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Samsung SGH-E635 / SGH-E630


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this phone is sweet !!!


Feb 3, 2006 by shariff420

i got this phone about three weeks ago, so for great. i'm not really into bluetooth and video rcording so the phone not having that feature did not bother me at all. the phone is small, looks very nice and best of all network is pretty good on this phone. sound quality is great. and the phone is very easy to use. you can't go wrong by getting this phone. i have always preferred nokia or samsung over motorola phones, and trust me, i haven't gone wrong. you will love this phone, male or female.

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Good phone


Sep 11, 2005 by krappei

I recently upgraded to this phone after using a Nokia 6610 for over a year. After having used the e635 for a few days, I have found the phone to be pretty good compared to past phones I've owned. I have always looked for phones that have great reception. Cameras, mp3s, bluetooth and all that fancy stuff never influenced me enough to buy a particular phone. Because Nokia's tend to have better reception than the competition, I tend to go that route. The e635 however has had very good reception (as good as the Nokia's I've used and much better than the Samsung s105). I have T-mobile by the way. The phone is small and is "cute". Battery life has been decent. I talk on the phone at least 5-6 hours a day, and that's just enough power before I recharge nightly. The phone boasts a camera w/ flash and the screen is crisp and colorful. The ringtones (megatones and hifi tones) are acceptable. They aren't as crisp and clear as other phones I've heard but that's not enough to deter me from the phone. The phone's contruction seems pretty durable, including the sliding. The earpiece that comes with the phone is barely average. The voice memo is pretty cool. You don't need to slide the phone to answer or make calls. There is no bluetooth. Overall though, I am very happy with the phone after a few days of use. If you want good reception, small size, and some fancy features (camera w/ flash, voice memo, ringtones composer) this a good phone. I would give it a 4.5 but I've only used it 3 days. I'll submit another review in a few months.

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Really Nice Phone!


Oct 10, 2005 by dragonflygrrl

I have had this phone for about a week, and I am really happy with it. For the record, I will say that I am a relatively small person (5'1") with pretty small hands, and this phone is the perfect size for me. That being said, my fiancee is a guy of average size, and he thinks my phone looks and feels like a toy. So depending on your size, the phone's size could be either a pro or a con. The camera is not bad. It is not a substitute for a "real" digital camera, but I do have some decent pictures I took with it. All in all, just having the camera at all is a pro. Also, the effects are really fun to play with, if not terribly practical. The sound quality on the ringers is not as good as some phones(con), but then again this phone isn't as expensive as some other phones either(pro), so I think it balances out. The phone's talk volume and clarity is great! Also, the thing is just darn cute! Basically, I really love my phone, and if you are "little-handed" like me and like a phone that looks a little different, this phone is great!

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Samsung mini Slider


Feb 13, 2006 by theswiftguy


* SMALL and lightweight
* TEXT ENTRY is fast. T9 text method
* CAMERA is OK, VGA quality
* VIBRATOR is perfect! VERY loud when on vibrate mode.


The ringers on this phone are low quality. You can't hear them that good and IF you download the HiFi ringers, the music comes out of the speaker muffled and mumbled.

The small design is somewhat hard sometimes when using the keypad such as typing/dialing numbers. But thats just my user opinion. I can text pretty fast at times too lol

OVERALL this phone is really good. I used it for about 4 months and then switched to the Motorola Razr (the black one) since I bought it unlocked. It was for Cingular.

I actually might go back to the Samsung Slider as the Razr's text entry is iTap method and not T9 entry. The samsung slider is so easy to text on. The Razr takes some work to it.

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Just okay - but I'm returning it


Sep 8, 2005 by LAMysteryGrl

If you want a very cute, compact, basic phone, this fits the bill. But if you like a lot of bells and whistles, keep looking. (In fact, for some it might be "too small." Sort of "toy-like"). I prefer more personalization options than this offers.

PROS: Cool look, everyone who sees it comments on it's appearance. The sound quality of the callers is excellent: very loud and clear (far exceeds my previous phone , Motorola v300). I have a Jeep Wrangler (VERY LOUD) and I can hear on this phone when I'm driving (couldn't on my v300). Callers say they can hear me perfectly as well. You can operate the phone (answer, make calls, listen to voicemail, read texts) without sliding the phone open (although, obviously callers hear you better when it's open). Picture caller ID is cool. I also like that you can "reject" a call (stop the ringing immediately and send it straight to voicemail).

CONS: The ringtone options are awful, and the HiFi ringers sound scratchy and cheap (unlike they did on the v300). There is also no fast/easy/shortcut to adjust the ringer volume. You can turn it off completely by pressing one of the keys - but you can't just alter the volume. No ringer profiles (loud, soft, silent, vibrate, etc). When callers from your phonebook call, it identifies the name but not WHICH number they are calling from (ie: cell, home, office, etc - not even in the call log). I can't find a way to email from this phone (when addressing, you can only enter a phone number, not text - BIG CON). When the phone is idle, the screen is just a stark white background with black text (wallpaper only shows up when you unlock the phone or slide it open). My reception was better with my v300, but that is probably to be expected with an internal antenna. Overall, it just doesn't have enough personalization options for me. (If you email yourself a pic, which took 10 tries to come work, the pic is stored separately than other pics so you can't even use an emailed pic as a picture ID).

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Teeny Tiny


Aug 25, 2005 by robbied

I am a T Mobile dealer and just had the pleasure of using this phone. Its great all around except the ringers and the mediocre camera. I am currently a blackberry user and am almost ready to put down the crackberry and switch to this phone. Just wait until you see it face first. Its so small. By far the smallest phone that T Mobile has ever offered. (I Think). Take my advice and at least go down to your local store and check out this phone. It is off the heezy fo sheezy.

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one of the best


Dec 21, 2004 by ncabigao

am a fanatic cel user i had a d410 and e700 before but this is the best. my last cel is a motorola but i like the size and clarity of the pictures of this phone. the signal is great. it lacks mp3 or wav tone anyways the phone is still great.

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The best phone ever! Had once since 2003


Mar 1, 2012 by basketeer

This is the best phone ever. I only use this phone for internet access, texting, picture taking, and talking. I have had the phone since 2003 and have never had to buy additional equipment. A full charge still lasts about 3 days. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH THIS ONE!!!!!!

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Wouldn't recommend it


Feb 13, 2008 by aarnoe

Got this phone after my Nokia 6102i got stolen as a quickie replacement. Overall summation: better than going 4 months without a phone until my free upgrade, but only barely.

Pros: Very small for my medium-wide hands.
Pretty nice ringer options
Speakerphone adequate
Pretty good reception (Cingular; NE Georgia)
Cons: Battery life w/ light-medium usage horrible (had to charge at end of day, 5:30, to get a full day out of it)
Takes forever to set/change the alarm; no separate alarm volume
Phone shuts off for no apparent reason periodically throughout the day.
Slider slides open in my pocket while working.

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Zippy Phone!


Dec 4, 2006 by deezaster

I got this phone for my birthday from a friend and it's a huge improvement from my Nokia 6101. The memory is great, I can store a lot of pictures on the phone and not have to worry about memory. Texting is much easier and less of a hastle than the nokia. It's a zippy little phone and so easy to use. It doesn't have video like the Nokia, but I never used video that often anyway and I'm not into the whole "bluetooth" thing. The stats on the phone on this site are incorrect though. It states that Ringer IDs can only be made by group, which isn't true. You can attach Ringer IDs to individual people in your phone book, which is cool. The Nokia wouldn't let me do that, only by group. The quality of the ringers isn't the greatest, but it's not bad either. I'm not that picky. This is my first time having a slider and I'm very impressed with it. The resolution is awesome and the flash is fantastic. I also love the fact that I can have animated wallpapers.

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