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itsssssss awesome


Jan 29, 2007 by chonchy777

i dont care if its a little bulky its awesome
the phone is one of a kind and is different from the other kinds of cellphones.
now u ask if i recommend it
heck yea
its a huge big deal of a phone ult not be wasting ur money if u buy it
-excellent sound
-cool colors
-great browser, email, and im
-funky weird but cool ringtones
-everyone loves the swivel screen

-not so great camera
-eventhough funky ringtones they could better i mean for a guy
-very little personalization(only main customization are your alert ringtones)
-weighs a little more than everyone thought
but i see no problem with the phone
-infrared and bluetooth wouldnt hurt

if you want it
get the phone im telling u that ull be way happier
than u think
its awwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssoooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee

great for the multi-tasker


Jun 12, 2006 by dancingcow

This is an amazing device. The Hiptop2/Sidekick2 is the ultimate communication device that allows you to make and receive calls, instant message via AIM, text message, multimedia mesage (SunCom), keep track of dates and events, browse the web with full HTML, and so much more! For me, personally, it is also an organizational tool. I usually write everything (I mean everything! -- dumb jokes, random thoughts, shopping lists, etc) on paper (and I hate wasting trees), but now I don't have to! I have my trusty tool with all my notes and whatnot.

The phone itself is pretty good. It has speakerphone which is nice and loud and very clear. The device is slightly heavier than most standard phones, but remember that this is not a standard phone! It feels odd to have such a large object pressed against your face but you get used to it. I'd rather stick with 1 phone and 1 bill rather than use 2 devices - one for calls and one for data. Seems like a hassle to me.

Instead of reviewing every feature (it would take forever, plus I'm doing this from my hiptop) I'll just rate it with a number.

Out of 5--
Web....5 (speed is up to par with dial-up, but it's usually pretty fast)
Aim....5 (I love this)
E-mail....5 (very convenient!!)
Txt msging.....5
These are just some of them.

Just a heads up, I am using SunCom and not t-mobile.

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lovin' it


Mar 25, 2006 by magentalips

i got my sidekick 2 about 2 months ago and i love it, i have had perfect signal, no dropped calls, i am always able to access my web browser, i have spoken to some very friendly and very helpful customer service reps from t mobile. the sidekick 2 now supports java, which is wonderful. all in all the best phone or device and customer service i have ever experienced.

Good For TMO users. Bad for 2 Cell Comp users


Feb 23, 2006 by RSX8900

Okay.. Well I bought this phone, because it was the "hottest thing" i already had Verizon. Verizon = btter than tmobile. but! I bought the sk2, it was fun at first I bought it pre-payed.. why would i make 2 plans and contracts? anyway.. the pre paid plan was good.. but Reception in Socal = not the best.. The Sidekick is fun for the first week.. then it gets boring. I took mine back and got a FuLL REFUND!!!!!!!!!!
Out" in the Scene
Great Text
Internet/ medium fast
Hot Spots

Boring phone
No Menu changes
Ringtones = expensive
Ringtones- not long At all keep replaying same thing.
Break Easily
Magnet on flip screen = crappy
Scratch Easily.
Drop it once your a Goner..

if you are deaf this is your phone


Jun 26, 2005 by TRM

This is the first cell i ever bought the only reason i got one is that I have a lot of deaf friends who use it for a text device and in that capacity it is wonderful!
if tmobile has any business sense they will drop the phone aspect and market it to the Deaf community.
T-mobile customer service is the best
can support AIM and Yahoo messenger and both are free
the camera is nice
the converter software is nice i used it frequently in my position as a machinist
it's built like its inexpensive i went through 5 of them before I gave it up and got a treo
t-mobiles coverage is not up to par
this phone is NOT a business tool

Heres Some TRICKS! And my pros and Cons.


Oct 26, 2005 by chavela

Well this phone is overall great! It's one of a kind when it comes to personal productivity. The best feature that this Sidekick II offers is the desktop interface. You can access your calendar, e-mail, pictures, to-do list, contacts, notes, and contacts all from your desktop/laptop computer. Also if you are to lose your phone, luckily you have insurance... when you receive your replacement phone all of your information except for text, is sent right back to your phone without you having to contact your carrier! wow! so all those pictures you took, that one important e-mail where your girlfriend is breaking up with you, 50 cent ringtones all there on your new phone! That is the most convenient thing I have ever had, not to mention all 300 contact are still in my phone book including the notes and pictures I saved for each. Once you get use to the keyboard you cant live without it!

The calendar also gives you the great option to set up reminders on the weekdays, or just the weekends... For example if you work M-F than you can just set your alarm on Weekdays instead of waking up to the star spangled banner on Saturday @ 5AM because you forgot to turn off your alarm the night before!

Hidden tricks!~
Here are a few hidden tricks I found!
menu= the button with the three lines on the left hand side.

Mirror option: from the main screen press menu+shift+M.

Flash light: from the main screen press menu+F

Secret snowboarding game: From the main screen press menu-> setting-> scroll down to about sidekick and press the wheel. when its showing the copyrights and credits screen press Menu+Shift+8 at the same time! Free game!!!

Theres only a few cons: When your browsing the web it tends to be a bit slow, and theres no JAVA :( , so its a bit limited which sucks.

It can be a bit bulky at times and I'm not the type to rock it in that black ugly pouch on the side of my waist! :)

Well I hope I was of some help have fun flipin' the screen!

Good Phone but I hope you have a warranty!


Jan 13, 2006 by sidekickfan

The sidekick 2 is a great phone if you use alot of sms messaging, instant messaging and are looking for that cool tool.
Qwerty keypad makes messaging a super convenience!
Calender function great for scheduling.
Phone use is average.
Email functionality definitely a plus.
The thing is built like a piece of crap. Ive been through 7 replacements within one year.
Reception isn't always good and you will find the phone to freeze time to time in the most inconvenient times.
Low resolution for camera and pictures are horrible in low light situations ( or any lighting that isn't bright for that matter) even with flash on.
If you can make do with those errors than yes I recommend this device. Just be prepared for some glitches every now and then.

perfect name for the perfect device


Mar 17, 2006 by streetpirate

this device is completely amazing. I've been frustrated with every cell phone company I've had service with, untill now.

before i tell you how useful and awesome this phone is, beware unless you all the bells and whistles it't no different than any other phone out there.

i myself am a student. I'm constantly using my phone either text messaging, instant messaging, email or browsing the internet. so far this phone has allowed me to do all of these and more. and unlike other devices it's very quick in its internet browsing and messaging.

the full calander and day planner is a plus for any student or busy individual.

the keyboard is amazing it makes typing easy, even easier than the T9 or predictable text offered by other phones.
the camera isn't too great, but with proper situations it looks just as good as any other cell phone camera.

this phone is defenitley confusing and overwhelming at first. i suggest reading the book it comes with, i promise you'll learn more than you think you knew before.

over all an amazing device for a busy body or technology nerd like myself. i give it a 5.0

Overall, a Really Cool Phone


Sep 21, 2005 by TMO

I purchased the Sidekick 2 in June and overall, it has been a really cool phone.
Heres the Breakdown:

-Your own E-Mail Inbox and address with fowarding options for your current e-mail (POP3) w/ attachments
-Real web browsing
-MP3 ringtones
-Organization applications including calendar and to do lists
-downloadable applications including finance manager and games

-Big and bulky
-older versions have the 900 band instead of 850 which makes signal low in certain regions.

Overall, I would recommend this phone to a buisy person (like a college student) or someone who wants that "cool factor" in a phone. If you are a business professional, get a Blackberry.

Dis phone is da shiznit get it now


Jan 2, 2005 by AtreyuCurse23

First let me say that I have been an avid user of the Sidekick/Hiptop 1, and have been greatly appreciative of the changes built into the second generation Hiptop! This phone has become an indispensable tool in my daily life.

Here's my take on the Sidekick/Hiptop 2.

The phone is much better ergonomically designed than it's predecessor. The phone volume is par with other phones I've used, and the speakerphone's volume is outstanding. The crackling and popping sounds that were all too prevalent in the original Hiptop have disappeared! The sound quality is excellent and the phone itself has a solid feel to it.

If email and instant messaging is your thing, this device is for you... period.

I HAVE EXPERERIENCED QUITE A BIT OF DIFFICULTY ACCESSING EBAY (and I use eBay extensively). Most other sites load without a hitch.

The built-in camera with flash is a nice touch. The pictures seem to be "okay", because this is the first phone with a camera, so I can't really judge what's good and what's not.

01) This is a BIG ONE for me! THERE IS NO SYNCH AVAILABLE FOR MACINTOSH! And although a company called Mark Space has developed and made ready for release the software necessary to do this, there has been no push by Danger, SunCom, or T-Mobile to make it available.

02) No way of searching through messages. I receive large emails, which take forever to read. A way of SEARCHING through the email message would be a nice touch, and a great time saver.

03) For the more conservative phone user, which I am, there is no "regular" type phone ring. I am forced to use a more progressive ring tone. Danger did a nice job including a ton of "neat" ring tones, but forgot to put in just a regular one!

04) The screen upon opening and closing feels a little flimsy, once openned or closed though, it is secure and solid.

In summary, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this phone to anyone that wants a phone with all the options.

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