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RAZR Needed Work


Apr 14, 2007 by neaster07

Giving this phone a 2.5 is generous because the phone did look awesome and it had a rich array of features. I was not satisfied with this phone because it had a durability problem.

Nice Thin Design, Very Stylish
Large Main Screen
Average Camera & Video
Signal Strength was Good.
Batter Life was averaged around 2 days.

My V3 had no Mp3 player. (Newer V3's do)
Durability was Not Good at all.
Screens flickered and would stop working.
Phone would power off by itself.
Internal Speakers would stop working.
Dropped Calls occasionally.
Not very Loud.

I still enjoy Motorola products, but I just had a bad experience with my original V3. The Motorola V3m, V3c, and V3x all seem to be built alot better and now including more features.

How many do I need to try????


Feb 28, 2007 by keziapurrs

I've had 4 Razrs over the past year. They all lock up on me at no particular time. I don't know it's locked until I try to make a call. I don't receive any calls when this happens.

If you use a cell phone in case of emergencies, don't get this one, unless you want to reboot, and remove the battery multiple times a day.

Other than that, the phone is great. LOL,,,NOT

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Bra ba ba ba i am loving it


Jan 13, 2007 by moeali85

wow i got the phone from t-mobile and i serioulsy like it. At first when i saw the razr i didnt think it was that good but now that i own one wow.

pros: razr thin, looks like it belongs to a king, very customizable, excellent reception, quadband, big screen, keys are nice.

cons: motorla UI can get confusing, so thin that it might slip out of your hand, feels like it will break if i drop the phone, no memory card slot.

I'm lovin it!


Jan 8, 2007 by IwuvSergio

I absolutely love the Razr!! I have the magenta one, and the main reason I wanted the phone is because it was pink....I've yet to have a problem with the phone, but I haven't been able to use it yet because I'm in the US and my phone won't work until I get my SIM card in it. I live in Guatemala, my boyfriend has the same phone and he says it gets GREAT reception.

My Pros and Cons....

Color! I love the magenta of the phone, very stylish and girly!
Fun graphics.
Light weight
Great big screen
Lots of options on security..

It only records videos for 8 seconds
Pictures don't turn out TOO great, but they're fine for a phone.

Buy the warranty!


Dec 19, 2006 by KSmith

I recieved my Razr last feb. as a birthday present. I'll admit I was excited at first. I needed a new phone desperately and I was excited to recieve such a nice one... or so I thought. My razr started having minor problems, such as the phone would refuse to take a picture, I wouldn't recieve calls, and calls would be dropped. I thought them minor and just restarted the phone which seemed to fix it. Well here I am, almost a year later (I literally have 2 months left on my warranty) and the whole phone started breaking down. I can no longer send text messages. When I try to the phone freezes up, and refuses to restart. the only way to fix it is to take out the battery. I can no longer access my phonebook for the same reasons. The phone automatically freezes. It takes over 24 hrs to recieve a voicemail notification, and I can no longer take pictures at all. I have taken the phone into Cingular many times before, and they said that I had to send it in, and then they would send me a phone in its place. only problem is I would have to pay for a temp phone. I have never dropped my phone, so I'm screwed.

sleek and slim, easy to carry.
display screens don't scratch.
loud ringer.

speakerphone is very hard to hear
calls drop
Body scratches easily.
Phone freezes a lot.
Keypad presses and indents screen.
expensive to replace.
no password required to access voicemail.

Different problems than most


Nov 11, 2006 by 7wtp

My wife and I have owned 6 Moto's starting with the I550, I60's, I90's etc. All were good phones. We bought 2 RAZR's at the same time. These are the 2 biggest pieces of JUNK we have ever owned. We really do not have any software/reception/Blue tooth/charging problems. We have screens going blank, A screen with a black smudge moving down (when opened) the screen (it started at the top and is now in the middle,)Dust inside the screens, A hinge that has fallen apart, on 1 the keypad is falling apart ie. buttons falling off and the aluminum plate getting caught in her hair, on the other the Aluminum is flaking off but only on the buttons I DO NOT use.
To Motorola's credit, I called less than 1 week after the Manufacturers warranty (15 months from date of manufacture) and they have agreed to fix them at no charge, But only after 3 calls and 2 supervisors over 5 weeks.
Niether phone has ever been wet and the only time one was dropped is when the "Motorola" case fell apart while I was walking with the phone on my hip (The plastic ripped right out of it's stitching to the Leather)
I give these phones a 1 instead of a 0 only because of the EXCELLENT reception we get.
I will update after the repairs are completed

Good but not great phone, wish I would have tested it first.


Nov 3, 2006 by Nasdaq

OK, I bought this phone without really testing it and now I'm out $$. I'm with Cingular, in Yuba City, CA., and out of contract so off to eBay to get an unlocked phone. The RAZR looks great and is nice and thin just right for leaving in the pants pocket without it getting in the way.

Too bad that's the only good thing about this phone. Reception wise it's great if I get full bars, if it slips below that level the static is just so bad I cannot hear the person on the other end at all. This phone needs a good signal or it will not connect to the network. My previous phone, a Samsung S307, would still hold a connection even it the signal was weak, say 1 or 2 bars. I could hear the person on the other end of the phone and they could hear me, just that there would be static.

-Thin and light weight phone
-Looks great
-Great call quality when it can hold a signal

-Battery life is way too short
-Very bad at holding a signal
-Navigation takes too many steps to get to what you want. Motorola really should copy Samsung's navigation menu

The Bad


Apr 23, 2006 by incollegeandbroke

I personally believe that the phone has to be able to overcome the bad to be truly good, so read everyone else's' positives (mine will be the same) and then read this to see if this phone will work for you.

The RAZR was cool a year ago; but now everyone and their mom has one. And with the SLVR out, the RAZR is no longer the 'crazy thin' phone. Motorola is infamous for slow interfaces, and the RAZR is no different. The camera is VGA resolution, which is terrible today (VGA is 1/3 a megapix and I just saw a 3.2 megapix phone). Video is downright awful, but no phone to date takes very good video so it's excusable. Overall, the RAZR is in the low end of the mid level phone category. My rating is low due to one fatal flaw: THE 5 KEY WILL RUIN YOUR SCREEN! The number is raised, and when the phone closes the raised number smashes into the screen, over time creating a large "shatter" in the screen. This has happened to 3 other people I know.

the worst phone i have ever had..


Apr 14, 2006 by willysprincessa

okay i will Tell u my story on this damm razor..
i bought my black razor in Nov, 2005...
when i first got it the guy at cingular told me in order to get it for the cheapest price i had to get this INTERNET bundle so i did cos i just wanted to have the razor..
any ways from day one this phone would:
blank out
go through the menu on its own
drop calls
turn off by it self..
i went to the cingular store i couldn't return it cos it was after 14 days...so thank god i had insurance... well i called and i told them that i had a pink razor and that its not working well they replaced it with a pink one i was excited but to only find out that the pink one would do the same..

i have been an excellent customer to cingular...
i have replaced this damm razor through warranty 4 times already..then in Nov its over then what i am i gonna do...i am stuck with this piece of junk..
its all fancy but it cant back up the good of Motorola..

i am stuck with this razor for two years and then i am done with cingular..
the service sucks..
their customer service sucks..
their phones suck..
the people in their stores are not helpful..
they are rude..


Decent Phone


Apr 9, 2006 by diesel828

I bought the RAZR in February of 2006 during the recall period and shortly had it replaced for free with a phone in late March. So far, it is good as a phone. Aside from phone calls, the feature I use most is text-messaging. The camera, which I rarely use (thankfully) is not of good quality at all. If you are looking for a phone to actually act as a phone, the RAZR has no problems... for the most part. In the following list of PROs and CONs, know that I am subscribed with Cingular Wireless. This list applies to both RAZRs I had.

-Large and crisp internal display

-External display shows time and allows for ringer IDs


-Stylish phone

-Decent battery life (if you know how to take care of a lithium ion battery)

-Earpiece volume is neglible in anything but the optimal environment (nearly dead quiet)

-Speakerphone located behind the phone makes it difficult to hear or muffled when you set it down to talk

-Predictive text (iTap) is very slow on this phone. I can type in one sentence and it will finish displaying the text seconds later.

-Plenty of dropped calls, unsent and unreceived texts, and call failures (when attempting to make a call)

-Aesthetically, the RAZR gets smudges and fingerprints everywhere and the keypad becomes dirty very quickly and looses its luster if you don't wash your hands frequently.

-A high number of RAZRs have been known to somehow collect dust or foreign particles under the internal display screen - an awful nuisance.

-5mb of memory space

-Other owners of RAZRs have had several complaints about several other issues.

I say purchase the phone for one reason and one reason only - flash and form. The function could be greatly improved. As a phone (making and receiving calls) it's okay. SMS isn't so bad when it's working, though it lags. I may have given the phone a relatively bad review, but when it works it's great! The only thing is getting it to work the way it should on a consistent basis.

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