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May 16, 2006 by crday

I've used this phone now for a couple months, and really don't have anything negative to say about it. It could have been quad band, but it's sufficient for my needs.
I've had the Kyocera 735, Treo 600, and Treo 650. This is by far the best. One of the real advantages to me over the Treo is the ability to actually hear a call. Call volume and quality on the earpiece is great.
This is a very professional device. The two keypads make this phone very usable.

An Ultimate Phone from Sony Ericsson


Feb 2, 2006 by gasubram

Got this almost 3 weeks back. I wanted to discover its features first, before writing this

Undoubtedly, the best mobile phone I ever had (had a Sony Ericsson T637 prior to this)

The Symbian operating system is awesome and never crashed so far. P910i does not have common problems that are reported by my friends (who use Palm Treo 650, Siemens and HP PDA phones)

Here are the CONS:
1) Not an EDGE phone. It is NOT big problem, unless you are a heavy duty internet user
2) The pouch provided for the phone could be better designed
3) Battery life could be better – especially with Bluetooth it gets drained faster. This is a typical problem with all bluetooth phones I have used

Here are the PROS:
1) The flight mode is quite a smart design (you can turn off the phone and use all other PDA, video, audio features)
2) The touch screen is very nicely crafted (better than my Palm-V)
3) The additional memory stick helps a lot for music, to download attachments etc. (I got a 1 GB memory stick duo pro and the combination rocks!!)
4) The speaker phone is much better than many Motorola models
5) The Jog Dial does a great job, when the flip is closed
6) It comes with all accessories – you do not need to buy anything, other than the Bluetooth headset. Kudos to Sony Ericsson for saving money to customers!!
7) The headset’s stereo effect are unbelievable
8) Handwriting recognition is really nice (like my old Palm-V)
9) The PUSH Email feature is a nice feature
10) The camera and video recorder are OK (I do not care about these for business purposes – I would use a high pixel camera and a camcorder for that)
11) The screen colours are better than comparable Nokia/HP/Palm models
12) You have everything built into one mobile phone (MP3 player, sound recorder, camcorder, office needs like word, PDF etc.)
13) Can use the wall charger and old DCU-11 cable that I used with my old T637

I would give a 4.95 for this wonderfully crafted phone. GREAT UNLOCKED PHONE for the price I paid ($249)

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My take on the P910a....


Mar 18, 2005 by vanillachild

I just got this phone like a few days ago and let me tell you, this is by far the best phone I have ever had.
This is my first PDA phone..I was torn between a Treo 650 and the P910 and chose to go with this one. I am so glad I did.
I have service with Cingular and I have a PDA Connect Unlimited Plan. No problems at all!

Let me list the Pros and Cons.

-Great call and reception quality
-Great signal strength lock-in
-Excellent BT connection
-Decent camera and video recorder
-Bright 262k screen
-Great sound for Mp3's, etc.
-1 GB of Memory(optional)
-Lots of applications and more to add.
-Speakerphone awesome
-Convenient features w/ flip closed
-Decent data speed
-Excellent email service capabilities for push and/or pull
-Many accessories to enhance use of phone
-Great compact size for a PDA(cigarette pack)
-Easy stylus tap for features (ex.-can tap battery icon and it will show the life percentage)
-Auto-time update

This phone is so easy to use and easy to access info with a simple tap. No having to go inside a control panel to turn on BT. Just tap BT icon and it gives option to turn on/off.

-Should charge battery daily with excessive use of phone

There aren't too many cons with this phone.It's def. one of the best on the market. Do yourself a favor and buy one, you won't regret it. Buy from SE(a bit pricey), so you can get a P910a that's updated with latest firmware and be worry-free with a 30 day guarantee for any reason you may not like it(which is unlikely).

These services work great on P910a-
-Download the Opera Browser (SE Website)
-Download Agile Messenger (Symmobile.com)
-Download Ringtones galore and create your own from your audio CD's (Planetringtone.net)

And many more applications at Handango.com

This phone is super! I don't regret the $800 I paid for it.
Thanks SE!

The best... Period


Feb 22, 2005 by kholubar51


Symbian operating system a huge plus.

Speakerphone louder than I expected. I don't need to use headphones to use the mp3 on this.

The ability to customize almost everything is outstanding.

The coverage (St. Cloud, Minneapolis, MN most but I travel the midwest quite a bit) has been better than any nokia I've had (6820, 6620, and 6230) and this phone blows the pants off my Motos (v600 and v551) and Samung (316). I loved my SE T637 and the reception is even better.

I haven't used push e-mail capability yet(blackberry) yet but the ability is excellent.

There are 3 options for text input. Plus you can take off the keyboard if you want and use the virtual keypad as primary. I really like all the options including being able to use many apps even when the keypad is closed.

Battery life is suprisingly good. I didn't expect more than day out of it but I'm on it all the time doing several random things a day and I don't need to charge it every night... it just helps.

The ability to manage files via memory stick pro (upgraded to 1gb) and via sync are outstanding. I can uninstall and install programs as I see fit.

I can say that I am a very picky user and this phone has suprised me at every turn. This is worth every penny if you can afford it($750 from SE).


Having problems with internet settings. (Not so much probs with phone but communication between Cingular and SE).

The camera isn't great but better than most.

The 32mb card can be filled quick so plan on getting a bigger (up to 1gb) memory stick duo pro if you're going to be using this for more than just voice and e-mail.

Tiny flip keyboard has not backlighting so when using text input in the dark you must use virtual in order to see what you're donig.

Overall, still the best phone I've scene or used. I am the most picky person when it comes to cell phones and this is the best. Everything else is downhill from here.

Simply the best


Nov 1, 2006 by solidcitizqueen

All in all, this phone is the best out there. Being a PHONE, you can't ask for more, regardless of other review opinions. Considering the fact that the pda function is exceptional, and you can talk while navigating through the phone while making appointments or taking pictures and saving or renaming them, you just can't lose. The quality of the pictures isn't amazing, but I just can't complain when I weigh out every other function and ability that this phone allows for. THIRTEEN hours of talk time??? Where in the heck do you see that anywhere else? I've never killed my battery in a 2 day period, and use my phone for personal and business. My bluetooth headset has died (and it's supposed to have 8 hours of talk time between charges), and I still have plenty of battery life. Flight mode rocks, and you can utilize many functions on the phone in this mode. There are TONS of software downloads available. I bought this phone from Tiger Direct as unlocked, to allow me to have THE phone I wanted (after researching for months while HAPPILY using the S710a from Sony Ericsson), since Cingular didn't have it and I love Cingular. I had problems syncing my phone to Outlook, and Tiger Direct's exceptional customer service put me in contact w/ Sony Ericsson's technical guru, which had me synced in NO time, all on a 3 way conference call.
I'm sorry about any negative reviews on this phone, because I can't imagine NOT having it. Hubby has one too, and loves it just the same and doesn't even use 1/4 of what the phone has to offer. Don't expect perfection from any device or review, because NOTHING is perfect. But to measure against "perfect", this phone comes as close as it can. It has locked it a couple of times, but BIG DEAL. Turn it off, wait ONE minute, and turn it back on. No info lost. Back things up on desktop, SIM, memory card it comes with. I love this phone, and have yet to see another phone that would tempt me to "downgrade" from this one.

Sony Ericsson P910a


Oct 22, 2006 by krazyniku

This phone rules. It has everything. like PDA Flight mode and chess. Trust me if u dont have this phone GET IT NOW!!!!!!

Great phone but doesn't hold a charge well


Apr 13, 2006 by ReschDMD

I recently bought a used p910a off ebay to allow myself to consolidate a phone and PDA. I am a dental student, so I have tons of assignments and patient cases to keep up with, so an easy to use scheduler was my primary concern. After trying out my roommates Treo 650, I decided the p910 was better for me. As a long-time Sony-Ericsson user, I preferred the more phone-style layout and I use it with the flip-up mode about 90% of the time and for recall of data/appointments it does this job well. Likewise the music player is great- I still use my iPod but with 1GB of memory, I still have a lot of songs and will listen to the phone when waiting or studying.
The signal strength is amazing- I am on Cingular in Lexington, KY and get a signal in places no other phone I have own has, such as a Moto V600, SE T616, SE s710a, and Nokia 6230. Sometimes it even startles me when I get an incoming call in a part of the hospital that was formerly a dead-zone for cell phones.
My phone syncs perfectly with Outlook 2003 and makes data entry a snap.
Sony-Ericsson's site has an excellent tech service that sent me all of my appropriate settings to get MMS/internet on Cingular's network. In 5 min I was good to go.
The only real negative I have is the battery life. SE claims 13 hrs talk time. We all know those are over-estimated, but even CNet's review gave it a great rating, however the phone barely lasts 2 days without a charge and that is with minimal use. I even purchased a new SE battery and charge it exactly as directed and the phone needs a charge in a few days with only a few text messages, a couple of 15 min calls and checking the planner a few times a day. I do not consider this a fatal flaw, as I have usually charged my PDA every night.
Bottom line- a great product all around, but be prepared to charge it more than you think.

PROS: Great signal, lots of features, clear screen, good form factor (very usable as phone), very easy to use.

CONS: so-so battery life

P910a is awesome, except....


Mar 5, 2006 by JoshuaMB

I got my P910a back in May of '05. It is an awesome PDA phone.
I love making my own ringtones using MP3's. I downloaded a program to my Mac called Audacity that allows me to cut the MP3 down in length, or select just a certain portion of the song to use as a ringtone (As a ringtone for voice calls only about 15 seconds of the song are played, but for voicemail alerts, the phone will play the whole song if you dont cut it down) and fade out the end of the song so it doesnt just cut off abruptly.
I use it to manage Calendar events. I have found the biggest shortcoming of the phone to be that there is not way to dial phone numbers input into a Calendar entry directly from the Calendar. The phone does not recognize the string of numbers as a phone number (like the Jotter does) so there is not way to call a contact in the Calendar from the Calendar. So far I have not found a way to remedy this, and thus need to either memorize the phone number or write it down in order to call it, which seems ridiculous in such a high tech phone.
Other than that I love it, but I do wish there were a way to improve that function.

Awsome phone nothing better!


Feb 24, 2006 by Dman51

This phone is amazing this phone has all the features for the U.S Systems.

Huge Screen
Great Recpetion
Touch Screen
Text QWERTY Keyboard
Great Camera
Great Video
Sound Recording
Flight Mode
Drawing App
Good Internet
Light In Weight (Compared to other pda's)
MPEG4/MP3 Player
Micro. Word Micro. Point Micro. Sheet
Headset Jack
Removable Keypad
Memory Stick Duo
Quick Share
Accurate Touch Screen Text Messaging

Size not too bad at all
Small keyboard

Amazing phone.. seriously


Jan 14, 2006 by vdubkr

This phone is so amazing. I have gone through so many phones i can't even count. I use OSX so i always try to find phones that work with isync or have bluetooth so i can transfer files. this does both.

i recently had a Zire 72 and wanted to have one device to carry around so i researched this and tried it out. i am glad that i did. the phone works very well. i am still playing with the phone so the battery life isn't great yet, but the same thing happend to me when i got the razr. after i stopped playing with the razr the battery life was about 2 days with heavy use. this phone so far has held a whole day with excessive use.

the great feature is symbian. i love this operating system. a long time ago, i had the nokia 3650 and the 3660 and those were my favorite phones, besides the size, i loved all the features and the added programs you are able to install.

this phone has endless possibilites for programs. the only program that i mainly used on the zire 72 was splash data. splash: money, id, photo, and shopper. Those programs were mainly why i used my pda. after purchasing the p910i i found out that the only programs that work on the UIQ devices are Splash ID, and Photo. Not too bad, but i really love the Splash Money program. I am yet to find a program that is comperable to that. if anyone knows, please let me know.

other than minor programs, the phone is spectacular. you can browse the net and use it as the phone. although, you can't do both at the same time. one thing that kind of sucks is that the e-mail is on a time schedule. mine is set to check every 15 minutes. when i had the blackberry, my mail came in right away. this is good i guess, but checking it every 15 minutes i find out runs the battery down. i would change it to something else but i like to get my e-mails as they come.

Otherwise, this phone is awesome! get it, you won't regret it.

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