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Samsung SGH-E635 / SGH-E630


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Looks great, lacks...almost everything


Jul 19, 2006 by Carlx

It's a really good looking phone. The slider works OK. Like all Samsung phones, the display is excellent.

The "flash" on the camera is just bright enough to get a closeup in a dark area when you would otherwise not get any picture at all.

It has an IR port so you can load ringers without a cable.

But there are some really annoying con's...

You can't select ringer tones for the alarm clock. You can only choose from a small handful of awful alarm sounds. This feature was available on older Samsung models and has been REMOVED.

Text message alerts are also limited to their own short list of preset sounds. This was lacking on previous models.

No option for a default text recipient (e105 had this). You have to enter the number or search the phonebook each time.

The sound quality is only barely acceptable. It has a plasticy sound like cheap headphones, though not quite as bad.

The camera resolution is "OK" for a phone (640x480), but when framing the shot the phone's display does not show the full frame. The display only shows about the middle 1/2 of the picture so you can't frame anything just right, it's always a guess. It would be nice to make sure you are making good use of the pixels you have.

There is no option to change your home page for the web browser. On other phones I have a news page set as the homepage, so I have one-touch access to news, not T-Mobile's ringer downloads.

None of the shortcut keys (direction keypad in standby) can be customized.

The ringer is quieter than previous models (comparing to e105, s105) and makes more crackles from loud ringers.

The size of the phone is not too special. It's shorter than most, but also thicker and heavier.

This is a cool basic phone, plus a basic camera and an IR port. If you can get it for free/cheap and aren't picky about, well, anything at all, it's a good deal. But don't pay $100-200 for something that is mostly an entry-level phone.

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A pretty spiffy phone


Jun 28, 2006 by MissMelissa

I received this phone last month, and I haven't had any problems with it. The camera is decent for a phone, the phone is small but not too small, I always receive notifications for voicemails, texts, etc. The ringtones included with the phone are a decent volume, and yes, the downloadable ones (At least via TMobile) probably aren't as good of quality soundwise. I think I read someone complaining about the ringers built in, but the phone does have a few regular sounding ringers with a slight twist, that aren't too corny or obnoxious (my current is bell 1). The slide option has not been squeaky or flimsy for me. The battery does decline faster than a less technological phone, but thats to be expected. The speakerphone is okay but you probably won't be able to hear the call that well if there is a lot of background noise going on. I have had good reception most of the time, and no dropped calls.

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May 31, 2006 by kristinhardy

I have had this phone for approximately 3.5 months. I went for this model due to it being one of the few phones that we offer that has a flash for the camera. Before I purchased the phone I knew that the ringtone audio quality for downloaded ringers is AWFUL. The phone has a flimsy feel to it also, especially after using it for a while. I had hoped that the flash would make me forget about those few negative aspects. I was fine with the phone until about 3 nights ago... The battery (after only 3.5 months) completely died. It won't take a charge or anything. That upsets me that I paid 150.00 for the phone thru our employee site and now it is not functional, unless of course I buy a new battery. Ridiculous.

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Its okay


May 26, 2006 by fiklepengo

Its great that it is small so I can easily carry it in my purse or pocket.

Perhaps, it is only my phone, but it is loose when you first start to slide and then stiff to lock it into place. I think it should be the other way around. However, when I do search for it in my purse to answer a call, the top part may slide a little and lets the call through. By the time I find it, the other person has been been waiting for 15 seconds.

I have great reception, but I cannot hear the other person that well. They tell me they have good reception too, so maybe my phones just a lemon.

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A sweet little phone, even if the brains aren't all there


Apr 26, 2006 by Imanelle

I like this phone. It is attractive, modern, lightweight, and has great reception and GSM technology. However, it lacks certain inofrmative details and intelligent options. will list the pros and cons.

a good camera, with picture text messaging.

Speedy txt. messaging (on my previous phone messages did not go through immediately)

WiFi Downloads (although they don't get very loud)

A sophisticated look

Good battery life


Call times on individual previous calls cannot be retained

The phone does not have a silent ringer. There is vibrate, of course, but when in class or at a job interview... vibrate is not really silent! That's a pisser. I have to turn the phone off in order to make sure it doesn't disrupt situations akin to the aforementioned.

Text messages cannot be sent to multiple people in one go.

The ringer is not very loud. While it is elegant to not disrupt the environment with blaring ringtones, it is nice to be able to hear the tunes you've paid for when there is a bit more noise than crickets.

I personally think the ring tones that the phone is equipped with are horrid! You will be spending the $2.99 to get some new tunes.

There is not voice recognition.

I do like the phone though. It just is a simple modern phone: camera, t9 text, good reception and GSM tech. I recommend it, though you will have to adapt to some missed considerations on behalf of Samsung.


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Not for me...


Apr 21, 2006 by roses

I’ve had this phone for about a month and in all truthfulness I’m rather unhappy with it. The design looks cheap & flimsy. When you slid the front up to talk dial etc. the back slid that everyone sees is horrible. It looks like plain untreated black plastic that just came out of a factory and had absolutely nothing done with it to make it look half descent. The sound quality is bad, and the camera is so-so, it could be worse but it most definitely is not great. By all means there are worse phones out there, but as I said, my experience hasn’t been the greatest.

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very durable indeed


Jan 26, 2006 by illnino

I've had this phone since its debut and its been more than good to me. I live in suburban New York and travel by taxi on a daily basis. I was using the phone in a taxi and as i exited the phone slipped out of my hand. The car ran it over and the phone still worked fine. It was a bit scratched bit it didn't crush or dismember. i sell mobile phones and this is possibly the most durable newer phone out there for this particular carrier.

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Sep 17, 2005 by SiDeKiCk 2

This is a great phone has all the features that you need and and is really stylish with the slider and the camera quality is great.

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good but not great


Sep 2, 2005 by leaken

I recently had to return the phone.over all
build was nice,good ear piece sound,however,
I had very poor reception in town where my v3 holds a very good signal.ring volume could be louder also.I really liked the phone,but in the end,reception was not what I needed it to be.

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Oct 6, 2005 by bizzare

I can honestly say that im probably the happiest customer,i cant undertsand why no ones happy..Im getting great reception, which is the most important thing,and has speaker phone with easy access to all options. To me ,its works as smooth as it looks.WHY YOU SO MAD ..BE GLAD..

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