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wonderful megapixel phone!


Apr 11, 2005 by sharplover

i have been camera phone buff and am pleasently surprised at the sharp tm 150,s ability,s! this is a somewhat easy to operate phone. out of the box i was able to imediatly use the 1 megapixel cam. love the sd chip capability. this feature will save all user,s text and picture msg,s fee,s! like most other user,s i am a little dissapointed with the meadokre (cushy ringtones)! sending a picture or text msg is a many push button affair! i use the highest quality setting,s and set the photo setting on fine! i will e-mail anyone the pic,s from this handset. awsome! i live in l.a county and have not experianced any dropped or messaging quirk,s. i have only one issue i will review with t-mobile and that is the ability to recieve picture email,s to my handset. as of this msg. i am still trying to send a picture msg to my tm-150. will let you know the result,s. i have and still own the following t-mobile cam-phones, samsung e-715, samsung v-205, motorola c 650, and the last but not least, motorola v-300. the samsung e-715, although not a megapixel phone is the only one i feel is comparible to the tm-150! tell me your review,s and tell me your issues?

Slightly crippled by T-Mobile


Apr 6, 2005 by gustden

What happened to mp3's??? The 'test' phone I had included full mp3 playback and no restrictions on videos size. T-Mobile is selling a very crippled version of an absolutely stellar phone.

- Best GSM signal reception i have worked with. Always crystal clear. 56K+ data even with no bars. 100K+ with decent signal.

- Tons of down-loadable java games, albit most are kind of small on the fantastic res screen.

- Excellent camera. Stills in good light are simply stunning for a "phone".
- Unlimited use GPRS interned modem for $4.99 with basic T-zones ( if you know what your doing )

- Easily unlocked with a few key presses

- Roams on Cingular/ATT network without roaming charges

- Unlimted free ring tones ( midi & mmf )

- only a hacker can access 'games' directory to load games via usb

- Unnecessary size limitation on video playback.

- cheap speaker in retail version

- No flash update that is compatable with T-Mobile service to restore mp3 capabilities

- outdated GPRS data network,get with the EDGE T-mobile. Really cannot complain for 4.99 a month unlimted internet!

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Great Phone At A Great Price


Apr 2, 2005 by riverman

I bought this phone for $50 with new service on T-Mobile after switching from Sprint and their great Sanyo SCP-5300. Reception with T-Mobile in my Seattle condo is infinitely better than with Sprint. The QVGA screen and 1 MP camera on the Sharp are amazing, the best I've seen on a US cell phone, and comparable to most mid-range phones in Japan. The SD card slot is very convenient for transferring data to and from the phone, and it's even better since T-Mobile includes a 32MB card. Buy yourself a cheap SD card reader and save the cost of the data kit. The menus are fairly easy to wade through, but a lot of features will require a quick flip through the owner's manual. My only complaints are that the phone can't scale down photo caller ID pictures to fit the external screen (it just displays what will fit), accessories are almost non-existent, and the usual complaint about the color scheme, which is better-looking in person, in all fairness. My Sanyo could scale all pictures for the external screen, and offered several more accessories, like a hands-free kit. The Sharp does lack some of the newer features like PTT, Bluetooth, a speaker phone, and an MP3 player, but for $50, it's still a steal. Sprint's only comparable phone, the MM-5600, is hundreds of dollars more. If you don't need a speaker phone or Bluetooth, buy this phone!

A Good Bargain On An Average Phone


Apr 1, 2005 by cmatheny


Both internal and external displays are above average in both clarity and color. External is configurable and A MUST HAVE on a flip phone.

Camera captures above average pictures compared to other phones in it's class.

Memory stick included.

Attractive finish (I like the blue on silver)

Full featured (less speaker and bluetooth)


Ringer volume. It is difficult to hear incoming calls when set on maximum volume with "most" of the default ringers. I imagine there are louder ring tones that could be downloaded to solve this problem.

Earpiece volume. It becomes difficult to hear in "semi-noisy environments (like a car, mall, etc).

No speaker.

Battery life could be improved.

Menu is icon based and takes a bit of time to get used to, but you eventually find where everything is. (nitpicking)

Two soft keys not backlit. Discovered this last night while trying to use it in a dark car. Not a major deal, but WHY are these keys not lit?

Battery charger cover a bit of a pain to hold open while inserting charger (nitpicking again)


Chose this "free" phone with T-Mobile contract as it was the only giveaway phone I could find that had both a camera and an external display. Overall, am satisfied with this phone and consider it a bargain considering the quality and features it provides, however, volume issues with the ringer and earpiece would give me pause if I were shelling out "real" bucks on the phone.

This phone makes me happy


Mar 28, 2005 by tanaya

I just bought this phone with a T-Mobile plan to use mostly in the Boulder, CO area.
Overall, I'm happy with it. I was replacing a 5-year old Nokia that had served me very well with no speakerphone, no Bluetooth, no camera, etc. Read on with that perspective in mind.


- Robust flip. Sturdy casing. It's larger than other flip phones (see cons) but that size buys you some security. It might also be why it works so well and feels robust. 4.5/5

- Good sound quality, both for caller and "call-ee". 4.5/5

- Good reception and NO dropped calls in first 2 weeks of use. 5/5

- Reasonable battery life, and the external display is very clear in its power-saving greyscale mode. 4/5

- Great price! With rebates and a service plan, www.tmobile.com was offering it for $50. Comparably priced phones on other carriers had much worse reviews. (TMobile honored the web price in their store.) 4.5/5

- You do tend inadvertently to press the side buttons a lot when you're on the phone, but you can disable them. 4/5

- The camera is really a lot of fun and great quality. 5/5


- The closed phone is a slippery little bugger. It's almost as big as the bar-shaped phones - not meant for a jeans pocket. The mouthpiece extends kind of far past your mouth, but you get used to it. I would recommend trying one out in a store before buying it. 3.5/5

- But... Sharp phones are not common here. It's hard to walk into a phone store and find the phone, much less the accessories. My TMobile store has it all though. 3.5/5

- The buttons don't have a positive feel, but I think that's endemic of newer phones. They are a bit too inset for me; I'd prefer them to stand out from the surface. 3/5

- My 5-year old Nokia had better ringtones than this phone. Yuk. But, see other reviews – this seems easily solvable. 3/5

- There's a small rubber cover on the recharging port, and it's fiddly to remove every time you charge.

Overall impression: It's not a PDA, it's not an MP3 player, it's a PHONE, and a good one!

heres the real review


Mar 25, 2005 by pimpinplaya4sho3

this is the best phone probably out there.
the thing that annoys me all the time are the ppl that say u cant have a active flip. thats bullshit. heres how u do it..
main menu - settings - connectivity - call settings - flip open - answer - acivate. ok its a lil complicated

-this is the best vivid screen u will find

- the camera resoultion is plain EXCELLENT.
some companies think that a megapixel just means bigger size. this has great quality.

- expansion slot is the best. i bought a 1 GB memory card for $130 and i literally have UNLIMITED memory.

- 262k color main screen and 65k EXTERIOR. some phones dont even got a 4K on the inside.

- the extras are really good: calendar, voice notes, and voice recorder.

- the macro mode on the camera is great. pluz, the ability of printing the pics.

- the most important thing.. RECEPTION. i have 2 bars in the basement! and usually 3-4 bars everywhere in the metro-detroit area.

- on voice recorder, u can record songs from ur computer and use them as ur ringtone!

- This phone falls into the top 5 phones i think.. mm7400, mm5600,tm150, sonyericcsion s710a, and the i860

- if u have a usb adapter, this could b a mp3 player.

cons: this is the reason i gave this a 4.0. theres 2 many "little" things and it adds up.

- video quality isnt "great"

- no bluetooth

- i no its not a nextel, but ringtone could be louder

- earpiece isnt loud, hell, in loud areas its crippled.

- i bought this fone and its earpiece acaully DIED. i exchanged it, then the screen froze like 5 times and then froze forever so i exchanged it again. now its normal. i recommend getting the insurance on this fone for 4 bucks a month.

- what the hell is the buttons for on the side? its retarded.

- no camera button

- AIM crippled

-takes long to connct to tzones

- cant lock fone

OVERALL, PROS KILL CONS. give it a chance, u got 14 dayz. u wont b sorry this is a great fone and has the most features. good luck

The Best Phone


Mar 23, 2005 by baller

This is the best camera phone out right now!
I just got mine yesterday and I love this phone. I dont know why everyone says that when they recieve a call, they cant answer the call when they open the phone. When I recieve a call, I just open the phone and it answers the call.

Camera- very clear

Large screen

color exterior display

No Bluetooth

No Speakerphone

the earpiece volume is not that loud

Sharp TM-150, quite sharp....


Mar 17, 2005 by Mark_S


Screen is the best one out on the US Market at this time. Samsung and LG also have 262,000 resolution screen phones on the market but this one gives the most bang and size side by side.
Battery life is quite ample considering screen size, and resolution.
External display is great as well being able to frame and position from photo album w/caller ID's and wallpapers.
Reception is just fine compared to other T-Mobile phones. FYI remember: out of network range means out of network range.
SD memory card is wonderful. Can store practically an encyclopedia on it.


Green backlit buttons. That went out with the old Nokias.
No Speakerphone. Yeh, I know, beggars cannot be choosers with a Megapixel cameraphone.
Hard to find accessories(unique phone), Sharp needs to put more of its phones on the US market including the GX series.
Bluetooth: definitely would top off the phone well, but appears Sharp put the emphasis on the video and photo on this phone.

I love this phone


Mar 17, 2005 by theguynextdoor20032003

As far as Sharp phones go, this is the first one that I have purchased. The phone cost me a total of $224.00 with a $100.00 rebate...not bad for a contract renewal and a phone upgrade.

Pros: phone has so many features; takes great pics, choose your sizes, takes really cool video clips, send out text messages. It does it all.

Cons: No flash or light, battery life can be a little longer. I think there should be a holster for this phone.

Over all, this is great! Buy it!!!

Love It...Mostly


Mar 4, 2005 by bh007

LOVE this phone-with one exception, but I'll get to that in a bit.

I was a little skeptical about getting this phone since no one I knew had one. But once I saw the screen in the store, I was hooked! I had a samsung-which I loved-previous to this one. I was going to upgrade to the samsung picture phone, but when I compared the pics-WOW!


-Wonderful display. I mean, by far the best screen out there. Pictures, wallpaper, etc. all look beautiful.

-Awesome pictures. When I emailed a picture to my computer, I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened it. The picture was flawless.

-So far, no dropped calls-which I know is mostly a service provider issue, but had to say it anyway. Great reception inside elevators too!(Which is a problem I had with my old provider)

-Easy to navigate once you spend about 10 minutes figuring it all out. Lots of shortcuts to be customized.

-Memory card. This is probably one of the smartest features this phone has.


-Crappy ringtones. Ringer not loud enough either.

-No bluetooth or speaker. (But I knew that when I got this phone & it's not important to me-might be to you though).

-No games. (also, not important to me)

-You have to get used to the bigger display as far as hearing the caller. The top part of the phone is quite large, so if you try to rest the phone on your shoulder as you talk, you will not hear anything because the holes to hear through are not anywhere near your ear. (You probably have no idea what I'm talking about unless you have the phone.)

-Awful support. (For the actual phone-not the service. T-Mobile is great)-See next point for explanation.

-External caller ID problems. My picture on the external caller ID doesn't show up until the call goes to voicemail. I tried to switch out the phone (figuring it was a problem with the one I received), but the new phone did it too. Sharp doesn't support this phone & when I tried to talk to T-Mobile, they had no idea the phone even HAD an external caller ID picture.

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