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Nice Phone


Oct 11, 2006 by Eaglefan5

This is one amazing phone. EXCELLENT camera...everyone always compliments the clarity of my pictures! I even had some of the pictures developed! Nice features like external color display and 1.3 megapixel camera. Overall, a great phone, the only con is its a little bulky compared to other phones.

First take


Oct 14, 2004 by PDXMatt


Screen - Most likely the best screen on any current US mobile phone. The CGS QVGA gives it a slight edge over the other QVGA phones. The Toshiba VM4050 (Sprint) and Audiovox 9950 (Verizon).

Camera - The camera is pretty **** good for a cell phone. The CCD lense makes all the difference. I'll post pics from it later.

Reception - Excellent in my area. 3-4 bars anywhere in my house.

Call quality - I think most phones sound pretty good and this one does. Not quite as good as my Sprint phones, but above average.

UI - It has taken me several minutes to get use to this, but now that I am it is well laid out and easy to understand.

Memory card - Awesome! It is nice to quickly upload several wallpapers and ringers to the memory card and transfer them to the phone.

Build Quality - The phone feels very sturdy. The keypad is well laid out, and easy to use.


UGLY green LED's. I don't know why that bugs me so much, but this is 2004, not 1999. Even very cheap phones have blue or white LED's.

Size - It's a tad on the large size, but does fit in the 5th pocket of my jeans. It's a trade off for having such a large screen.

Ringer - Below average. The stanard ringers are pretty bad. Nothing that cannot be fixed with a few add on ringtones.

Battery - Only average


The headset jack and battery door are a huge pain to remove.

The D pad and the 2 soft keys do not illimuninate. It is very easy to use the phone in low light, but it seems odd to me that they are not backlit.

I know alot of people complain that the phone does not have BT or a speaker, but that is not an issue for me. I do not need a wireless headset or connectivity, and a personal thing for me, but I think taking on a speakphone is slightly rude. I have had phones in the past with a speaker and I never used it.

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Phone Camera Heaven.


Sep 17, 2004 by anorthrnsoul

I am loving this phone! Despite the color scheme that everyone seems to hate it actually looks quite good.

-Very decent battery life with heavy use.
-Excellent screen, could see it well in daylight too.
-SD card is removeable without turning phone off, pictures can be transfered easily from phone memory to SD card.
-Camera is the best I've seen. Four different sizes from 320x240 up to 858x1154. Macro mode which works great, just flip a small switch on the side. Night mode and 15 second Video as well. Exterior screen can be used as a viewfinder for self-portraits. No flash but I don't think it's neccessary.
-Web browser works fast. Font is very small so you can get a lot of info on the very large screen. Wap 2.0 supported.
-Menu system is very well layed out. Once I got used to it I really started loving it. Getting around is quite easy. 6 customizeable shortcuts.
-Ring tones are adequate but not anything spectacular. Polyphonic sounds good but .wav's are a little distorted. There's many options for controlling how long text alerts sound for etc.
-RF is the best I've had but of course is dependent on your area, my calls are very clear and I have yet to drop a call.
-Build quality is good. No creaky plastic or loose battery covers etc. It's a little on the large size but very comfortably fits in your pocket. Snaps in the open and close positions like the Sanyo's are known for. Color on the outside looks good, I could use a little less T-mobile pink on the inside but I really don't mind and the phone does look great.

-No bluetooth but with the SD you still can get files and pictures on and off quite easily.
-Better headset port cover design in the future, this one is kinda hard to open with one hand.
-Pink strip on the bottom of the screen should be customizeable to different colors.
-Pricey at 350.00


Exactly what I wanted (Almost)


Oct 8, 2004 by status

Please note that I upgraded from a Moto V300 just 2 weeks ago and though I was very happy with my Moto V300, I wanted better quality pics from my phone to be able to print them out.

CONCLUSION: The TM150 takes excellent pics but I miss the features from the Moto V300.

MP Camera- You have to see the pictures to believe them. I've printed out some 4x6 pics on glossy paper and framed some of them. There are also many snapshot options from timer to multi shot mode. Note: picture quality affected by lighting.

Screen Res- Best screen on a phone I've ever seen and I've seen many. Very impressive and large.

SD Card- Ideal when tranferring Pics, Vids, or Sounds to and from phone and computer.

No Speakerphone- this is my biggest beef about this phone. Given the speakerphone in the Moto V300 wasn't as loud as a Nextel I90, but it's a feature I really miss. A necessity when driving cuz I hate those darn earbuds. Hopefully the good folks at audiovox can design an external plug in.

No Https support- I used a java program called webviewer that allowed me to view html based websites with graphics on my moto V300. The TM150 does not support https so I cannot log into my yahoo like I did on the V300. I really miss that. There should be a firmware upgrade.

No Voice-activated dialing- This should be standard but it's not.

No Bluetooth or MP3 support- C'mon its 2004!

Overall I love the TM150 but I think the designers left out some features that many cell users have been accustomed to. Namely, the inclusion of a Speakerphone and voice-activated dialing.

I got what I wanted with the camera but I find myself "swapping" back to the trusty V300 during the week.

Simply wonderful


Oct 10, 2004 by Grandpa_Jones

I have been looking for a camera phone to replace my ageing 6800 with and I have found the best one for me.


Reception - It's great. Not one dropped call in the last month.

Camera - Amazing! It is great to be able to pop out the SD card and pop it into a Digital printer at the local Walgreens and get pics worth framing. I love it.

Screen - Even better than the Toshiba VM4050 for Spring or Audiovox 9950 for Verizon. The resolution and clarity make this screen truly beautiful. Like looking into a window to another world.

Size - Have large hands I actually like the size of the phone. The flip angle is perfect and the phone still fits into my pocket well without much "phone bulge".

User interface - It's a bit tricky to get used to, but I have managed fairly quickly.

Unique - Not many people have a Sharp phone in the US and people often as me about it.

Sound quality - Calls sound crisp and clear. As good as the best from other manufacturers.


I really wish the blue on the front of the phone was a removable custom plate. Not a big issue though. I think the phone looks pretty good over all.

Green LED back lighting is dreadful, but illuminates the keypad well.

Unique - Very few accessories are available for this phone. Leather case, car charger, data kit. That's all I can find.

I am very happy with this phone and look forward to using it more.

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Great for what it is, but missing key features


Aug 24, 2004 by Rich Brome   updated Apr 29, 2013

There are two main features that set this phone apart: the display and the camera. Both are simply amazing quality. The SD/MMC card slot is also a huge plus.

I've had this phone for almost two weeks now. In most quality and performance measures, it's excellent. But it's not perfect. There are definite disappointments for such a high-end phone.

- Display. Wow. Truly eye-popping brightness, colors, and resolution.
- Camera. For a camera phone, this is as good at it gets at the moment. Detail and color are both great. The brightness control, digital zoom, and macro functions all work very well.
- Fast browser - very fast. Combined with the huge screen and adjustable font size, this will make anyone a fan of WAP - seriously.
- Good, intuitive menus and interface. Super-efficient 4-way navigation.
- Hot-swap memory card slot; great for moving and sharing files, etc.
- Uses industry-standard formats for videos, etc.
- Decent reception. Not quite as good as a Nokia, but close. (Tested in fringe area in Massachusetts.)
- Great wallpaper, calculator, and alarm features.
- Six customizable shortcut keys from standby mode.

- No Bluetooth.
- No speakerphone.
- Kind of big.
- Can't zoom in when viewing large photos.
- "active flip" only ends calls; you can't answer incoming calls by opening the phone.
- Odd key delay causes missed characters if you type too fast.
- No to-do list feature.
- Not-very-useful calendar feature - only three items per day, with no option to set times.
- Video capture limited to 95K max. file size (about 10 seconds).
- No file browser; can only access files in special directories on memory card.
- Awkward keys for T9: shifting to upper-case requires press-and-hold, etc.

So overall, I like it, but the top three "cons" above are definitely major gripes for me. If you don't mind those three things, or display/camera quality are simply more important to you, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Damn Good Phone


May 13, 2005 by beatarkitek

Got this phone about a week ago and it is just amazing.

beautiful main display
Excellent Camera
A lot of cool feautures

a lil big
no speakerphone
Games are hard to find
Ringers aint too loud

Overall im very pleased with this phone and cant wait till the tm 200 comes out.

BOO..Sharp TM150!! :o(


May 8, 2005 by MissReneeToYou

I purchased this phone a couple months ago from a T-Mobile store is was definetely an upgrade from my nokia 6010. I paid $220.00 for it. Since then I have turned in my phone only to be given 3 more sharp tm150's and 2 batteries. I am now eligible for the phone exchange program thru tmobile.

Perty Easy Texting
Easy to durf TZones

Very small battery life
A little too big for me
Large Screen
Ear jack (cannot get out)
NO Games

So I am very glad I am getting rid of it and will be looking around for a different phone and also TMOBILE HAS STOPPED CAYYING THIS PHONE AS THERE UPGRADES! MY STORE DOESNT EVEN CARRY IT ANYMORE!



May 4, 2005 by hubscher734

Fierce phone. Fierce camera. Period.

-Great reception
-Amazing display
-Navigation pad very efficient

-PERFECT size (tired of these "two-finger" phones!)

-Pictures(I'e heard said,"if you want a good camera get a camera, not a phone." Well if you want a good camera...GET THIS PHONE.

-DURABLE! Despite the froo froo color scheme they've got going on, this phone can handle whatever you throw at it, or, what ever you throw IT at!

-Earpiece volume. Background noise comes through way too clearly to understand your conversation

-BATTERY LIFE! Seems to only last so long as you use NONE of the features. And i mean NONE! Dont even text. Dont even SCROLL! Just answer...then hang up(unless you've got chargers all over the house and in the car).

Overall I'm thrilled with it. Hands down the best I've had....so far.

tm 150 good and bad


Apr 22, 2005 by Chipmunk_04

!excellent huge screen
!active flip
!picture caller id
!excellent camara
!sd card
!memory capasity

!battery life is horrible. If you are like me and play around with your phone "MAYBE" a day if lucky.
!fragile. I have a bad habbit of droping my phone scratches really easily
!speaker is pretty quiet just depends on the ring tone
!absents of games (none) and accessoriy avaliability
I wouln't trade my phone but games, battery, and a car charger that you don't have to order off the internet would be nice.

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