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Aug 31, 2005 by ThaInFamouZOnE

Even though I havent got it yet I might get it in exchange for my Motorola V635. Iv'e had several problems with the V635 and currently I accidently played with p2kcommander and now my whole phone is screwed everything is black. And ive had problems before that like the web not working.Anyway the only thing basically the V635 has over the 6170 is the mp3 players and memory. BUT the 6170 has "Streaming multimedia" so if sites that have music files that when you click directly link you to the program that plays music you can play it on the 6170 along with videos. And people complain about memory? Why dont you guys delete that useless crap that's locked using p2kcommander and it will give you more space. Overall im liking this phone and I will be in contact today to see if I can trade in this screwed up V635 for the Nokia 6170.

streaming multimedia (no need for mp3 player)
easy to use menus
camera quality is good for a VGA plus it has night mode
for metal it's got a nice look to it
the feel in your hands is better then a V635.
People complain about not seeins text? lol clear screen.

Only con is no bluetooth.

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A little disappointing


Aug 14, 2005 by bmega

I have always thought that Nokia makes the best cell phones. Period. Since '92 I have only used Nokia until I got the flip phone bug and went with Moto. I decided to try the 6170 because I miss the Nokia interface, quick response, and great reception. I noticed that other people in the forum mentioned an issue with reception on this phone, but I was skeptical especially since I live within a mile of a Cingular tower. I figured I wouldn't have a problem so I bought one full price directly from the Nokia web site (850 version). Well, its already going back. It was bulkier and heavier than I thought it would be, but I could live with that. The keypad was very nice; large keys and a very bright and evenly lit blue background. Also, that standard Nokia charger with a standard-type plug was nice to see again. Plus NO Cingular branding! But then the down side. The text on the outer screen is difficult to read with any type of picture as the background, even with the stock background that comes on it. With no background the text is clear. The inner screen was O.K. but definitely lacking. As you scroll through the "Background Theme" colors, for example, the colors are very washed-out and not nearly as vivid as Motos and Samsungs that I have tried. The difference in, say, blue and gray was barely noticeable. I'm not a big camera fan so I didn't even try it. But the deal-breaker was the reception and call quality. With all other phones that I have owned I never drop below 4 out of 5 bars at my house. The 6170 fluctuated between NO bars and 2 bars (out of 4). Again, a tower is very close and the university students aren't in town clogging up the cellular bandwidth. Also, a 10 min. call that I made to a friend on a land line required me to say "what?" at least 4 times as words that he said dropped out. And there was a noticeable hiss in the background of every call I made. I still think Nokia's the best, but I'll wait for them to improve on their flip.

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Awhile back I owned this phone


Oct 29, 2010 by narn3049

This phone was pretty good when I owned it. I had it for 3 days before It got cold and it got condensation in the screen and I got an nGage QD afterwards, so even though I loved this phone I loved the nGage better.

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Nokia 6170 is great!


Sep 8, 2006 by callie

My father owns a Nokia 6170 and I have used it on several occassions. Even though this is his phone, I am very impressed with it, because it doesn't say things like "No Service" like a phone I had did all of the time. His phone is unlocked and nothing seems to be malfunctioning. His camera, even though it's a cheap one, works wonders. The screen has animated autumn leaves falling and I love the animated screen savers as well as the polyphonic ringtones included on the phone. If I were ever in need of getting another cell phone, then I would buy this one because this one is great. I highly recommend it to others. The only thing I don't like is that it's a bit bulky. It is also heavier than some of the cell phones that I have had in the past, and certainly heavier than my father's previous phone. THIS PHONE ROCKS! :)

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Great Phone


Jul 18, 2005 by HIPHOPNATEDOGG10

This is a great phone it has a nice display. Good games and an IR port. The minuses are bad battery life and no Blue Tooth. But it is still a great phone!

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Pretty cool phone for under $250...


May 23, 2005 by ozziegn

I just bought the 6170b (850 band version) to use on my Cingular service and the phone works very well. Even though the phone is mainly made of plastic, it has a solid feel and it feels just right in my hands. The phone's inner screen looks great while the outter screen tends to be more desired. Oh well, one doesnt look at the outter screen of a flip-phone that much so I guess its really not that much of a concern.

The phone's RF is great just like all my other Nokias I've used in the past. The speakerphone is right on par with my Razr's speakerphone while the phone's earpiece is plenty loud enough for me. The ability to use MP3s as ringtones has always been a plus even though you cannot assign certain ringtones to your phone's contacts.

All in all, I'd say this phone is a winner in my book. Too bad it doesnt have Bluetooth connectivity and it doesnt have expandable memory. Oh well, I guess we cant have it all. :)

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Horrible microphone quality!


Oct 23, 2005 by chrisatpa

6170 Would be perfect if not for microphone quality!

I have no Idea why nobody has mentioned it here (don't you have ears anymore?-folks!, or all you can hear is MP3, MEGAPIXELS?)

Microphone quality is horrible
(when I speak into microphone I hear very bassy echo type of my voice in the ear piece!, which is totally mind irritating!) On the other hand earpiece sound is good and people can hear me very well too.

It's a shame that it is almost impossible to find a phone without a minor flaw anymore
(phones are overloaded with useless crap... but don't perform as phones)

When you're buying this phone:
make sure not only to call 611 (customer care) to hear the earpiece quality.
Make sure you talk into the phone with someone live, and you will hear a bass of your voice when talking.

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