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Suprising Quality


Jun 30, 2005 by thom06

When I first saw this phone back in February, I was a little worried because it has the numbers '89' attached to its model number. I had had an Audiovox 8900 phone when it first came out from Verizon and I had nothing but problems with it so I switched to an LG VX3200 and was much happier. When I decided to buy a new phone I narrowed my choices down to the three EVO-DO phones. The biggest complaint I had about the LG VX8000 was not its size, but rather is boring user interface, I thought that the 8940 and the a890 had a much better user interface. The thing that caught my eye for the 8940, however, was its miniSD slot and mp3 player capabilities. So after shelling out full retail for this phone I put it through some pretty harsh testing and I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality that this phone has over its older brother the 8900.

Brilliant inner screen as well as outer screen, the colors are great.
Unique camera design, that while tedious is a good method of protection for the lens.
Great reception, I live in a small town in Wyoming and I was worried about the phone not having analog but I haven't had any problems so far, I've only lost one call too.
Camera quality is definitely the best I've seen in a phone, the VX8000 was way too grainy and the a890 seemed sort of dim.
Useful, 'lantern' that doubles as an LED flash.

The speakerphone is pretty weak, especially compared to my old VX3200, that was considerably less expensive.
Lack of picture caller ID on the outside screen...honestly why doesn't it have it?
Inability to transfer pics using the miniSD card.
The "CLR" button is really small and its hard to txt with it...and I'm not sure if this makes a big difference but the pause time between texting w/ the same key is longer than on my old VX3200 and it has slowed my texting down a lot. (I'm not sure if that is a big deal or not it just bothers me).

Overall Impression:
Great phone for someone who has to have the best w/o having a PDA phone.

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Appeals to the eye but phone sucks.


Jun 2, 2005 by stacie224

i bought the phone because it looked nice should have known just from that it would be a mistake. i really wanted a speaker phone coming from the lg vx6000 i didn't have one so i wanted to upgrade. the speaker phone sucked, yopu could barley hear the person, i mean it was on my lap and i couldn't really understand them. but if you really want the phone i say get it check it out and you can always return in within 15 days. i ended up going back to lg my fav brand and got the lg vx 8000 even though it seems huge its not so bad once you get used to it. overall i like my 8000 a lot better that audiovox. plus i can change the faceplate. found a great website with cheap stuff. www.cellphoneshop.net
good luck to everyone whenb picking a phone

speaker phone sucked sooooo bad
unlike lg audiovox dosn't come with the tip Calculator(i eat out a lot and i loved my ez tip cal)
in the calender i couldnt set reminders such as birthday to go off every year you have to keep resetting it. what a waste of my time
the calls wern't really clear
when i held the phone my hands were always blocking the camera on back and the pix quality sucked fopr a 1.3 mpixel
the list could go on forever

Pros: cute menus, letters, pix, just cute phone and bubbly allround more of a girly phone thats why i was drawn to it. plus i loved the black buttons.
size was small nice
i liked starp that attached to phone so you carry on wrist.

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this phone lasted 13 days before the exchange....


May 24, 2005 by t_mokes

This phone is 5 out of 5 as far as the looks of it, but all the other function got negative points, so overall, it's a 0.5 phone.

In addition to it's crippled miniSD card, ticking noise while talking, all keys on the keypad not lighting up, beeping noise while talking, going in and out of IX mode, going in to "extended service" but not coming out of it, bad location of the volume key on the side, and takes forever to charge due to it's displays (both inside and outside) on while charging were the reason why I exchanged this phone.

I felt like Zoolander with this phone. All for the looks and no function.

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Basically OK, but big.


May 9, 2005 by crwhiting

- Solid body feel, especially the hinge.
- Decent audio quality
- Good reception
- Huge menu improvements over older AVox's

- Camera always seems out of focus
- Plastic keys don't seem very sturdy
- Center rocker switch very hard to use. I accidentally hit the middle switch numerous times when trying to hit the righ-arrow.
- Seems bulky, especially thick.
- Antenna seems flimsy.

If you are looking for a full featured phone, this is definately in the running, though I think the LG 8000 is better.

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Above average phone


Mar 26, 2005 by stormy7777

Overall, the phone is great.
Like others have stated, the speaker phone is not what it should be. It is functional, but does not get loud enough.
The menu is very easy to use and navigate.
The phone has a good feel to it even during lengthy conversations.
Battery life is also decent as I can get a little over 3 hours of talk time.

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awesome phone!!!


Mar 10, 2005 by aidkit

I personally like the Audiovox 8940, it’s a good phone.

I think there are many cool features, but I’d like to say the camera function is very interesting.

Most of the phones today have the lens in the back at a fixed angle,so it requires angling the phone when you want to take a picture right in front of you, which was annoying, but this phone solved that problem. Very clever!

The camera pops out from the back when you take a picture and also allows you to take self-portraits by working either with the phone open or closed.
I also like the sliding cover that protects the lens.

You can't go wrong with the size, quality, and features of this phone

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great phone


Mar 5, 2005 by newguy

I think the voice quality and reception is just fine. My friends have samsung and lg phones, and I get the same voice quality and reception as them.
I think the camera decent. It isn't as good as the LG 8000, but it isn't much worse. It's better than the V710. I actually like the camera design. The cover keeps from being scratched.
I agree that the speakerphone sucks. However it does serve one purpose. When you call a company and you are put on hold. You can use the speakerphone to tell when the person comes on the phone.
The mini SD is cripled, but there are ways of getting around sending pics. If you look at the audiovox forums, you can get the USB cable and 3rd party software, and are able upload/download pics and wallpaper to your phone/pc.
Finally the MP3 player rocks. I am not picky about getting the best stereo sound, but the stereo headset it actually pretty decent. I got a 512MB mini sd card for $50, uploaded a bunch of mp3s on to it from my computer, and now I have it on my phone. The phone even has repeat and random functions, and you can select the songs from the list that you want to play. I took it to the gym, with my holster, and was listening to the mp3s with the headset. I got a call and it switched over and I answered it. I'm not saying that it's as good as an actual mp3 player(no search, playlists, ect.), but I'm happy with it.
The battery life is fine too.
Overall, SO FAR, I am very satisfied with my purchase.

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great compact all-in-one


Feb 27, 2005 by robp4p

I just moved to NYC and needed to get on a Verizon plan as they have by far the best covereage in the city. After looking at all the phones verizon offers, I chose the 8940 and am VERY impressed.

The phone is the same size if not a little smaller than my old t720, and has a solid feeling in its build and operation. The interface is fast and fairly straight forward. The sound is loud, maybe not the best quality I've ever heard, but very good to my ear.

The color screen is the best I have ever seen on a cell phone, bright and crisp. The speakerphone is a joke, as others have mentioned, but I've never seen the need for one on a cellphone. I bought a 512mb mini-SD card for $52 and now have music wherever i go, without having to bring yet another piece of equipment.

The Vcast is a fun toy, not sure if I'll keep it around after the free 2 months...but its an interesting way to get a quick news update on the run, and the high speed web access is nice.

overall, with the size, quality and features of this phone you can't go wrong

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Great Next Generation Phone


Feb 26, 2005 by Vox8940

First off, the audio quality of this phone is fair. For regular calls, you can hear very well, even at the highest volume setting. There is little to no distortion. However, the speakerphone is worthless. It should not be considered a feature because the quality is so bad its unusable.

Signal quality on this phone is great considering its all digital. Verizon is the best provider where I live, so its never a problem. It even seems to work better than my old tri-mode CDM-8300.

The screens are very bright and clear, even better than the CDM9900. Menus are straight forward, but some functions are buried too deep, like voice memo's. Luckily you can customize the shortcut bar to get around this problem.

The camera design is both good and bad. Having the moving cover/lense helps protect the camera. But it also takes some fumbling to open/close the lense every time you take a picture. But the picture quality is fair, and the movie capture is very nice, better than most other movie phones I've tried.

The best part of this phone is the mp3 capability. The useless speakerphone really comes to life when you play mp3s. No distortion, and you DO get stereo sound. The earpiece acts as one channel, and the speaker phone acts and the second. Its also very loud considering the speaker size. The quality is even better using the headset provided in the box. I bought the phone for this feature alone, and its WELL worth it.

I'm leaving the V-Cast feature out, because it doesn't work where I live, and I have no interest in it anyway.

Awesome mp3 player!
Decent Battery Life
Great screens
Nice small design - smallest of the V-Cast phones so far
Good RF reception
mini-SD card slot

Useless speakerphone
Camera design could be better
Flimsy antenna
No picture caller-ID on outer screen
Screen hinge feels weak
Vibrate could be stronger

The pros of this phone FAR outweigh the cons. But its not perfect, so I give it a 4 out of 5.

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1st choice, but that speakerphone


Feb 12, 2005 by flyguydb

My biggest complaint about the phone by far is obviously the speaker-phone. I got the phone on FEB 1st and I am seriously thinking about trading it in for the 8000. When I heard about the new technology coming out I was pretty convinced I should wait for the 3 new phones. I wanted a speaker-phone so I limited my focus to the 8000 and the 8940. I did some research and read some of the forums before I went to buy. I was pretty convinced on the 8000 until I went to Verizon and saw the size of that thing. I still played with both phones and for some reason I liked the way the 8940 felt in my hands and also the way it looked. The Verizon store in my neck of the woods was very very clueless and provided no help whatsoever on pluses or minuses of anything. So I made my choice and off I went with two 8940s one for me and one for the wife. We were very happy for about 2 days until we realized the speaker-phone was incredibly low in volume and quality. The following lists are our opinions of the good and bad.


1) decent size and weight
2) nicely designed keypad
3) Mini SD
4) very easy to learn functionality
5) two style choices for your menu
6) Camera stores away


1) Speaker-phone not very loud
2) Mini SD crippling by verizon
3) No data cables
4) outside screen has no PIC ID capability
5) outside screen is hard to see unless back lit (either open flip or push up on volume to light it up)
6) the flip spring tension to hold phone open is weak, the phone will start to close on you sometimes.

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