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Good, Sturdy Phone


Feb 10, 2011 by CRK4385

My dad has had this phone for the past four or years and he loves it. I have used it a few times and here are the pros and cons of the device.


- sturdy and light weight

- good quality buttons

- good call quality

- can lock the keypad

- it does what it's designed to, make and receive calls with some bells and whistles


- You have to put the phone in the right spot to be able to hear the person

- ringtones are not very loud

- camera and video quality

- uncomfortable to hold the phone up to your ear

All in all, if you're looking for a phone that has some bells and whistles, but has good call quality and it's sturdy, this is a good phone.

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Nokia Rocks!


Aug 5, 2005 by samgeee

I have the Nokia 6170 tri-mode 900/1800/1900 MHz phone. I bought it unlocked, and I must say, I am very pleased with it. I’ve had it for 2 weeks now and have no complaints.

First of all, the phone is just beautiful. It truly is a work of art. The pictures don’t do this phone justice. The ring tones are loud, not annoying, and don’t sound artificial. The keyboard is very easy to use. Sending a text message is a breeze. The keyboard lights up in the most beautiful shade of blue, and is quite impressive when you’re dialing in the dark.

The reception is excellent! I live in NYC and have T-mobile and I always get a signal, and clear reception. Friends say I sound loud and clear. (FYI: If you buy this phone unlocked and you have T-mobile, go to the nokia.co.uk website and fill out a form to be sent the settings for T-mobile USA.) The settings are sent via Text message.

I don’t really have anything negative to say about the Nokia 6170. In most reviews I’ve read people complain about the phone being heavy. I think those complaints are gross exaggerations. Sure, the phone is heavy in comparison to the small plastic phones out there; however, it’s actually nice to have a phone with some weight to it. I don’t feel like it’ll fall out of my hand, as I have felt with other phones I’ve used.

I’m not a fan of camera phones. I’m afraid I’m a bit old school. A phone should be a phone. If you want to take pictures buy a camera. That said, I don’t use the camera, so I have no complaints about memory issues. If, however, you’re a person who takes lots of pictures with your phone, and want to store ring tones, you might want to consider another phone because of the low memory issue.

If you want a phone that is unique, stylish, well designed, and user friendly, buy this phone; you will not be disappointed.

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Awesome Phone!!!!!


Jul 25, 2005 by cellyfreak13

I love this phone!!! I have had it for almost a week now and it is great!!!The outside is hard to scratch, It has wonderful battery life and an amazing, clear screen!!! I also love the camera!!

PROS: clear picture, long battery life, loud ring-tones, awesome keyboard, easy to get to menus, great camera, cool ring-tones, awesome speaker phone

CONS: kind of big and weighs more than most phones, doesn't have a lot of MEMORY for pics and tones, hard to see time when light isn't on

The pros completely outweigh the cons!!! My favorite part about this phone is the keyboard!!! This phone is the best phone ever!!!!!!!!

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I love it


Jun 16, 2005 by RAstle2

I have used the motorola V555, the nokia 6620, the samsung E316 the motorola v600, the v 300, and many others. Though the v555 is a great phone i still perfer the 6170. Although there is no bluetooth, i wouldn't use it enuogh to make it worth it. It gets great reception compared to other phones within my network.

*awesome screen clarity
*camera quality
*beautiful sound
*sleek metal look
*color external screen
*feel in your hand
*MP3 tones

*no bluetooth
*storage capacity for true tones and pictures
*interent menus

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Relatively speaking, an excellent phone


Jan 11, 2005 by srizvi1

I bought this phone a few days ago from myworldphone.com in New York City for $370 plus tax. Almost went with the 7270 because it looked and felt better, but couldn't justify the extra $150 in cost + taxes they wanted. So far, I'm loving this phone. It does everything I want. Although the con list may seem long, it's more just annoyances and not really cons.

Pros -
- Looks: Open this phone up and it's beautiful. This is where you're going to get people looking at it. Pictures don't do this phone justice because shiny steel inside really looks nice. The flat buttons make the phone look and feel nice as well.
- Typical easy to use Nokia interface
- Mini display in front shows missed calls and messages all the time
- Easy shortcut left nav button = compose text message but.... (See cons)

Cons -
- Phone's kinda thick
- Plain looking in front and back
- Whenever you go to the compose text message screen, the last message you sent is still there and you have to clear the text by either holding the clear button forever, or maneuvering through options and selecting "clear text".
- when not lit, Dark screens make it hard to tell if you have a missed call or message without taking a closer look, or turning a light on.
- No "light" button means you have to hit the volume up or down button, and then wait for a second to see any statuses on cell phone mini display
- Accidentally hitting the push to talk button on the right side(under the assumption you odn't use it) causes the phone to ask if you want to enable push to talk, which means you have to open the phone up and select "no"
- Flat buttons make it hard to figure out what you're typing because you can't tell which button is which
-Ringtone player isn't as good as Sony Erriccson T60i's because the same ringtones sounded better on my Sony
- Doesn't easily group sim card entries - for example, John/M and John/W wouldn't automatically be under John. You have to move it to the phone and do it manually.

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great flip by nokia!!


Feb 5, 2005 by OCCfan

this is one of nokia`s first flip phones made.i have the 6170b which is the american version w/800mhz band,so it can be used on cingulars network. this phone is a very solid phone.

pros: dual color screens, strong rf, crystal clear sound, speakerphone,ir,edge,and os is super responsive. also can play mp3`s ,great camera quality for a vga camera good size( short but a little thick),no anteana to poke you when its in your poket.

cons: lack of memory,2.2mbs internal,and no external memory slot !! would be nice to have some more space to store ringtones and pics!!this phone would be a five if it had bluetooth and more memory!!

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WOW! Excellent! NOKIA 6310i quality in a clamshell style!


Sep 24, 2005 by mike78nycc

WE HAVE BEEN waiting for 6310i quality type of Nokia phone but in a newer verison for a long time and here it comes: 6170 beautiful, strong, compact and the same time big enough when opened cellular phone from NOKIA!

900/1800/1900 ( REAL TRIBAND, not B.S 850 frequency for Cingular)
-Excellent sound quality
-Sturdy and strong design
-Good batterry life ( not as good as 6310i of course, because 6170 has a color screen)

There can't be any cones when the phone works well as a phone! ( everything esle:
memory, edge, blue tooth , is a waste fo you mind crap).

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Very Good


May 28, 2005 by mlwhite2

I have the Nokia 6170b, which is the 850/1900 MHz version for the US. The first thing is that the US version is not triband, or at least, the box and manual claim otherwise (they claim only dual band American frequencies). Also, there is no email client in the US version (or they forgot it on mine) and I have seen nothing about PTT either. With both the email client and PTT the Nokia USA website says nothing. Those seem to be international features only.

When I was thinking about this phone, I looked around for reviews, ZDNet had one for the 7220 which seemed like basically the same hardware, and they complained of poor sound quality. Using Cingular I find it is great. Not as loud as it could be, but very clear. The speakerphone is very good as well. Ring tones are loud (as with every Nokia I have encountered thus far). The typically great Nokia reception is there as well.

The phone's menus are easy to use and look good. The internal screen is great, very sharp and bright, though there are no adjustments for it. The external screen is marginal though, you need just the right background to see anything.

The infrared works nicely, I have already used it to synch to my computer and upload images. The camera is pretty good for a VGA camera phone camera (which still isn't saying much).

I also talked for about 3 hours when I first got the phone and only lost one block of battery. So it seems battery life is a strong point.

Great reception
Very good sound quality (even on speaker phone)
Nice internal screen
Very efficient functionality
Unquestioned build quality

No bluetooth!!!
Marginal external screen
A little big and heavy (not too bad though)

Overall I like it better than my past phones (most recent 5 were LG L1400, Moto V551, Nokia 3120, Samsung P107, Moto V400)

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great looking, software glitches


Jun 10, 2005 by mirage159

i have the 3-band unlocked asian version and i use it with t-mobile in manhattan.

-reception is OK, i don't think it's as great as other reviewers claim.
-looks incredible, a pleasure to stare at
-great camera quality.
-amazing sound of ring tones. it's incredible. the first time i got text-ed everyone in the room thought it was a sound coming from the loudspeaker of the building.(stereo-quality sound)
-although hard to see external display is nice.
-very bright internal screen and keypad back-light.

-the steel plates are cool, but the plastic around them is of poor quality. it pops inward and outward (not observably of course, but you can feel it with your fingers when you hold it with some pressure and release it)
-software gets a C. screen freezes couple of times a week (white screen).
- ppt om" prompts are a complete annoyance as they pop up on lots of occasions.
-problems with charging. would charge only one bar and stop. would have to unplug charger and plug it in again to resume charging. "not charging" message often popping up (not sure if phone or charger is to blame as of yet)
-needs a way one can tell if there is a text or a voicemail other than a tiny dark icon on the external display.
-little memory and no bluetooth discussed numerous times

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Hard to Find a Better Phone


May 7, 2006 by rjw000

I have been using the 6170 with T-Mobile in New York City for five months and find the reception and voice quality outstanding. I do not use the camera or custom ring tones so I cannot commit on those features.
I have read other reviewers criticize the weight and thickness of the phone. It is an once heavier than the more traditional all plastic phones (the stainless steal covers adds a little weight) however, this only gives the phone a comfortable feel when using it. The thickness people have committed on is perception rather than reality. The Motorola V60 (a classic pocket phone) is .95" thick with a standard battery cover. The 6170 is .94" thick. The fact that it used a rectangular shape with sharp square edges rather than soft rounded edges makes it look thicker that it is.

Great reception
Good voice quality
Compact easy to carry in pocket
Wonderful easy to read display
It a good looking phone that appears rugged (I cannot commit on weather it is rugged as I have always treated my phone with great care).

The ear piece has a tiny pinhole for the sound so if you do not position the receiver over you ear properly you will have problems with the volume.
The inner display lies next to you face when talking so it usually gets wet with perspiration.
There is a 2-3 second delay where the phone continues to ring after you have opened the flip. I found that if you set the settings to the standard "answer by opening flip" and "anykey answer" and then just touch one of the keys when opening the phone that eliminates the delay. Fact is I could live with that problem even if there was no work around.

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