder (only if you are driving).

-I wish that you could make video clips more than 15 seconds.

-No fast foward button for mp3s (but if i want to listen to a audiobook i have my ipod for that) so it's just fine for songs.

Very Nice phone


Mar 28, 2005 by yz450fman

I am very picky about cell phones. I have had the V710 since it came out and the RF was amazing and the camera was ok. I was nervous about getting the 8940 due to the bad 8900 I had. I took a chance due to it being the nicest and smallest of the EVDO phones. I was not disappointed in my choice, The RF on this phone is not as good as the V710 but it is not far off at all. Very good reception and way better than the VX7000 and VX8000. The phone plays MP3s very well and takes very nice photos for a 1.3 MP camera phone. The EVDO V-cast video is incredibly clear and the Video capture of this phone works very well. Yes they have the SD card locked so you cannot take photos from the card to your computer but all you need is a cable and the QPST software and you can move photos at will. The screen is very sharp inside and out and the style and feel of the phone is very comfortable. The battery life is also very good. After getting this phone I had very heavy use of the phone for 2 days before the battery needed to be recharged. I bet under normal use the battery would be good for 3 days for sure and maybe 4. This is an honest review and I can say Audiovox did a good job. Also the speaker phone is not as bad as people say. It could be louder but a far as how clear the speaker phone is it is not any worse than the V710s.

A Very Good Phone!


Feb 16, 2005 by sloppy joe

I tried all three of Verizon's new phones but settled on the Audiovox 8940. To me it felt the most solid and well built of the three. It is funny, many of the people here who reviewed this phone claimed you couldn't change the ringer volume easily or set the back-light longer than 5 seconds. Obviously they didn't take the time to read their manuals. Someone claimed that the flip screen mechanism was weak and susceptible to closing on its own. I don't know where these people come up with this stuff. The flip screen mechanism works great. Play around with the phones in the store and form your own opinion.


Size - it is the smallest of the three new phones - curved edges - nice form factor - fits easily in your pocket. The LG VX-8000 is huge by comparison.

Style - Great looking - Menu interface is intuitive, attractive and easy to use.

Screen - Beautiful, crisp, bright and clear

Camera - Takes decent picture provided you hold the camera steady and have good lighting. Just remember it is a camera phone and not a digital camera. There is a huge difference between the two. The retractable camera lens is not a problem. You can take pictures with the camera in or out. The mechanism is very well made. Also there is sliding lens flap to protect the lens from key scratches and fingerprints.

Camera can be operated with phone in closed position.

Lantern - Camera flash doubles as a decent flashlight

Internet - Easy to set camera up for free web surfing (during free minute times)

Battery life is pretty good

Voice memos & Voice dialing


Speaker phone - It works ok at low volumes in a quite room but at higher volumes it sounds pretty crappy

SD Card Crippled - You can store photos on it but you can't download photos from it. However, if you buy a data cable you can download photos from the card and load MP3's and videos to the card.

Ringtones supplied with phone are really cheesy (with data cable you can add great ringtones for free)

I Luv Mi Phone


Jul 29, 2005 by dbeforezhizzy

I am very excited about my audiovox 8940. I've had it for about a month. It has some pros and some cons

Cons-Limited Sd card features, Hard to hold between neck and shoulder, horrible speaker phone output, no enhanced messaging service

pros- excellent mp3 quality, excellent camera quality, clear pictures, nice camera location and design, nice mp3 shortcut button

All in all its a great phone, the pros weigh down on the cons and i think that it is a good choice if you are with verizon wireless.

LOVED this phone ...


Oct 3, 2011 by Tomax

Wish I'd never "upgraded" to a "smart" phone! This phone did everything that I needed it to.

I loved some of the features that were common at the time, but have since become something that you have to look for -- like a flash for the camera!

The fact that you could move the lens AND protect it when not using it ... are features that STILL are not on any other phones that I have seen.

If only I had not dropped it that one last time, I'd still be using this phone. Another family member has one ... & has been using it for almost 5 years, with no intention of changing!

Please Audiovox ... make a phone like this today!!!

Ok phon


Jan 9, 2008 by shorsley

I got this phone when I signed up with verizon in 2005 it was an ok phone....the camera lens is in an odd place and it was a pain in the butt to try and get it out and back in. I did get good reception on it though for it being an audiovox...if I had it to do over again I would have gotten the Motorola E815...I have had the E815 for over 2 years now and not had any problems out of it..as far as the 8940 the speaker phone on it was pure crap the camera wasnt that good.but what can u expect from audiovox right. but it was a nice starter phone for me though..by the time i had it swapped out because of the speaker phone problems it had so many scratches on it from just barely dropping it. and the camera lens was sticking so it was hard to close it thats why i never used the camera.

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