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The best ever --


Oct 14, 2005 by sms

I exchanged by 6881 for P910i, I would have been better off with it in the first place.

Exc. RF (better than 6881/2), sound etc.
Great From factor, best ergonomic design I have seen.
Exc. PDA -complete & the best -palm on ebay
Good st. mp3 - exc. loud sound -no need for i-dope
Exc. UI - predictable and useful
Jogdial 5-way thumb nav - the best
Fully working software -- unlike nokia!
Comes with USB/St. head phone/case.
Has ~60M spare and comes with 32M card.
Complete Software upgrade capability
This is a very well designed product with almost everything working as expected and perfectly. I was hesitant that it didn't have EDGE and was about a year old so I tried the "other" phone, the lesson, the phone software has become very complicated and one shouldn't buy "new" phones, like you shouldn't buy first model year car! -- unless they at least keep (and promise) some basic functionality fool proof.

Slow download from PC (USB 1.0 ~120 Kbps)
PC Suite is a quiet a bit clunky
Bluetooth Leds keep blinking but is blue!!
Battery life could be better:
-- about 2 days with moderate use
I don't like SE power adapter
-- plastic hooks are asking to be broken
Once in a while the phone responds slowly
-- but never crashed!!!

I have played it with for 2 days, checked out almost everything .. downloaded the US lang. pack etc. and I am very pleased with it.
I don't think the phone is 5.0000000 but it's pretty close, I would say it's >4.75.

I hear SE is coming up with p915, so one may want to wait to see what the "new" thing will be. But beware of the new, stick with the working, unless you are heavy data user and EDGE will help, I think this is the best phone in the market.

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The best ever


Aug 31, 2005 by TaroBaap

This phone is the best phone i have ever come across HANDS DOWN!!! i first had the P800, and that phone rocked! but the P910 is a lot nice with the 262k color screen and all.. i highly recommend this phone to any pda or cell fanatic to buy!

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Great Phone...but who wrote that manual?


Aug 17, 2005 by henryhscheng

I got the phone from a local dealer in San Francisco for free but I had to pay the sale tax and the SIM card plus a year of T-Mobile contract. T-Mobile is quite a bit worse than Cingular (my previous subscription) but the P910i's reception quality makes up for it.

The phone is not officially imported into the US, I think it comes either from Hong Kong or Great Britain because it has traditional Chinese and English (UK) [Taiwan would have used English (US)] as its default language--good that I could read Chinese because efferything was Chinese when I first switched the phone on.

Do not use the original carrying case that comes with the package because a little squeeze and the backlight turns on and drains your battery out.

Very easy to use--it takes me 3 days to master everything function of the phone and the Siemens M56 (my previous phone) took me a month.
Very easy to see LCD screen...now that I am used to this screen, I had to stretch my eyes hard to look at other ordinary phones' screens.
The "Surprise" ring tone knocks you and everybody around you off.
Removable memory--a must--and memory sticks are not as expensive as it has once been.
The keys on the front (flip closed) are actually very easy for my fingers compared to the Siemens M56 and even the the mini keys in the flip are easy to key, if not comfortable.
Reasonable battery life considering the phone's functions--charge it daily.

The keyboard is not backlighted.
The manual is not informative enough and it is simply confusing--it is easier to explore the phone by yourself and use the help page in the phone.
For twice or thrice the phone locked up when it is trying to boot...just take the battery out and insert in again and you are in business.
The camera...well...0.5 MP (640X480) gets you nowhere...it is only good for documentary purposes such as a hit-and-run driver's license plate. The pictures get very grainy in low light conditions...the ISO must be 3200.

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Super Phone!


Aug 16, 2005 by normanf

I got this phone used on e-bay. My phone is the P910i (European Version w/ the AZERTY keyboard i/o the QWERTY). Although I am missing the 850 mhz band (and found no service in Amarillo, Durango, Silverton, etc.) it has been fantastic in the Houston area, Dallas, Tulsa and other areas. PROS: Features are FANTASTIC. I got it to sync w/ my POP3 E-mail after playing w/ the settings. I can easily surf the internet and the screen is large enough to see everything I need. I was able to receive all my contacts from my palm pilot - I got it to sync perfectly, downloading all my palm contacts into my phone. I could immediately scroll and call!
CONS: Ring volume not loud enough. Doesn't seem to ring long enough for me to get to the phone if I'm away (maybe I haven't checked out ring settings enough). Also, battery runs down a bit quicker than I would like.

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Perfect phone by much


Jul 8, 2005 by gzmn

since i saw it on sanborns i like it
i will get mine in a week

great expansion capabilities(up to 1 gb)
mp3 capabilities
unlimited video recording
touch screen
can use my psp's memory cards
looks very professional
push email
pda capabilities

not megapixel camera (VGA 450x650)
big screen means scratchs easly

not lots of cons
this is by far the best phone i've seen

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Holy Moly this is the best phone I've ever had


Dec 2, 2004 by mobileops

I should start by saying that I've had every GSM phone out there, and many of the CDMA's. I've tried, used, returned almost all of them. Bestbuy has banned me from their stores. With that in mind, read my review as if you were the anal retentive one looking for the ultimate device, just like me.

1) Screen: AMAZING, the treo 650 screen doesn't hold a candle to 262K colors. The perfect size, makes the unit a manageable size.

2) Flip/Keyboard: Others have commented on the keyboard isn't lid, the keys are small, yada yada. This unit has a QWERTY keyboard, if you're really into text heavy input, this is a must. This is not a desktop PC keyboard replacement, it's for a small PDA style phone. And it works very well.

3) Reception/Signal: I'm coming from the Sony K700i which was the best reception quality I've ever had. Thus my expectations are high. The sound quality is fantastic, I just notice a small amount of white noise in an absoutely quite room. The phone sounds minimally more electric than my K700i, but I stress minimal. Overall, I think I'm just being anal, and have to get used to a slightly different sounding phone. RECEPTION IS AMAZING. If there is any form of signal in your area, this phone will get it.

4) Build Quality: Superior to mostly anything else. The buttons feels great, everything that is supposed to snap or click or turn does with force.

5) Price: This was the biggest decision I had to battle. I paid $700 with tax for mine no-contract unlocked. I could have gotten a Treo 600 for $350, a Treo 650 for $500, any of the Pocket PC phones for around $500. In the end I decided that this is the highest quality phone/PDA/combination unit out there. Every feature is included, and they just make it easy, functional, and fun. If you need Palm OS or Pocket PC for work, this is not for you. If you're thinking about a SmartPhone style device, check this out, you won't be dissappointed.


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Nov 13, 2004 by phoneguru82

This phone is a big improvement over the P900. It has great reception everywhere I go. My wife currently uses the P900 and everywhere we go I notice that my P910 has a stronger signal. Sound quality is great. It's also great that P910 is not limited to a 128mb memory card like the P900 was. The Qwerty keyboard if very useful, but the bad part about it is that the buttons aren't back lit and the buttons are small. This is great phone with pda capabilities. I sold my Mda II for this phone because I needed something that was more of a phone, but still able to check e-mail and browse the internet. I haven't had any problems with phone. Bluetooth connection is stable and reception is great. The scroll on the side is very convenient. I highly recommend this phone to someone who's looking for something that's more of a phone than a pda.

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Excellent phone, bad software (P910a)


Mar 23, 2006 by gsantarelli1

I'll do the pros and cons here:

- Screen is excellent
- Call quality is beyond excellent. Very loud and clear.
- Perfect reception on Cingular
- Keyboard looks small, but works great, even me having large thumbs.
- Job wheel is a definate plus
- Cool accessories from SE.
- Memory Stick Duo
- Easy setup via SE's website tools

- Stylus is very small
- Case it comes with is horrible, don't trust this $400 item on your belt in that case.
- Camera sucks, period. Images are too dark.
- Desktop software is horrible (see below)

I bought this to sync with Lotus Notes at work. Fat chance of that happening. After 3 days of fiddling around, I finally got it to work. It worked once before it multiplied all of my calendar entries by 15. Totally destroyed my 130 entry address book. It also took 30 minutes to sync each time. I changed it to Outlook figuring it could be Notes, nope, same thing. If this cannot sync with my desktop, it is totally useless to me.

I also contacted SE for support. The agent informed me that my brand new $400 device is no longer under warranty because it was mfg'd more than a year ago. They could not help me with anything.

It's a real shame about this, because the phone itself is the best and coolest smartphone I ever used. I bought a Treo 650 in its place, hopefully I'll have more luck with that....

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Mar 22, 2006 by brooklyntech

I had the p910 since the summer of 05. the first 2-3 months was ok but after that..... Horrible. This by far has been the worst phone i ever had. I had the sidekick 2 and i rather that. the phone keyboard is very hard to work with. Camera is bad, and it cannot stay over 10 minutes on the internet before freezing. On the other hand, the music player is helpful and some of the features are helpful such as +PDF which let you view adobe.Another thing that need to be worked on this phone is that the signal is not that good. I been Reading the review on this phone and i feel that i probably got a defect but the phone i have is horrible. I'm trying to get the new mda phone for tmobile. i think that i would be better off with that.

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May 19, 2005 by pmitch2004

I havent had the phone for too long now but all I can say is you wont regret purchasing it.I like the big screen it has and the quality of it.my only complaint would be no back light on the keypad.I was able to get the phone at a great price! ask me where if you like.

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