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solid like a rock


Mar 12, 2006 by ae17igma

This phone has to be by far the most solid phone I have ever owned. It takes a lot of abuse and continues to works perfectly. This replaced my Nokia 3120 because after a single drop on the floor, it decided to turn off randomly, so, I would not know my phone was off unless I kept checking every few minutes. The buttons are spaced out pretty well except around the Cingular button. The arrows were rather small at first but I got used to them after a while. Even though I have small hands, cell phones have a tendency to slip out of my hands unless they are heavy or wide. If you are looking for a light phone, this is the phone for you.

-very light
-nice keyboard layout
-internal antenna
-excellent reception

-screen looks a bit washed out and is hard to see in sunlight (like all Samsung phones)
-no speakerphone



Sep 1, 2005 by litwid23

This phone has everything you need if you have no personal preference. This phone is being offered free of charge with cingular wireless (with pre-approval promotion) and it's definitely worth it. It has a nice color screen, vibrate, several ringtones, phonebook, calculator, alarm clock, call log and games. It has a high resolution color display which is much clearer than the free nokia phone. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR AN ENTRY LEVEL PHONE AND DON'T WANT TO SPEND TOO MUCH? GO FOR THIS PHONE!!!!

a dainty phone for dainty people


Oct 4, 2005 by kidamnesiac

This has probably been the absolute worst phone I have ever had the displeasure of owning. It does have its good points, but they're hardly redeeming...

- Slick & lightweight
- Loads of downloadable features
- Easy to use, for the most part.
- Text messaging is a SNAP

- Not sturdy enough! I had this phone for just a month, and the screen broke. I'm not too terribly rough on phones, no worse than anyone else, so I find the durability of this phone to be more than disappointing.
- Volume settings are absolute crap. I'd have the thing in my pocket the entire day, but could hardly ever hear it ring. Needless to say my voicemail has been pretty popular.
- Accessing voicemail is a pain in the... fingers. This is one point where the phone's menu system blows.
- Reception is really, really shoddy. My area is extremely well-covered by Cingular, and there's just no excuse for this phone to not have a good signal. Even when I -do- have full signal, the phone likes to cut out and drop calls for no good reason whatsoever.

Still, it's cheap. And if you're desperate for a new phone, or getting your first phone, I suppose it isn't so bad. At least it isn't an LG C1300...

On The Record With Jim!


Jul 9, 2005 by BroJim

I have had this phone for about a month now. The phone is slightly above average overall. The PROs outweigh the CONs, so this phone tops out at a 4.0. Here is what I have so far...


- Lightweight: Easy to carry and hold!
- Small: Comfortable in any pocket!
- Clear Screen: Not too small!
- Menu: Intuitive and simple!
- Sounds: Clear, loud, and fun...


- Weak Transmit and Receive (-0.8 points): This is not a good phone for fringe areas. It works, but you will get a lot of drops on the fringes.
- Headset dust cover and power charger dust cover are cheap (-0.2 points): These things have the potential of getting broken off real easy. So far, I have not lost one, but it is only a matter of time.

Some potential sticky points...if you have large hands, this phone is TOO small. The buttons are okay, but a little close. The outside of the phone scratches pretty easy too!

All in all, this phone will never be a five unless they can find a way to squeeze another 1/2 watt of power out of it somehow. I like the phone and use it in a rural area (lots of fringe zones) with success. I don't live with a phone connected to my ear, so this is NOT a phone for power users. The battery life is average.

Hope this helps you make your decision...if you need more power, longer battery life, or larger keys, go with the Nokia 6010.

Best One Yet!!!


Jun 1, 2005 by mainline cellular

Out of the last 11 months, the c207 has been my 6th and best phone yet! It is simple, cleanly made, and durable. I have dropped it about 3,000,000 times and it still KICKS just as good as the day I got it.

Pros:) small design, music ringtone capable, light weight, durable, appealing to the eyes.

Cons:( Only comes with one ringtone that vibrates from factory, when you set it on ring and vibrate...the phone vibrates for about 4 rings then the sound kicks in...i had to buy a ringtone that vibrated while it was ringing.

OVERALL: it is an excellent phone for an everyday, light user.

Great for my needs!


Apr 16, 2005 by ruddyc

For a while, I was looking for a compact small, non-flip phone that I could carry on my jersey pockets when I ride by bike. This Samsung is exactly what I needed: A basic phone with modern features and long (standby) battrey life. This is one of the lightest, smaller phones I have ever seen! And for my needs, which is to have a basic phone to call home if I need to, when I am out riding my bike, no other phone at the moment beats this one... the sound is clear and the reception is good as well!

very satisfied!


Jun 29, 2005 by twnk4

love this phone! was looking for the smallest, simplest (no camera), non flip phone out there when i got it. the look of my phone was also really important to me.


very cute.

very small.

good battery life.


good reception. (cingular in los angeles)

key pad lights up a cool electric blue color.

you can program an alarm to go off even if phone isn't on.

you can program the center navigation buttons as shortcuts to specific things (such as missed calls, alarm, etc).


phone unlocks automatically when you answer a call, so you have to remember to lock it again afterwards.

remember to push only the side buttons when not answering a call or else the caller knows you're ignoring them!

was told i had to turn my phone off at least once a day or my voicemail notification would stop working.

good basic phone


Mar 11, 2005 by ayekah

I've given this phone top marks because, for what it represents itself to be, it is exactly that. Yes, it is a little hard to read in direct sunlight (put "contrast" on 1, and it's better); yes, the menu is not 100% intuitive -- more like 85%; but the sound quality is excellent, as is the reception. It feels comfortable and solid; and it is compact. I'm very pleased that I bought it and would recommend it to anyone who wants a simple, straightfoward cell phone that works well.

Great small cute phone!


Jun 30, 2005 by madi021

I gave this phone 5 stars because I think it is just great. I am 14 and I am like a technology junkie girl. So I saw this phone and was like "Yea, maybe I should try it." And it is great. I just got it yesterday in the mail, and I have figured out everything. It is very easy to use. I love the color screen, but if Cingular hadn't put their bulky logo at the bottom, the screen would be alot bigger.
Pros- Awsome phone, small, durable, cool, COLOR screen, great sound,CUTE!
Cons-no camera(not that I need it), and well no speaker phone.
I can live without a speaker phone and camera. Overall this phone is really really good!

Nice little number!


Feb 16, 2005 by rlouthain

The C-207 is a great phone for those who are looking for the basics in a bar style. The reception is good and the construction is solid. The better than average battery life and simple menu options also rate high for me. If you've had a Nokia in the past and do not want a flip phone, give the C-207 a test drive!

Pro's - Small size, good battery life and reception.

Con's - Key un-lock seems a little slow to respond but not a big deal.

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